Monday, September 22, 2014

Francis the freemason returns from Albania!

It doesn't matter to this freemasonic clown if you are Muslim, 
Orthodox or Catholic, to him we're all 'brothers'.

"The Albanian is not tolerant; he is a brother. He has the capacity of fraternity: and more than that. This is witnessed in the coexistence, in the collaboration between Muslims, Orthodox and Catholics."

Vatican City, September 22, 2014 (

Here below is an English translation of the transcript of Pope Francis' press conference given on the flight back from Tirana yesterday evening.


(Father Lombardi) – Well, now: We are very grateful to the Holy Father for being with us, even at the end of such a demanding day. He wished to be at our disposition for some questions, but a few, on the trip. And so we adopted as criteria to have questions of our three Albanian colleagues, who made the whole trip with us: they came to Rome precisely to travel with you, and now they are also returning to Rome to conclude their experience with you. They are from three Albanian television channels. We begin with Mrs. Mira Tuci, who is from Albanian National Television.

(Journalist) – Your Holiness left with an idea in mind for the Albanians, for Albania -- how Albanians have suffered, but they are also tolerant. Did you find some other quality in Albanians, which you have been able to see? Are these qualities the right ones to make the eagle return to the nest?

(Pope Francis) – I will say that I have adjusted somewhat those things that you say, but the suffering that you Albanians have had I’ve seen closer up. As for tolerance … I change the word. The Albanian is not tolerant; he is a brother. He has the capacity of fraternity: and more than that. This is witnessed in the coexistence, in the collaboration between Muslims, Orthodox and Catholics. And they collaborate but as brothers, no? And then, something else struck me from the beginning: the youth of the country. When I made this comment, I was told that it’s the youngest country in Europe. But Albania has, in fact one sees, a superior development in culture and also in governance, thanks to this fraternity.
(Journalist) – Your Holiness, moving on the central boulevard of Tirana, under the portraits of clerics martyred during the Communist regime, in a country in which atheism of State was imposed up to 25 years ago, what personal emotion did you have? 
(Pope Francis) – I have been studying somewhat for two months that difficult period of Albania to understand it. I have also studied the beginning to a degree. But you have most beautiful cultural roots, and strong, of great culture, since the beginning. I have studied this period and it was a cruel period: the level of cruelty was terrible. When I saw those photographs, not only of Catholics but also of Orthodox, even Muslims, … and when I thought of the words addressed to them “But you must not believe in God” – “I do believe!” – boom, and they did so <publicly>. Therefore I say that all three of the religious components gave witness of God and now give witness of fraternity. 
(Journalist) – Your Holiness, you visited Albania which is a country of Muslim majority. However, the visit happened at a precarious moment given the global situation. You yourself stated that the Third World War has already begun. Is your message of the visit only for the Albanians or does it go beyond? 
(Pope Francis) – No, it goes beyond. Albania has made a journey of peace, of coexistence and of collaboration that goes beyond; it goes to other countries that also have diverse ethnic roots. You have said: “It’s a Muslim country in the majority.” Yes, but it isn’t a Muslim country. It’s a European country. This was a surprise for me. Albania is a European country, in fact, because of its culture – the culture of coexistence, also because of the historical culture it has had. 
(Journalist) – You have now made this trip to Albania, which is in Europe. What are the next ones? 
(Pope Francis) – Yes, I can’t change the geography. The next trips will be November 25, Strasbourg, the European Council and the European Parliament, both, – and, then, the 28th – perhaps – Turkey, to be there for the feast on the 30thof Saint Andrew, with Patriarch Bartholomew. 
(Journalist) – Holiness, we have understood that you have a vision of Albania that is somewhat different from that of Europeans, that is, we look at Europe almost as the European Union. You have chosen, as the first country of Europe to visit, a country of the periphery that does not belong to the European Union. What can you say to those who look only at the Europe of the “powerful”? 
(Pope Francis) – That my trip is a message, it’s a sign; it’s a sign I want to give. 
(Journalist) – We all saw you, I believe, weep, for the first time, you were very moved in that meeting: I think it was the most moving moment of the trip. 
(Holy Father) – To hear a martyr speak of his own martyrdom is intense! I think that all of us who were there were moved, all of us. And those witnesses spoke as if they were speaking of another, with naturalness, with humility. This did me good! Thank you so much and good evening. 
[Original text: Italian]
[Translation by ZENIT]


