Friday, October 10, 2014

What religion is being practiced at the Vatican?

The table is set for dinner 27 May 2013 at the Domus Sanctæ Marthæ for humble Francis of the 'poor' Novus Ordo church. (facebook link)

Lunch lasted for more than five hours 30 May 2013 with Francis and his guests including Rabbi Daniel Goldman. (facebook link)


  1. I guess the tikkun olam religion.

  2. Certainly not Catholicism - but ain't it hilarious how both the Germans & Jews are his biggest fans (and he's from Argentina (favored refuge of fleeing Nazis).

  3. If the lunch lasts 5 hours ,i dread to think how long the dinner lasts,perhaps its meal worship.

  4. Hi CMJ. I was intrigued by this post and the pictures. I looked up José Maria del Corral. He seems to be into humanist/marxist/atheist community organizing type projects. I found this video which is a "diversity" event which his group sponsored. Their goal is to bring people from different religious (and other) backgrounds together. Of course we know how that works out for Catholics -- they end up losing the faith (and that's the real purpose of these events btw) when faced with relativism and indifferent-ism. We're all going to heaven anyway, right? If there is a heaven.... imagine there's no heaven.

    Below is the video link. Notice the "values" they are promoting: "dialog", "peace", "respect", "compromise", "diversity"... all the usual humanist/masonic anti-God slogans... it's easy if you try... no hell below us... imagine all the people... living in "peace"...

    Don't miss "Padre Cesar" and his Argentinian rock band after the 2 minute mark...

    1. Thanks Michael. He was the brains behind the inter-religious soccer match for peace. It is from Jose we get the name of the blog Call Me Jorge...

    2. Hello CMJ. Now it all makes perfect sense. I have no doubt that José Maria del Corral is also the "genius" behind having a 17 year old slutty Argentinian singer-actress wannabee sing John Lennon's atheist anthem devoted to "diversity" of religions -- "imagine".

      Of course what we learn from Lennon's marxist anthem is that "diversity" of religion really means... "imagine NO religion".

      What do you think? Since del Corral is the Argentinian connection.

      Here is another video of José Maria del Corral talking about his "diversity" programs.

      Basically it's a Communist China style brainwashing/re-education program to destroy children's religious faith. And since Argentina is historically a Catholic country, the goal is to wipe out Catholicism in Argentina. Strange how del Corral and bergoglio can't "imagine" a world without judaism but wan't to create a world without Christianity.

    3. Scholas Ocurrentes is the "new evangelization" version of education which Francis & Corral dream of replacing the remnants of the Catholic education system. It will take education from being kosher to the full blown stage of being subservient to the Noahide Laws.

  5. Jewish ancestries of Wojtyla and Ratzinger commented upon in this thread:

  6. Rabbi Sergio Bergman:
    Bergoglio, my Rabbi

    and in "Pope Francis: Our Brother, Our Friend" edited by Alejandro Bermúdez" Bergman calls him "the great Rabbi Bergoglio":

  7. Hi CMJ. FYI. Bergoglio has appointed one of his judeo-phile friends from Argentina to work on the final report of the synod.

    Victor Manuel Fernández is the rector of the Catholic University who gave an honorary doctorate to rabbi Skorka. bergoglio made him an archbishop.

    There are more details here (in Spanish):

    "Tucho: redactor electo "a dedo" del Sínodo ¿Bergoglio hace trampa?"