Wednesday, October 8, 2014

harsh language is out...

...and politically correct feel goodisms are in!

No more will  sins be referred to by their old name such as :

What's the reason for this?  It is driving people away from the Novus Ordo Church! To quote Fr. Thomas Rosica, 

"To label people ... does not help in bringing people to Christ. There was a great desire that our language has to change in order to meet the very difficult situations."

And that's not all, Francis and the bishops said one needs to have patience and let the picture emerge gradually.  Keep in mind this concept of 'trying graduality' when it comes to official documents to be produced by the Synod Process.  What a way to get people to accept outright evil!

Several reporters were ticked off the Vatican isn't releasing the texts or summaries of the talks the 190 prelates of the Synod are giving.  Instead the Vatican is having 3 prelates give an oral summary of what took place during the day.  One of the reporters, Andres Beltramo even tweeted about it.

Any suggestions for what new non-offensive political correct names should replace the terms; "Living in sin", "Intrinsically disordered", or "Contraceptive mentality"?

This Synod is already living up to it's monikers,  
the NOD to SIN and the SINod!

Standing the Church's teachings upside down


  1. Fellay of the ultra, ultra, ultra Church-defending SSPX, tells his side of things:

  2. Living in sin

    PODSLQ (Census designation POSSLQ; modified) Persons of Different Sex Sharing Living Quarters

    Intrinsically disordered

    Differently graced

    Contraceptive mentality

    Amortising the marriage debt absent penalties for early withdrawals

  3. "To label people ... does not help in bringing people to Christ..."

    If only we'd all just convert to online giving wouldn't have to bring people to "Christ" at all:

    If you read the doc you will see why Francis puts so much emphasis on taking care of the poor and big push to eradicate world hunger in 15 yrs -- it's the 2nd reason people still give to the perverts. 1st is to support their parish, but since none are going to "Christ" anymore (and they are closing parishes left and right), that reason is going by the wayside.

  4. Discussed? More like a lecture to me!

  5. Its the New English Dictionary Syndrome, bombing people is now surgical strikes,human beings crossing borders without documents are illegal aliens ,while horrible creatures from outer space are regarded as "visitors" ,ending a human life is termination .It was only a matter of time before Vatican 2 got in on the act of redefining language .As for calling a sin a sin driving people away from the Church,its strange that when Priests were preaching hell fire and brimstone the Churches were packed out.

  6. "To label people ... does not help in bringing people to Christ."


    I've catalogued a large collection of statements from Novus Ordo popes, cardinals and bishops proclaiming that those they LABEL "crazy" "Holocaust Deniers" have no place in the Novus Ordo. Fortunately, Christ can't be found among them, so their labels and marginalizations only drive people away from Holocaustianity, their Novus Ordo religion.

    But this is only an exercise in condemning these hypocrite pharisees by their double standard, because Christ Himself, who they lyingly claim to draw people towards (while actually driving people away from Him), did not avoid labeling the pharisees of His time, "whitened sepulchers," "blind guides," "children of hell," etc., and most of all, "hypocrites."

    It should be noted, however, that Christ's 'labeling' condemnations were proportional to the subject's station in life. He condemned the pharisees with labels unreservedly but did not label and condemn the common sinner, while He did address their sin, "go and sin no more."

    These Alter Hillels, Shammais and Shylocks label and cast out the common 'anti-Semite' and 'Holocaust-denier' while accommodating the sin of the common homosexual and adulterer. It's a 'Church' of pharisaic 'mercy' for the counterfeit 'Jew,' usurer and homosexual and pharisaic severity for any true follower of Christ's teaching on Counterfeit Israel, usury, homosexuality and adultery.

  7. THE Holocaust is Deicide; the Crucifixion and death of Christ on the Cross; thus, the Mahometans are THE Holocaust deniers even though N.A. claims we worship the same God.

    Messias-Denial is infinitely worse than so-called Holocaust-Denial for Messias-Denial results in the loss of one's soul - eternal damnation - whereas Holocaust-denial results in the loss of "respect" of "polite society."

    Now, this is not to deny the obvious war crimes committed by the Nazi's against Jews (including the final solution) but those war crimes are morally invisible when compared to the greatest crime ever (and than which no greater crime is conceivable), the crime of Deicide, but the Catholic Church (which used to speak of the Holocaust) has fallen into silence after having allowed itself to settle for a political accommodation with our permanent enemies.

    Said otherwise, the Prelates within the Catholic Church are ok with supercessionism when it comes to Holocaust but not the New Testament

  8. Living in sin

    Domestically Diverse

    Can't improve on the other suggestions.