Saturday, November 22, 2014

Being in a state of grace is now a sin!

From the THIS IS SO CRAZY YOU CAN'T MAKE IT UP FILE at La Stampa's Vatican Insider one can read the following (underlines are ours):

“When conversion touches our pockets, it's a certainty”

At this morning’s mass in St. Martha’s House Francis criticised Christians who are “lukewarm, comfortable or concerned with appearances”


Beware of becoming “lukewarm, comfortable” Christians who “are concerned with appearances”. "When conversion touches pockets, it's a certainty.” These were the key points Francis wished to get across in this morning’s homily in St. Martha’s House, Vatican Radio reports.

The Pope underlined that Christians must always respond to Jesus’ call for conversion, otherwise, as sinners they will become corrupt. The act of conversion is a grace from God. Today Francis focused on “the three calls to conversion”, drawing inspiration from a passage in the Apocalypse of St. John and Jesus’ meeting with Zacchaeus.

In the first Reading, he observed, the Lord asks Christians in Laodicea to convert because they have become "lukewarm". They live a "comfortable spirituality". They think: "I do what I can, but I am at peace and do not want to be disturbed with strange things”. Pope Francis noted that people who “live well think nothing is missing: I go to Mass on Sundays, I pray a few times, I feel good, I am in God's grace, I'm rich" and "I do not need anything, I'm fine." This "state of mind - he warned - is a state of sin, feeling spiritually comfortable is a state of sin". The Lord has harsh words for people like this, he says: "Because you are lukewarm, I will spit you out of my mouth”. Despite this, the Lord gives them some advice, he tells them to "dress themselves" because "comfortable Christians are naked". 

Then, he added, "there is a second call" to "those who live by appearances, Christians of appearances." These believe they are alive but they are dead. And the Lord asks them to be vigilant. "Appearances - the Pope said - are these Christians shroud: they are dead." And the Lord "calls them to conversion". "Am I one of these Christians of appearances? Am I alive inside, do I have a spiritual life? Do I hear the Holy Spirit, do I listen to the Holy Spirit, do I move forward, or ...? But, if everything looks good, I have nothing to reproach myself about: I have a good family, people do not gossip about me, I have everything I need, I married in church ...I am 'in the grace of God', I am alright. Appearances! Christians of appearance ... they are dead! Instead [we must] seek something alive within ourselves, and with memory and vigilance, reinvigorate this so we can move forward. Convert: from appearances to reality. From being neither hot nor cold to fervour".

The third call to conversion is with Zacchaeus, "the chief tax collector, and rich." "He is corrupt - the Pope said – he was working for foreigners, for the Romans, he betrayed his homeland: He was just like many leaders we know: corrupt. Those who, instead of serving the people, exploit the people to serve themselves. There are some like this, in the world. And people did not want him. Yes, he wasn’t lukewarm; He was not dead. He was in a state of putrefaction. He was corrupt. But he felt something inside: this healer, this prophet who people say speaks so well, I would like to see him, out of curiosity. The Holy Spirit is clever, eh! He sowed the seed of curiosity, and so in order to seem him this man even does something a little 'ridiculous. Think of an important leader, who is also corrupt, a leader of leaders – he was the chief - climb a tree to watch a procession: Just think of it. How ridiculous!” Zacchaeus, he said, "had no shame." He wanted to see him and "the Holy Spirit was working in him". Then "the Word of God came into the heart and with the Word, the joy." "Those of comfort and those of appearance – he said - had forgotten what joy was; this corrupt man immediately gets it", "his heart changes, he converts". So Zacchaeus promises to give back four times what he has stolen.

When conversion touches pockets, it's a certainty. Christians in heart? Yes, everyone is. Christians by blood? All of us. However, Christians with pockets, very few.  But, conversion ... and here, it arrived straight away: the authentic word. He converted. But faced with this word, the words of the others, those who did not want conversion, who did not want to convert: 'Seeing this, they grumbled: 'He has gone to the house of a sinner!' He has dirtied himself, he has lost his purity. He must purify himself because he entered the house of a sinner.”

Pope Francis reiterated that these are "the three calls to conversion" that Jesus himself makes to "the lukewarm, the comfortable, to those of appearance, to those who think they are rich but are poor, who have nothing, who are dead”.  The Word of God, "is able to change everything", but "we don’t always have the courage to believe in the Word of God, to receive that Word that heals us within”. In the last weeks of the Liturgical Year, the Church wants us all to "think very, very seriously about our conversion, so that we can move forward on the path of our Christian life.”

