Saturday, September 20, 2014

the Talmudizing of Francis' priests

Shalom from Israel! As Pope Benedict Leaves Office, Latin American Priests Study In Israel! A delegation of young Catholic Priests from Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay are now in the midst of week-long Jewish-Christian educational mission in Israel. The seminar is the result of a new partnership between the World Jewish Congress, the Center for Jewish-Christian Understanding and Cooperation in Israel and the Latin American Jewish Congress. The goals of the project are to study the authoritative post-Second Vatican Council Church teachings about Jews and Judaism, and to introduce the young priests to the people of Israel and Israeli life. "As Pope Benedict XVI leaves the papal office today, his legacy of building bridges between Jews and Christians will continue in these young priests," said CJCUC's Founder and Chancellor Rabbi Shlomo Riskin."The World Jewish Congress, having long established good relations with the leadership of the Catholic Church for decades, is proud to be involved in this endeavor, together with Latin American Jewish Congress. These developing friendships will become increasingly important to both Israel and Latin America," said Betty Ehrenberg, Executive Director of WJC, North America.
The program will feature a number of seminars each year and will set the stage for educational programs for Catholics and Jews that will foster a greater understanding of Judaism and Israel in the Latin American communities, through friendship and dialogue.
source: facebook page of World Jewish Congress



  1. FYI. "Pope tells Jews: 'now it's our turn' to suffer"

    1. St. John Vianney does say that the Christian should "swim" in suffering like the fish swims in the sea. That being said, we KNOW what Bergoglio means by this comment - that Catholics should be treated and despised by the rest of the world for NOT following the TRUTH as the Jews were after having rejected Their Own Messiah, Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, once the western world, in the day, was converted to Christianity. This comment merely again demonstrates the utter malice and wickedness of the man.

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  2. Have you ever heard of this group?

    Scroll to the last photo (at the white house?): "Gordon Brown meets Rabbi Arthur Schneier, president of the Appeal of Conscience Foundation, centre, and Cardinal Theodore E McCarrick, the foundation's vice president. The organisation named Brown World Statesman of the Year"

    'Exclusive: British Prime Minister Gordon Brown declares Prop 8 gay marriage ban “unacceptable” ... Mr Brown, who returned from a visit to the United States early this morning, paid tribute to the campaigning work of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people and spoke of his pride that the UK has civil partnerships.

    1. Anonymous,

      A great find! This rabbi runs the synagogue in NYC which Benedict XVI visited in his trip to America. The foundation was founded by him and they give out awards to all sort of corrupt politicians who steal from their voters and thugs who murder their opponents. A real NWO deal.


    2. Speaking of the N.W.O., Brown is nearly ALWAYS featured in any youtube video where someone, protestant, Catholic or otherwise, splices together a bunch of politicians saying New World Order, generally starting with Daddy Bush on September 11, 1990 - 11 years to the day of 9/11 - not really much of a coincidence (the infamous speech where he says "when we are successful, and we WILL be)." Texe Marrs alleges the Bushes are Jews masquerading as "Christians" and I think he was amongst those who cited Michelle Obama's brother being a rabbi?

      The secularists may PREACH separation of Church and State, but when Israel and the neo Pharisees tell them to jump, they say How High?

  3. Bet Bergski and all these priests believe that Hamas killed Our Lord.

  4. Ratzinger perhaps was not Judaic enough and had to be replaced. This is interesting from 2006:

    Atila Sinke Guimarães
    NEWS: June 6, 2006

    A SISTER LUCY FAVORABLE TO JUDAISM – In a June 2 dispatch, Zenit Agency reported that a small book, supposedly written by Sister Lucy, will be released soon in Rome. According to the news report, it is meant to explain the messages of Our Lady at Fatima.

    We are informed that the 64-page work was duly edited by “the Carmel of Coimbra” – no specific person is named – and issued by the Little Shepherd’s Secretariat. The imprimatur was given by Bishop Serafim de Sousa Ferreira e Silva of Leiria. The work was requested of Sister Lucy in 1982 by the Carmelite Provincial, Fr. Geremia Vechina, who became Sister Lucy’s confessor. He also wrote its introduction. Cardinal Ballestrero, Archbishop of Turin, was the first one to ask Sister Lucy to edit her writings in 1955. This directive was made again in 1983 by Cardinal Pironio, Prefect of the Congregation for the Religious.

    In Italy the book is being launched June 10 by St. Clement Publications and will be translated into various languages. In short, this book has all the rubber stamps of the religious authorities, and seems to be warmly welcomed by the ecclesiastical establishment.

    Why should this book be so pleasing to Ratzinger’s Vatican? Because it carries up its sleeve a new card to put on the table: the supposed support of Our Lady for Judaism.

    I will transcribe the sensational part of the report. Zenit reports:

    Further on, Sister Lucia recounts unpublished details [about the Message of Fatima], as when, referring to World War I, Mary said: "The war is about to end but if mankind does not cease to offend God, a worse one will begin during Pius XI's pontificate."

    The visionary explained that history witnessed "the outbreak of an atheist war against the faith, against God, and against the People of God. A war that sought to exterminate Judaism from which Jesus Christ, the Virgin and the Apostles came, who transmitted to us the Word of God and the gifts of faith, hope and charity, a people chosen by God, chosen from the beginning: "Salvation comes from the Jews."

