Sunday, September 21, 2014

Bergoglio's cardinals & Bergoglio's love of muslims

Francis reaching to touch a picture of the Albanian Saint Mother Teresa.

Today we link to two entries at the Public Vigil Blog. One entry covers Francis' dream of peaceful co-existence with the Muslim religion and an interesting news report on the city of Rotherham. The second entry discusses the connection between 'New-Agers' and the cardinals Francis has appointed to important positions in the Novus Ordo church.

Francis with his super-group of cardinals.


  1. Hi CMJ. Thanks for the links to my recent articles. I have a few comments on Constance Cumbey. (NOTE: I already posted these comments on your previous article, but am re-posting here for easy reference.)

    Constance Cumbey is a pioneer in reporting on the "new age" and how it is used to promote an anti-Christian message and ideology. One can easily lump bergoglio into those promoting a "new age" anti-Christian message.... along with other notable Catholic "new agers" such as Teilhard (he was "new age" before it was cool) and Matthew Fox... and we can't leave out the earth worshipping nuns at LCWR or their pantheistic fans at NCR (National 'c'atholic Reporter).

    Here is her webpage:

    I did some searching on Constance Cumbey's webpage and noticed that she seems to have a blindspot for Israel, Zionism, Judaism -- like many protestants who have bought the big lie that somehow the creation of the State of Israel is linked to the second coming of Jesus.... or some such garbage....

    Pity because everything else she writes about is right on the money. For example she seems to get the link between "the new age" and transhumanism and how this is in many ways a replay of the Nazi pursuit of a race of supermen and all the occult practices that went along with that -- what is the swastika but a bent cross?

    Anyway, she seems to understand to some degree the importance of the spiritual battle being fought inside the Catholic Church. But of course being non-Catholic she cannot understand that this is the ultimate goal of the satanic forces -- including of course protestantism.

    1. Michael - when I visited Cumbey's site links that you posted on your site, I was struck by the same sense of illogic demonstrated by some of the uber conservative novus ordoites - particularly a gal named Susanna - who remind me very much of friends of my novus ordo sibling - arguing with her for being a 'bad' person for 'attacking a priest of Jesus Christ" regarding her assertions about "Fr." Mitch P off of EWTN - I'm sorry, I can't spell his last name correctly off the top of my head. No matter how many times Cumbey keeps saying - I heard him say this in person, he told me to my face - these quasi-'trad' women go beating her on the head with the "you don't know what you are talking about" or engage in the same tactics I have run into with the conservative novus ordoites AND the recognize and resisters engage in, such as red herrings, fallacious reasoning, bad analogies, citing lesser theological opinions, etc. - this is if they actually DO talk to you instead of giving you the general silent treatment - meanwhile calling YOU a heretic or schismatic while saying it's ok for the "Church" to tell the real heretics and schismatics that they are "other communions" now. Anyway I was fascinated by the same treatment being dished out at Cumbey's head that I generally have received being in the "the pope actually has to be a CATHOLIC in order to be a POPE" camp.

    2. Zionism was the obverse of the racial coin and Nazism the reverse side of that same racial coin; that is, Zionists and Nazis are both racial supremacists.

  2. Homosexualism & Pedophilia in excelcis!

  3. Phony love. They love Talmudic Judaism more. In fact the most.How vocal is their love for the Palestinian muslims who endure genocide after diplacement after internment? This Islamic fundamentalism is a creature that has appeared on the scene post-Israel and has served the Zionist entity faithfully ever since.