Friday, September 26, 2014

Dello Sarto AG was liquidated?


What has uber-Zionist Max been up to?

Dello Sarto AG was to be liquidated 12 September 2014

Remember the company Dello Sarto AG?  It was part of the Krahgate story.  Well, this FSSPX company is to no longer, as it was liquidated.  Did Bp. Fellay, Krah, and company find another way to transfer the Gutmann inheritance into their control?  Who knows what intrigues have happened since the original story broke some years ago on the  internet?  Click here to go to Money House to see more information and documents.

Swiss document announcing the liquidation.

Back to our favorite uber-Zionist, Max Krah, doing what he does best...

Max wishing all his Talmudic Jewish friends a Happy Rosh Hashanah!
And congratulating Oren Heiman & wife Tal on the birth of their first child!

A photo above from the evening, Max is on the right.


  1. Doubtless, Bishop Fellay is being drawn along the pathway of self-destruction and annihilation of The SSPX, as he wastes yet more time, space and energy "negotiating" with liberal modernists and their talmudic "friends" who don't negotiate because they don't listen. Dictators never do. The "dialogue" of the deaf continues ad nauseam. Liberals are adept at incessant, ambivalent flim flam
    Having already lost 100 good, stout-hearted priests, he is evidently intent on testing out a few more & even the two remaining bishops. It illustrates amply that he has his own agenda in this matter. Doubtless, too, finances and career have their attractions, too. He has ignored Archbishop Lefebvre's sensible distance and benchmarks for action, preferring to maintain the destabilising policy of "rapprochement" with the devil in modernist Rome.

    1. He's not worried. He knows there are plenty who will follow him.... to get to any means necessary

    2. "He's not worried" - then, hr ought to be as h'e dealing with liberal modernists who have few principles worth trusting: the imperative of continual change being primordial.

    3. Anastasia - I am in full agreement with you - anyway, I just see this as more proof that Hutton Gibson and Bill Strojie were right when they called SSPX the false opposition set up to catch those Catholics attempting to flee the one world religion out the back door - just give us our incense burning stained glass window part of it and we're just fine and dandy with that. We're more than happy to call heretics real popes, don't you know? Just keep those cards and letters - preferably with big fat checks in them - coming folks - checks that people like dear old Max up there referenced above can help us "invest." Thanks everybody!