Saturday, September 13, 2014

Francis the humble, unpredictable, hip and transformative reformer superstar!

60 Minutes' (United States) piece on Francis

Pope Francis - part one

Pope Francis - part two

or watch part one & part two  at CBS (USA)


  1. Hello CMJ. I have not watched yet, but this is a predictable attempt to prop bergoglio up because it is becoming apparent to Catholics all over the world that he is a total failure and that his papacy is devoted to promoting all things anti-Catholic -- judaism, protestantism, islam, humanism, socialism, feminism, homosexualism, hedonism, marxism, modernism....

    Of course ANTI-Catholics think he is THE BEST POPE EVER!

    Yours in Christ,

    1. Remember Woolworth s department store where they sold the pick n mix sweets,its like now we have pick n mix religion .

  2. I understand why you can't give a summary, but I can't watch either. What do 60 minutes and pope francis have in common? Both make me puke.

  3. This apparently goes along with the current issue of Fortune magazine putting a huge front page smiling photo of Bergoglio and saying "Holy Reformer" on the cover. What does FORTUNE magazine have to do with religion, pray tell? Maybe it's the banksters letting their fellow banksters know to bet on "their" boy or something? True Catholics are supposed to be HATED by the world "IF the world hates you, know that it has hated ME before you." John Paul II and Bergoglio in particular are totally LOVED by the world. BAD fruits and bad portents all around.

  4. So, who is the man being interviewed by the CBS (Commie Blowhard Stooges)
    who just happened to be in Saint Peter's Square?

    My, my, a plant. A man who called Pope Ratzinger a "RAT" apparently because the Pope didn't dress-down to the guys; low standards.

    O, and why does that Commie Blowhard Stooge doing the interview dress-down you know, maybe just wear a Tee shirt?