Friday, September 5, 2014

Francis receives 'Noahide' rainbow artwork on flight LY514

Francis is presented with 'Faith-Visual Pray' a work by kinetic artist Yaacov Agam by a representative of El Al airline onboard flight LY514

Several things are worth mentioning about Yaacov Agam's upbringing before we write of the artwork which was given to Francis.  Yaacov's father Yehoshua, was a rabbi and a noted kabbalahist.  Agam was educated at a Talmudic religious school until he dropped out and his father hired a melamed (religious teacher) to tutor him at home.  Of his art Yaacov says, 

"I don't pray with words, I pray visually.  My works are, so to speak, a visual prayer."

Another interesting connection is the one with the Guggenheim family whom have helped Agam by purchasing his artwork and holding shows to promote his artwork at their museums.  The Guggenheim family was also responsible for bringing famous author Malachi Martin to America as well as bringing Marc Chagall to America.  Chagall is the artist responsible for Francis favorite piece of blasphemous artwork White Crucifixion.  

The work 'Faith-Visual Pray' by Yaacov Agam is in the color of the noahide rainbow.  Much of Agam's artwork uses the rainbow.  It contains the Magen David, the emblem of Zionism, and a  Menorah, which brings to mind the Talmudic tale of god being pleased with the Jewish people and their vainglorious celebrations.  Many towns and cities around the world have a public menorah dutifully put up by various Chabad-Lubavitch branches.  Agam is responsible for building the world's largest chanukah menorah for the Lubavitchers which is erected in New York City every year on at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 59th Street.  The menorah is also the symbol of the Mossad, the intelligence and special operations division of Israel.  The work's message is that if Christianity will tolerate (be subservient to) Talmudic Judaism (by obeying the noahide laws) the messiah will come again.  This isn't first time one of Agam's works has been given to a pontiff.  In 2004, the Anti-Defamation League's Abe Foxman presented Saint John Paul II a piece titled, 'Visual Prayer for Mutual Hope'.

'Faith-Visual Pray' by Yaacov Agam

page 208 from Agam: Beyond the Visual

When Pope Francis, and the hundred Vatican officials and international journalists who accompanied him to the Holy Land, boarded the specially outfit El Al Israel Airlines Boeing 777 flight LY514, clad with the Pontiff’s coat of arms, for the return flight to Rome on Monday, airline president David Maimon showered him with gifts.

A published book of greetings and messages sent via social media from El Al passengers around the world, a bottle of Altitude 720 kosher wine from Barkan Winery affixed with a special label with the date and flight number of the historic voyage, and a painting by 86-year-old Israeli artist Yaacov Agam called, ‘Faith-Visual Pray.’

Maimon told the Pope that the artwork integrated symbols of Judaism, including the Star of David and the Menorah, symbolizing the Holy Temple of Jerusalem and the seven churches of Christianity.

In an exclusive interview, Agam, one of the pioneers of the kinetic art movement, told The Algemeiner the story behind the special painting.

“El Al wanted to give the Pope a gift, and they looked to different galleries, and this was in Art Market,” a gallery in the port of Tel Aviv, he said.

“They chose this work of art because it expresses this idea, the feeling of being Jewish,” he said.

“The art work is very significant because you see the rainbow, and the rainbow is the expression of color. And the beauty of the rainbow is symbolizing – you have red and blue and yellow and violet. You have all the different colors, and they tolerate each other. And all together, they make a beautiful thing – a rainbow.”

“And this is symbolizing the world – if we tolerate each other there will be a great peace in the world and Moshiach [the Messiah] will hopefully come,” Agam said.

“At the same time, it represented some of the most Jewish values and also represented the State of Israel, with the Magen David [the Star of David] and the Chanukiah [Menorah], with seven branches, and there are also the seven branches of Christianity,” Agam said.

Reflecting on his role as an artist, Agam, who has been featured in retrospectives at the Musée National d’Art Moderne, in Paris, and at the Guggenheim Museum, in New York, said that in “Egyptian art, they represent their religion, their values – they’re not just works of art. They represent their religion, so I tried to make a good work of art that represents Jewish values.”

In Israel, where everything is imbued with ancient ideas, El Al said that nearly 66 years ago, when the decision was made to establish a national airline, in search of an appropriate name, they turned to the Bible for inspiration and chose “El Al,” from the book of Hoseah, signifying “to the most high.”


