Sunday, October 26, 2014

Selfie Sunday #9

...taking the pomp out of the Papacy!

Watch as the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) spins Francis as a revolutionary who is hip and cool.  They then assure us every is OK,  don't worry Francis will not change any of the traditions of the Church!  Yeah, right!  But then again, "Who are (we) to judge?"

The effect of Francis on the people, including
sidewalk selfies with a cardboard Francis


  1. Wow I dont think it was even 1/4 way through the video yet and I was laughing to the point I had to turn it off.

  2. 'Coolest Pope ever' more relaxed about abortion and gays

    Read more:

    Both the college student Ben and the Cardinal Lacroix seem to share the same disordered orientation as Francis. Wonder if the dis-oriented Rosica helped put the b.s. together.