Michael over at Public Vigil has some interesting commentary on Francis' words in the entry,  bergoglio's criminal mind at work. 
"If everything looks good, I have nothing to reproach myself about: I have a good family, people do not gossip about me, I have everything I need, I married in church …I am ‘in the grace of God’, I am alright. Appearances! Christians of appearance … they are dead!"

This is what bergoglio thinks of Catholics who follow the teachings of the Catholic Church... "they are dead!"...
...This is the criminal mind of bergoglio at work. Here we have caught the criminal in the very act of committing his crimes against God.

If you blink you will miss it... like a pickpocket or a scam artist or a con man... bergoglio is skilled at covering up his crimes by way of a slight of hand... he distracts us for a moment... then slips his hand into our pocket and lifts our spiritual wallet... full of Catholic treasures... and off he goes...

... only later do we realize that something is missing... we have been robbed...

... the knife in the back so skillfully inserted that we scarcely feel a warm sensation at the moment...

... later we notice a trickle of something warm and then when we touch the spot and see the red stain on our hands come to the horrifying reality that we have been stabbed...

... the bullet that pierces the body... enters in one side and out the other... deliberately missing the vital organs... but causing tremendous internal bleeding... but only a slight sensation of pain at the moment of impact... but a few steps later... we faint from the loss of blood and the shock...

... and by then the culprit is gone... disappeared... there is only a kindly looking priest... smiling...

... and then he too is gone...

... bergoglio the meta-criminal moves on to his next victim...

Who is the one maintaining the false appearance of being a Christian?

Who is the one "who is dead"?


  1. He would never speak this way to Jews, Muslims or Protestants. The fact is he hates faithful Catholics and doesn't miss an opportunity to bully us mercilessly. The sad part is that most catholics never learn of the dark side of Francis and still think he's the best pope evah.

  2. CMJ- and Michael - thank you both as always for your excellent analyses of the antipope's skillful deviltry. On the flip side, sometime (as time permits) any comments from fellow Catholics who "get" the great apostasy of Vatican II and are struggling with some heavy crosses on top of that like family members going off the deep end, unemployment, etc. - aside from a lot of prayer, which I am trying to do anyway, how do you cope and handle all of it? I know we haven't come to total martyrdom like some of the Catholics have in the middle east with ISIS yet, but....sometimes it's just so hard it seems to face another day/month/year with all of this uncertainty - spiritual/financial. Things just go daily from bad to worse; and while I had enough spiritual "joy" in my younger years, and it seems like, personally, right now I am having some pretty hefty spiritual desolation and temporal crosses, without the mass and sacraments to support me except rarely because of where my family is situated, I just wonder at times how I personally am going to carry on without cracking, finally, at times. What advice can you give to fellow Catholics who, during our time of apostasy, seem like things are just becoming overwhelming and beyond normal capacity to bear? I know we believe that God never gives us more than we can handle, but it has really seemed like that lately, at least in my own life. Thanks again for your blogs - both of you.

  3. He doesn't make any sense. Does he have a learning disability?

  4. I totally agree . It's very hard to be a Catholic without being able to go to Mass. When I feel down, I remember the Japanese Catholics went without Masses, priests and sacraments for 200 years and didn't lose the faith and my Irish ancestors went for years without Mass, priests and the sacraments and didn't lose the faith. I attended an FSSPX Church for a while until I learnt that they held the same heretical ecumenical beliefs as the post Vatican II church .These so called traditional Catholic groups are even worse because they hide their heresies under a facade of sanctimonius puritan behaviour which is in it self heretical. The FSSPX is particularly ridiculous with it's obsession with women wearing trousers and the length of skirts but at the same time believes that a muslim, hindu, jew , protestant or Buddhist can be saved without baptism and explicit faith. Talk about straining at gnats and swallowing camels! I sometimes think it would be better to suffer outright persecution than to have these horrible false Churches parading as the real thing.
    I feel depressed too at the thought of another Christmas without midnight Mass. I can't even form a group of like-minded Catholics because I am surrounded , or by 'catholics ' who are happy with their happy clappy Masses at the other extreme the miserable , holier-than - thou, calvinist jansenists that make up the FSSPX. I have no helpful suggestions to make.Just to say that I'm in the same boat and it is hard going.

    1. There are full Latin Masses on youtube ,also remember Jesus said "Where two or three are gathered in my name I am there with them."There is also a wonderful little known book by the Rev Albert Drexel called Faith is Greater then Obedience its available free to download at the following link.

