Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A surfing priest and the "New Evangelization"

Fr. Donald Calloway says, "Christians could learn a lot from the zeal of surfers!"

"Obviously, the founder of Christianity, Jesus Christ, was not a surfer. But that matters little because, as God, He is the Creator of the oceans and their waves. He is the ultimate surfer because He doesn’t require a board to walk on water. In this sense, every follower of Christ is a potential surfer because it is the Christian’s God who made the ocean to serve as an analogy for the eternal stoke and joy we will experience in paradise where there truly are no bad days. On the other hand, every surfer is a potential Christian because every surfer seeks something more: the next wave, the ultimate ride. Many of the surfers I know are not Christians or, if they are, they are mediocre. Yet, ironically, all surfers, from beginners to pros, refer to the beach and their local break as their “church”. Trust me, some of these individuals are extremely devout in the practice of their daily ritual. They all want the experience of being in the barrel, the “green cathedral,” as it is commonly called."
- Fr. Donald Calloway - 

"As a Catholic priest who surfs, it would be my greatest desire to “surf in God” for all eternity. I love waves and could ride them forever, but to be able to experience the ultimate stoke of “surfing in God” for all eternity would be the most epic ride of all!"
- Fr. Donald Calloway -


  1. First, the music this "priest" has for his self promotion video (again, the novus ordo seems to have forgotten St. John Vianney's comment on the first virtue being humility, the second being humility, and so forth - the patron saint of priests) sounds depressing and diabolic. Secondly, shouldn't he be out actually working with and helping the people in his parish first, and then, if he has extra time, he might have time to go work with people in the community who are down trodden and may actually need good spiritual counsel? What about those needing the corporal works of mercy like Francis likes to complain about - the hungry, homeless and unemployed? Certainly it would be better for this "priest" to be spending his time trying to serve them then engaging in self aggrandizement by 'hanging' with the neo pagans and agnostics at their ocean beach "green cathedral." He would find just as many with the same attitude up in the Pacific Northwest hot tubbing in the forest at places like Breitenbush, potentially wearing next to nothing. Maybe that would be a place for his next "new evangelization" circuit riding? Compare this to the story on librivox about the priest in colonial days


    If Father Calloway can break away from his surfboard and take some time to listen to how a real priest used to behave doing true evangelization work, he might actually learn what it is to be someone representing our Lord to the flock.

    1. Nice link on the colonial Priest!

      I have to add that Mercy begs you and I to "esteem one another as better than yourself" (Phil 2:3) and reminds us: "If you criticize and judge each other, then you are criticizing and judging God's law. But your job is to obey the law, not to judge whether it applies to you." James 4:11.

      Pope Francis reiterates John Paul II, Paul VI, Blessed John XII and even Pope St Stephen when he says that Catholics who criticize one another offer "counter-witness" to Jesus.


      Can you find a way to get in touch with Fr. Calloway privately so as to not inflame scandal? I wish I could send this note along to you in a pm, would make things a lot easier. Still, thank you for reading, and please say a prayer for my family right now- tough times! Pray for Fr. Calloway's ministry, he has inspired me in some ways, and I'm sure many priests could use improvement and intercession. As a man studying for the priesthood, I know I could sure use some constructive criticism and serious prayers along the way.

      in Christ's Love,

    2. This guy will be exposed as a phony. What priest writes a book about Mary and then eclipses an image of her with a surfboard and his own photo? The things he claims to have done before is conversion don't ring true. I think he is the opposite of holy. How ironic that he named this book "Under the Mantle." Where do we think of Hell as being? Under the mantle of the earth. I read his first hook at the same time as a friend, and we definitely had evil things begin to happen to us both. I will NOT be surprised when this guy is proven to be a scammer.

  2. Wow, what's wrong with some people!?? I Love a Real Priest, real human, real spirituality, in touch with God's creation, loving life to the fullest! Thank you Fr. Calloway for showing us to love God, loving our own paths in life. Thank you for the inspiration. I pray for your ministry, God bless you.


  3. I see the sea is not stand it ... great. I wish I could be like you!
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