Thursday, September 4, 2014

Whew!!! Francis is back up to full speed!

This morning Francis was asked by Shimon Peres to be a head of a new organization, a United Nations for Religions because, "perhaps for the first time in history, the Holy Father is a leader who's respected, not just by a lot of people, but also by different religions and their representatives."  Francis was non committal in his reply to Peres.  

Then Francis went on google hangout to promote Scholas, an NGO, which also was one of the two main sponsors for his Interfaith (soccer) Match for Peace.  There he chatted with students from around the world and acted as Francis only can.

It looks like an intimate setting doesn't it?  The reality was far different.  Francis did this in a college style lecture room filled with reporters.  Nothing denigrates the papacy like stooping to broadcasting on a webcam to raise money for one of those NGOs you love to complain about in your general audiences and homilies.  Earlier this week it was a cartoon with Disney character Plim Plim and now webcamming?  We at Call Me Jorge... fear the surprises Francis schemed during his vacation and has in store for us.

Reporters awaiting the arrival of Francis for his webcam show.

Rounding out the rest of Francis' day was his meeting with a fellow interfaith super-star and a prince of Jordan, El Hassan bin Talal,

a modernist sermon in Casa Santa Marta with the key word being 'encounter',

and finally another meeting with the 'hand of God' himself, Diego Maradona!


  1. How about promoting Catholism HF? You are taking the blame for perverting the St. Patricjk's Day parade by non-Catholics in NYC. He is turning people away from the Church.

  2. Former Israeli prime minister proposes to Pope Francis a United Nation of Religions ,to stop people killing each other over religious differences , how does he propose to stop people killing others for greed and land grabbing.

    1. Just two terrorists talking to one another. One a despoiler of the Palestinians, the other of Catholics.

  3. The man cannot promote Catholicism as he is not a Catholic. When will the novus ordoites EVER realize that this man is an agent of the new world order? United Religions Initiative? I thought they were HQed in San Francisco, with Episcopal Bishop Swing, and that "Father" Matthew Fox had joined up with them years ago - the same Fox that used to bring his witch Starhawk up to Mount Angel Abbey - the Benedictines - in Mount Angel Oregon (where purportedly stigmatist Therese Neumann told the abbot in the 1940s that the abbey would soon apostasize according to a friend whose family knew the abbot at that time and he had repeated that to them after meeting Neumann in Europe, apparently).

    I had archived off the internet years ago a story that news reporter Alex Jones had linked called "rabbi calls for UN of religions". This is merely more of the same. I don't know if you google that title if you will find it online anymore but it used to be online.

    apparently it was reported by the BBC at the time in 2006

  4. CMJ - I think we all need to keep an eye now on whether or not they attempt to move some kind of "Papal" throne to the Temple Mount as some conspiracy researchers are alleging. I sent this to Michael over at Public Vigil but....guess he didn't see it was worth putting up. However, this was from a paper sent to our family in the 1980s by the first actual sedevacantist we had met - a lady who wrote us after seeing a letter my dad had had published in the KC national magazine lamenting the modernists. The paper was also "anonymously" written but was called THE PLOT AGAINST THE CHURCH: PART 2. This was from page 8. Apologies if you have read this before:

    "Now the 'beast' in Apoc. 13 refers to the man who is to rule over the world as the human Antichrist, and you will find a better description of him in Daniel 11:35-45. He will be terrible: he will be a portrait of Satan, but at first he will appear to be a GREAT 'humanitarian.' This is why a Jew (an Antichrist) and a patriarch of an international church, as Herzl defined him, will be presented to the world as a Catholic Pope, and, this is why Paul VI surrendered his papal ring and cross to the UN when he visited the UN in 1965. The tiara, the important symbol of the Pope's ruling power, was given later.

    Paul also offered, when he was in New York at the UN, what is called St. Peter's Throne n the Vatican, but it was refused as not authentic. Upon his return to Rome, Paul VI appointed a commission to search out the origin of the throne. On January 11, 1972, the findings of the commission appeared in the New York Post, datelined Rome. 'Top scientists and historians from all over Italy have concluded that the throne is the one brought to Rome by Emperor Charles the Bald on December 23, 875 AD on the occasion of his coronation by Pope John VII. It was a gift to the Pope.'

    For Paul VI to display such ignorance of conditions at the time of St. Peter indicates his unfitness to be His Vicar on earth in my opinion. Nonetheless, he was, just as the chief priest, Caiaphas, and the Pharisees, were Christ's representatives on earth at that time. Surrendering these items to the UN proved to me that Paul VI knows that he is not to be the 'chosen one'. " [end of quote from paper]

    Question: Where is the original papal throne? Is this why the Vatican library closed down, or one reason? With Peres doing this, can we wonder now if Bergoglio is the "chosen one"?