    2. I looked at your link. Firstly, I am suspicious of all personal revelations. For example the revelations of Anne Emmerich, which many traditional groups treat as gospel, seem to confirm the heresies of baptism of desire and that people can be saved by invincible ignorance.
      Secondly, God seems to approve of Marcel Lefebvre. Marcel Lefebvre was a heretic who taught that Protestants, Muslims and Budhists can be saved by the desire to do God's will. How these people are supposed to actually discern God's will is a mystery to me.
      When he was in Africa, Dom Lefebvre was approached by a group of muslims imploring to be baptised into the Catholic Church. Dom Lefebvre , fearing that a group conversion would lead to a civil war with outraged muslims (one of the groups that he taught could be saved by baptism of desire) refused to baptise them with water, stating that their desire for baptism would be sufficient for their salvation. Baptism of desire was his excuse for his cowardice ! Can anyone imagine the great missionaries like Saint Francis Xavier refusing to baptise anyone?
      I don't know the real history of the Church after Vatican II, but I suspect that Lefebvre and the FSSPX were allowed to exist as 'controlled opposition' to pacify thosr Catholics who wanted the return of the Latin Mass without in any way compromising the heretical ecumenical teachings of the post Vatican 2 church. I believe he was a wolf in sheep's clothing.
      I do not have the training or education to come to a decision about the beliefs of the sedevacantists but just by looking at their sites, I can see that the founders of all the sects are full of pride, arrogance and calvinist exclusiveness and therefore are not Catholic.
      My strategy is to follow the example of St.Athanasius and follow the advice of St.Vincent of Lerins and cling to the dogmas of the Faith.They have taken the Mass and the sacraments from me but I can still believe in and teach others the dogmas of the Faith.The majority of Catholics now have never heard of them.

  5. Anonymous @ 9:25: In answer to your question, please understand all the remnant faithful are going through similar situations, especially the attack on the family and finances. The best answer is to invoke God's Divine Light every day to handle the tasks at hand and to ask Him to seal your heart, so that you don't listen or act with your emotions (extremely hard to do). When one can't go to Mass or receive the Sacraments at Church, ask Jesus for Spiritual Communion and Confess your sins directly to Him. Ask to receive and in that ask our Mother, the Queen of Heaven and Earth for special graces to get through and to cover you and your loved ones in Her Virginal Mantle and Veil. Invoke the Saints, especially St. Joseph the Protector of the Church. My wife and I have been reading about the lives of the Saint of the Day, get an old Catholic calendar to find them. Ask them to adopt you as their clients and learn from their sacrifices how to survive this apostasy.
    As for Anonymous 12:31, Bergoglio does not have a learning disability. He knows exactly what he is doing, especially by sowing confusion.
    This is not CMJ or Michael, but I hope I have helped answer your questions.
    Blessings to all, and stay close to Him and His Mother.

    1. Thank you both - you and Hunt - for the helpful comments. Yes, I do the 15 decade rosary daily and am doing my daily novenas to our Blessed Lady, St. Joseph, St. Anthony, St. Benedict, The Infant of Prague, St. Therese, St. Anne and St. Jude to get me through this difficult time. It's just becoming so hard not to feel like "My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken me?" all the time. It's easy to talk about resignation to the Divine Will, really REALLY hard to do when things get scary, and they get scarier by the day. I remember when I first left the SSPX and read first some of Hutton Gibson's stuff, and then Bill Strojie's stuff, I was so horrified, yet I knew that it was most likely correct (as the apostasy I'd encountered for years in the novus ordo, and some of the Pharisaical mentality amongst the SSPX was getting me down, quite frankly - the "I thank Thee God that I am not like other men" mentality), I wasn't upset with God, but I was freaked out about being able to carry on, but that was when my husband had gainful employment. I know God can do the impossible and I am trying to be resigned and not be a big whiny baby, but it's so so hard. It's hard not to look at other people who seem to be doing ok and sit there and not feel envious of people around you who seem to be leading a charmed life, but I guess I better go dig out Job and read the Psalms and maybe that will calm me down.
      I know we're not made for this world and maybe this is God's way to toughen me and my family up for whatever is coming next. I've never been very good at suffering, I have to admit. Thanks again.

    2. I am a pre-Vatican II Catholic but because of this crisis I had to learn so much just to understand what is going on. I sometimes wonder if the Church had continued like it was in the 50s, whether I would have been a lukewarm Catholic grumbling about the obligation to go to Mass .When you are denied something , it does make you appreciate it.

    3. Yes you are right - I remember my Irish grandmother talking about going to mass in Italy before V2 and seeing the men leave to go outside and smoke. Watch the Borgnine film "Marty" for which he won an Oscar and see the behavior depicted of inner city 'faithful' Catholics there, not that it is horrible, but it depicts the worldly mindset already taking over which is why Vatican II wasn't much of a stretch for people after seeing that.

