Friday, September 12, 2014

What happened to Sister Cristina?

Upon winning The Voice of Italy 2014, Suor Cristina released a single, Lungo la riva, which was a massive flop.  Then, she thankfully disappeared only occasionally resurfacing on Italian television to sing one of her infamous covers.  The rumors swirled around her.  She wanted to be a nun and not a pop singer, she was sad she didn't have her dream of meeting Francis happen, she was hurt by those who criticized her lack of talent, and so on.  Until today when the website Sister Cristina Official went live.  Since she bombed in her native Italy, the website will be international in flavor in hopes of her stardom lying elsewhere.  Will she ever return to the limelight?  We tremble at the thought that this will soon happen.  Stay tuned...

Sister Cristina - Coming soon


  1. Sore dear Suor. Go back to your life of prayer and to what you were originally called to do.

  2. Maybe she embraced Islam and went to Syria to fight with ISIS. That would save us all the pain of having to watch her perform again.