Thursday, September 18, 2014

Ronald S. Lauder to spend evening of Rosh Hashanah with Francis

According to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz and the World Jewish Congress' website, Francis is to meet with 40 delegates from the World Jewish Congress (WJC) including Jack Terpins, Chella Safra, a number of Jewish community heads, and senior WJC officials in honor of the Talmudic/Kabbalistic holiday of Rosh HashanahThe delegation is to be headed by Ronald S. Lauder and will meet with Francis at his residence in the Vatican City during the evening to discuss several topics.  One wonders what Talmudic traditions will take place in the Vatican?  Will a cantor sing the Alenu?  Will Francis blow the shofar and will "Torah" scrolls be paraded around a Vatican apartment?  Will they practice the Babylonian superstition, tashlikh, and throw crumbs into water to mark the occasion? 

Rabbi Claudio Eppelman who will be part of the visit said, 

"We want to share with the pope our message of peace and prosperity for the New Year."

We at Call Me Jorge... smell something very fishy.  Why are all these non-Christians always meeting with Francis at the Vatican?  Are the WJC:  
  • giving Francis his marching orders,  
  • telling Francis to support Israel's wars in the Middle East, 
  • simply celebrating the eve of a Talmudic/Kabbalistic holiday with a fellow brother, 
  • or just dropping in to say hello to their old friend?

For more on what might be discussed and Francis relationship with the WJC see,

The official (for public consumption only) clip of last year's visit by the WJC delegation 2 days before Rosh Hashanah


  1. Hello CMJ. Michael Voris in one of his special reports -- which are excellent BTW -- described Obama's speech at Notre Dame as a "victory lap". These (now it's an annual event?) meetings with the power brokers in the jewish community have that same feel.

    It is flaunting, throwing it in your face. Yeah, we're meeting with your pope and.... you don't like it?

    Of course it is totally wrong... and.... if you criticize it we'll just call you anti-semite so you just better say something nice or shut up....

    And tell your pope to hide the crucifixes (even his phony un-holy pectoral "cross") because its an insult to our rabbis....

    More grovelling and apologizing please.... no, not on your knees that would be distasteful... of course, it is obligatory at these occasions to make mention of the "six million" jews and another round of apologies... and don't forget that we -- that's us and you too -- are still waiting for the messiah... don't believe me?... look it up in your official JPII/Ratzinger catechism... it's there.

    All your pope are belong to us!

  2. At 1:11 finally get a view of the Christ-cleansed cross! Woe to him and all his sychophants!

    In other news the (nursing) Sisters of Charity whose uncovered & dyed daughter Killer "Keehan" makes a million dollar salary as a hireling of the USGOV and the fairies McCarrick & Wuerl (ADW Finance Committee) and Jesuits (Gonzaga HS) are sending 70 sisters to receive end of life (nursing) care at a Jewish facility in Bronx NY -- everything they need there a "multi year study" found (no mention of the sacraments, the crucifix and Jesus Christ)! (page B 6) (Fairy McCarrick was there too)

  3. One of my daughter's therapists, who is an evangelical protestant, is cancelling appointments for Rosh Hashanah. The Jewification of all Christianity, from what used to be the true Church, down through all the protestant heretical sects, has really about totally come to fruition. Most protestants who want liturgy, symbol, and HOLY day/feast day are happier to revert to the practice of Judaism rather than celebrate what THE CHURCH called as a HOLY DAY - Christmas (oh, those Catholics were DANGED wrong about it being in December - we know it was September! And then they don't celebrate His birth AT all), Easter (oh that is pagan Estre, blah blah blah) and so they won't acknowledge the Resurrection in any way, etc. Scofield must be mighty proud of himself down there in hell.

  4. All these shindigs of The Holy People are paid for by the American and German taxpayers. The world needs another Shakespeare to write about The Shylocks of the Latter Days!

  5. Sharing the evening with Our Blessed Lady of Ransom. There is something symbolically contradictory in this event. Perhaps not quite though, the sign of contradiction stated when He was presented in the temple. Then again, is it not such a figure that this pope likes to cut?