  6. Maybe he's talking about the smug pharisee in the widows mite parable ,who congratulates himself on not been like the rest of the sinners ,warning against vain glory,at least i hope thats what he was trying to convey.

    1. He was not. He clearly identified whom he was talking about and it was not the parable you cite

  7. Bergoglio, like the good Pharisee he is, certainly loves money. Maybe Porsche will rent out St Peter's Basilica for their Christmas party, or maybe he can get some more corporate sponsors for an empty stadium soccer match "for peace" or maybe he can fire 500 more Vatican employees or maybe the Chinese/Jews/Muslims/ Protestants/Masons will give him some more cash for betraying Jesus Christ.

  8. Mazara, why do we always have to guess what this Pope is trying to convey?

    1. Thats the tragedy of the Church today ,no clear teaching ,his statement could also be taken as an attack on those who opposed his plans at the synod ,the fact that the word marriage was mentioned ,when his plans to allow divorced and cohabiting couples to receive the Blessed Sacrament was thwarted.A psychological insult to all those who oppose it,to make them feel guilty .

  9. Peace of The Risen CHRIST be with all of You.

    Last evening as i went home from work i met a drunk person in a subway siting in front of me.

    After he talked to each person near him, he started talking to me but i could not make sense what is he talking about.

    The only thing i sensed of this drunk mani man was his hostility to me.

    So i changed my seat.

    After reading this article about Pope Francis i had the same impression.

    I did not quite well understood what Francis is talking about, it was all so confused.

    His quoting of the sacred scripture was not in any way connected to the subject he was talking about.

    But i sensed and understood a great deal of hostility against people who are trying to live according to catholic faith,and are going to mass every sunday, who are trying to live faithfull in their marriages and who are praying.

    I do not mean any disrespect to Pope Francis-but his statements are statements either of a drunk or confused mind or of a mind influenced by the evil one or both.

    Following Word of Our Lord Jesus Christ came to my mind as i was reading Pope

    Matthew 17:6-7
    " 6 And if anyone hurts the conscience of one of these little ones, that believe in me, he had better have been drowned in the depths of the sea, with a mill-stone hung about his neck. 7 Woe to the world, for the hurt done to consciences! It must needs be that such hurt should come, but woe to the man through whom it comes! "



  10. If the photo like the one under this report isn't yet another "one of appearances" by the soothsayer himself then nothing is. We've had plenty of those - I think we call them photo ops.

  11. Hello CMJ,

    Imagine my surprise to see that you have quoted my article. As always, thank you for sharing my writings with a wider audience.

    As one of the commenters said, we can only guess at bergoglio's exact intentions. However, we have seen enough to establish a pattern.

    I didn't go into any details in my article, but in this case my assumption is that bergoglio is referring to the sacramental nature of the Catholic Church. And that he is saying that if you attend Mass and faithfully receive the sacraments that you are spiritually dead.

    Where have we heard this before?

    This is exactly what protestants since the time of Luther have said about the Church. They reject a sacramental church and have stripped their own "churches" of all (or most) of the sacraments. Instead as replacements they give us "sola scriptura" or "sola fide".

    ... or in the case of the NewChurch created by liberal/marxist/atheists/modernists there is the doctrine of "sola justicia social"...

    I think it is the last one that bergoglio is referring to in this diatribe. You will remember of course in bergoglio's anti-bible where it says "if I should have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not **social justice**, I am nothing."


    Actually in the Catholic Bible it says in chapter 3 of the First Epistle Of Saint Paul To The Corinthians :

    " if I should have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing. [3] And **if I should distribute all my goods to feed the poor**, and if I should deliver my body to be burned, and have not charity, **it profiteth me nothing.**"

    So much for the anti-gospel of social justice. And so much for the liberal protestant thinking of bergoglio.

    Summary: bergoglio wants to strip the Catholic Church of all sacraments. That's why he like the "charismatics" so much. It's all about your "personal relationship"with Jesus and just listening to your own private version of the "holy spirit". No sacraments. No doctrine. No hierarchy.


    BTW. The article that CMJ quotes is actually a follow-up to "bergoglio's criminal mind".

    In that article I pretty much make the same point as the one in my summary above, but in a radically different way. I make the point that to understand bergoglio one can view him as a sort of meta-criminal who commits crimes against God and His Church. Does that remind you a bit of a certain "fallen angel"?

    Yours in Christ,

    1. Michael,

      The verse from Corinthians is exactly the same one we thought of when watching Francis' actions. It is as if Francis came to kick out all those of conservative bent in the Novus Ordo church and then finish the modernist revolution his predecessors began. He most certainly a thief!