  1. "Pope" Benedict XVI/aka Joseph Ratzinger officially endorsed the noachide laws on the Vatican's website. The convert to Orthodoxy from Judaism, Nathanel Kappner, who runs and other related sites, first reported on that - I believe if you visit one of his sites, which are linked off Jeff Rense - - you can easily find the story if you look at pope noachide on a search on his site, but the link was to an official Vatican document, while short, that certainly did endorse the Noachide laws, which call for the beheading of anyone who does not accept the Talmudic or Jewish definition of G-d - therefore anyone believing in the Trinity would be guilty of breaking the First Noachide commandment, so to speak. This is one reason why I believe the courts of the Sanhedrin were reestablished several years ago, why the Noachide laws were officially voted into American public law on Rabbi Schneerson's? birthday in the early 1990s, as I think Gary Potter reported in the Remnant newspaper at the time (it was during George Bush Sr's presidency) etc.

    I highly recommend anyone interested in this subject to google search Carol Valentine's article on the subject that was originally published in the Spotlight populist newspaper called "Merry Christmas, and Off With Your Head!"

  2. from Kappner's site - Pope affirms Jewish Noachide laws

    Now, this is from the Vatican's OWN website - subtle endorsement, but endorsement all the same - to quote:

    3. God has created the human person as a social being which by definition places limits on individual human freedom. Moreover freedom of choice is derived from God and therefore is not absolute, but must reflect Divine will and law. Accordingly human beings are called to freely obey the Divine will as manifested in the Creation and in His revealed word.

    Jewish tradition emphasizes the Noachide Covenant (cf. Gn 9: 9-12) as containing. the universal moral code which is incumbent on all humanity. This idea is reflected in Christian Scripture in the Book of Acts 15: 28-29.
    INCUMBENT ON ALL HUMANITY?!!!!! this is what the Lubavitchers want Christians to "obey" rather than the Ten Commandments, which they think is Jewish exclusive property. link to Carol Valentine piece

  3. CMJ - with your permission, another passage from THE PLOT AGAINST THE CHURCH PART 2, from page 9:

    The book THE SHOES OF THE FISHERMAN, by Morris West, contains the ideas of Paul VI woven into the script. The direct quote from page 95 of ALL ROME TREMBLES (re. Wilma Montesi) is there, referring to paul as "Pro-Secretary Montini" who was quoted as saying "...the Church will have to reconcile Catholic tradition with the humanism of modern times." Dr. Rambaud referred to Chardinism as a "new modernism." It is "modernism" or "modern humanism" expressed in different language without changing the theme. This is where a study of Masonry helps to tie words and actions down, then together.

    On page 157 of this book, the author listed several names of men who were friends of a Mafiosi, Hugo Montagna, and one was "Count Ricardo Gateazzi-Lisi," the Pope's personal physician. This is not surprising that a Count would support the Masonic Mafia because the Italian aristocracy of today, unless named at some time by a Pope, is Masonic. The Piedmontese also was Masonic. The Fascisti, to which Mussolini belonged, was Masonic as well, like the Carbonari, the Calderari (which conceals men distinguished as Catholics) and host of others which are believed to be separate secret societies. In the Permanent Instructions, one may recall this is Paragraph 4:

    The Pope, whoever he may be, will never enter into a secret society. It then becomes the duty of the Secret Society to make the first advance to the Church and to the Pope, with the object of conquering both.

    Notice the spelling of "a secret society" and "the Secret Society." Even if one entered the Calderari, believing it was a secret Catholic society, as Lady Queensborough was led to believe, one would STILL be in "the Secret Society" or as we know it, the Right Worshipful Fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons.

  4. "If we tolerate each other the Messiah might come "The Messiah has already come , and the powers that be at the time laid false charges against him ,and had him crucified ,because he did not fulfill their political ambitions .

  5. "I don't pray with words, I pray visually. My works are, so to speak, a visual prayer."


    In addition to this "visualization" of 'the Goyim' dissolving and coagulating into 'Noahide' nothingness, another traditional Kabbalistic "visualization" is on the rebuilding of the Jerusalem Temple; meditating on the dimensions and architecture, etc. The rabbis' fingerprints are all over Freemasonry; Masons being the actual builders of the Temple that 'The Jews' "visualize".

  6. "Pope" Benedict XVI/aka Joseph Ratzinger officially endorsed the noachide laws on the Vatican's website. The convert to Orthodoxy from Judaism, Nathanel Kappner, who runs and other related sites, first reported on that …


    In fact:

    THURSDAY, MARCH 22, 2007 Maurice Pinay: Papal Commission Promotes Noahide Laws

    This was 9 days after the document was signed. I couldn't get anyone else to pay attention to this abominable event for over a year. It wasn't for lack of trying:

    To his credit Nathaniel Kapner did briefly mention this Vatican 'Noahide' document 14 months later.

  7. They are making their vision and making it plain. Their goal to destroy Christianity with their anti-christ presence of Samael (Satan) false female Shekinah.