Thursday, September 11, 2014

Francis contra Tertullian

Three Italian nuns murdered in Burundi.

Francis the Worst


2nd-century Church Father Tertullian

Which one is the Catholic and which one is the freemason?


  1. This is an absolute scandal. Theirs was the death of martyrs which is the seed of the Church not the seed of fraternity. NO POPE EVER HAS SPOKEN LIKE THIS ONE.

    Shame on him

    O, and this was the work of one or more adepts of Mahometanism.

  2. I hate to say this but by their dress, don't know why these women should be called 'nuns' any more than Francis, Kaspar or Danneels should be called priests. Probably they'd be in complete agreement w/Francis' remarks -- that is before they died -- probably like Dives they've done a total 180 now that it's too late for them.

  3. Francis' head of the CDF, Mueller, has "spontaneously" invited Bp Fellay of the SSPX to meet him. Birds of a feather flock together?

  4. Hello CMJ. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. At every opportunity bergoglio is preaching his masonic message of fraternite, egalite, liberte.

    I have an unrelated question. Does anyone know the background of this Antwerp 2014 "Peace is the future" conference sponsored by the Commnity of Sant' Egido?

    Apparently it is a huge event. A quick look indicates that it is focused on "inter-religious dialogue" and "ecumenism". There appear to be several Cardinals involved and lots of "inter-religious prayer" with muslims and jews.

    What's the story here? Vatican Insider is covering it, but here in the US it does not seem to be getting attention. And I have not seen any indication of direct involvement by bergoglio although this is the sort of event you would expect him to send his "greetings" to.

    1. Michael,

      Thanks for bringing the meeting to our attention. We can say that after all the VIPs (not heads of states) visit Francis, most then go over to Sant Egidio to pay their homage and listen to a talk on the greatness of interfaithness. The USA media doesn't seem to want to report on Francis anything other than how great he is. The coverage reminds us of that given to Obama. Francis like him is their 'pet' and protected by their code of political correctness. Some of your jokes on your blog crack us up. How do you think all that up?


  5. Hello CMJ. Thanks for the "like" for my bergoglio-joke-of-the-day. You are one of only a few people that have ever read them according to the webpage stats. Personally I think they are hilarious and I crack up later when I re-read them.

    For those who would like a laugh at bergoglio's expense, I have tagged them and here is the link:

    Once I got the idea to write jokes about bergoglio the jokes just came by themselves. Then I started adding the response sections after the actual joke and I think those are even funnier.

    BTW, I have never written jokes about anything before. But with bergoglio.... sometimes you just have to laugh or else... and God is such a good Father that I think he wants us to remain hopeful... and laughing is a sign of hope I think.