    Here we really have something new. In this simple paragraph it is stated that Our Lady would have approved Judaism as it was professed in Germany up until World War II. And she would have told Catholics that such Judaism would be a legitimate successor of Our Lord and the Apostles. Hence, it is strongly insinuated that we Catholics should all understand that “salvation comes from the Jews.”

    In other words, the message of Fatima that was declared a thing from the past and buried with the text and interpretations of the “third secret” released by Cardinal Angelo Sodano and approved by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger in 2000, [click here] now resurrects to glorify Judaism please go to the link given above for the rest of the article.

    1. This "sister Lucia" who was out there with Wojtyla at Fatima, after the Coimbra Carmel's website said the real one died in 1958, which also goes along with the gal whose masonic dad and uncle told her as a little girl in the late 1950s that "we" (i.e. the masons) had "killed sister Lucia" - this lady related this to the Dimonds - it was documented on their website.

      This had to have come from the popeye chinned phoney Sister "lucia" - the one that Fr. Gruner told the tale about holding hands with the taxi driver. Nutty.

  5. Judging (whoops! sorry about using this un-liberal modernist term) by the evil shadow on Francis vertebral column at St Peter's, the other day, it looks as though the Synagogue of Satan has really settled in nice and uncomfortably with his friendly non-judgmental and unobsessively judeophiliac papal resident.

    You have to hand it to this Francis fellow, he's a really astute type and has learned well enough from his secular American friends about preemptive strikes. Hallowing the Medjugorie apparition before any papal commission can say a word on the current non constat; pushing all protocol aside for ecumenical tete-a-tetes with everyone and everything and giving the whited-sepulchre of talmudic jewry the front-seat it has craved since the Roman Army implemented Our Blessed Lord's prophecy and destroyed the false Temple for Him, while having earlier assisted Him in raising the True Temple with jewish consent, paradoxically. Our adversary Francis, the liberal modernist of liberal modernists, is making plenty of friends for himself by reducing their debts, that is before His Master takes away his job and brings him to nought. Ah! if only we Roman Catholics had had the shrewdness of the post-conciliar avantguardists, we might have prevented the ecclesiastical postmodernist revolution.

  6. Hi CMJ. Off Topic.

    I have written a lot of new posts this weekend, but the one I want to bring to your attention is the following:

    Have you ever heard of Constance Cumbey? She is a pioneer in reporting on the "new age" and how it is used to promote an anti-Christian message and ideology. One can easily lump bergoglio into those promoting a "new age" anti-Christian message.

    Here is her webpage:

  7. Hi CMJ.

    P.S. I just searched Constance Cumbey's webpage and she seems to have a blindspot for Israel, Zionism, Judaism -- like many protestants who have bought the big lie that somehow the creation of the State of Israel is linked to the second coming of Jesus.... or some such garbage....

    Pity because everything else she writes about is right on the money. For example she seems to get the link between "the new age" and transhumanism and how this in many ways is a replay of the Nazi pursuit of a race of supermen and all the occult practices that went along with that -- what is the swastika but a bent cross?

    Anyway, she seems to understand to some degree the importance of the spiritual battle being fought inside the Catholic Church. But of course being non-Catholic she cannot understand that this is the ultimate goal of the satanic forces -- including of course protestantism.

    1. Michael - Constance Cumbey, like many new age and new world order researchers, do a lot of good, but they won't talk about the elephant in the living room - Judaism or Zionism - because that is generally the kiss of death for most of them finding a publisher, unless they are willing to self publish or deal with some smaller publisher, from what I understand. From what I have heard, Prof. Antony Sutton, whose books like the one on Skull and Bones "America's Secret Establishment" and his books on Wall Street funding Hitler and the Russian Revolution, etc. are all really excellent, but again, my friend who had an internet radio program said Sutton was not going to touch that elephant in the living room no matter what. It's the kiss of death, or maybe they don't want to end up suicided like that Canadian new world order researcher Serge Monast did, or dying from minor knee surgery like another one, Jim Keith. We ought to mention Joan Rivers' recent death resulting from the unauthorized biopsy on her vocal cords, illegally done in a non hospital setting, done by "democratic vote" apparently of the surgical staff at the surgical center where she was, just a few months after she called Obama a "gay" president and his wife a "tranny.'

    2. As previously stated on this blog, the so-called Zionist Christians and some other evangelical protestants have been deceived by a Zionist annotated Bible published by the Oxford University Press: THE SCOFIELD BIBLE
      Why Judeo-Christians Support War - Serendipity
      The Source of the Problem in the Mid East — Part II Why Judeo-Christians Support War: by C. E. Carlson: ...]
      Concerning Joan Rivers, her remarks about the Palestinians in Gaza would not have helped the image of The Holy People. NOT A SINGLE obituary of her's mentioned this. A dead giveaway as far as I am concerned. Another Zionist was allegedly topped off for revealing and boasting about the total extent of Zionist control over Hollywood.

  8. Have you ever heard of Constance Cumbey?


    Please see the following, including Cumbey's comments illustrating her profound misdirection.