  1. "this trip is a sign I want to give" - to whom? The Zionists? the UN? Shimon Peres to validate Berg as his #1 choice to head up the UN of all religions? A little PANtheism - Pan worship here going on? Pan is on the cover of the new "Catholic" catechism from the 1980s of Jp2, along with being featured on ratzinger's miter.

  2. Dear CMJ. bergoglio says, "my trip is a message, it’s a sign; it’s a sign I want to give."

    The meaning of this sign/symbol is that bergoglio's vision for Europe is of a continent devoid of Catholics -- this is his new anti-evangelization.... and his anti-gospel.

    I have said before that it seems bergoglio speaks in symbols that are intended for the ears of the highest order freemasons in order to let them know that he is working to further their cause... and to spread their anti-gospel "to the farthest reachest of the world".

    Here we have the perfect example... and bergoglio himself tells us, it is "a message, it’s a sign; it’s a sign I want to give."

    Mission accomplished.

    One can almost hear his lord (satan) say to him: "Well done, good and faithful servant, because thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will place thee over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord."

    God help us.

  3. '...We are very fearful of not kissing the carob-box of the unholy pawn of the father of lies, even at the end of such a demonic play...'

    "When I saw those photographs, not only of Catholics but also of Orthodox, even Muslims, … and when I thought of the words addressed to them “But you must not believe in God”...what a complete twat. A real Pope would have never have conflated belief in truth with belief in falsehood - whatever his pretenses at compassion.

    What a daily abomination it is that people hang their unrepentant souls on the evil of this little antichrist.

    1. So who is the BIG antichrist? That is the million dollar question, isn't it? Certainly all of these V2 antipopes have been antichrists in their own right - especially Paul VI who fulfilled the "sitting in the temple of God as though he were God, changing all laws" by imposing the new rites and who instituted the "abomination of desolation in the holy place" novus ordo missae.

  4. Hi CMJ. Here is the RomeReports video of bergoglio's in-air press conference:

    It has been noted that bergoglio looks strange -- I would say wild-eyed -- in this video.

    What is it about bergoglio and in-air press conferences? This was a one hour flight.

    I suppose it is just that he has all the world press there as a captive audience and he can't resist doing his standup comic routine. And he knows that it is a prime moment from a PR perspective to get maximum press coverage in order to spread his anti-Catholic propaganda.

    But I still can't help but wonder if there isn't some masonic meaning to this. I'm thinking perhaps that he is in "international air space" so the message is symbolically to the One World -- to all of Humanity.

    Notice also that bergoglio goes out of his way to stress that the "martyrs" include non-Catholics. My understanding is that this goes against Catholic teaching. Only Catholics can be true martyrs, since in order to be a martyr of the faith you have to believe in the faith to begin with.

    Even Ratzinger got this right with respect to a controversy over whether protestants that were killed by the Nazis alongside of Catholics could be called saints by the Catholic Church.

    bergoglio with his comments is opening the way for non-Catholics to become saints of the Church. Of course this will be cheered on by all the anti-Catholics -- you know, the ones that don't believe in saints anyway. So what's it to them who the Church declares to be a saint and who it doesn't -- they don't believe in the Church, they don't believe in saints and most of them don't even believe in God! So why do they keep insisting on telling the Church what to do?

    1. Non-Catholics have already been made saints (sic)of the church (sic)--Roncalli and Wojtyla; they qualify as non-Catholics.

  5. But Fellay and his lieutenants consider Frankie to be OK. They want to sign a deal with him. First, they desperately wanted to sign a deal with Ratzinger because he may well have been the last "traditional pope" in a long time. Now they want to sign up with Francis presumably because he is Argentinian - from the country that threw out Bishop Williamson.

    1. That is untrue. He isn't signing any deal.