Friday, November 7, 2014

Francis adds more rabbinical books to his library

Rabbi Isaac Sacca presents Pope Francis with Aviezer's Fossils and Faith: Understanding Torah and Science

Two Books Authored by Prof. Nathan Aviezer Presented to Pope Francis

Date: 2014-03-05 Hour: 15:05
Two well-known books authored by Bar-Ilan University physicist Prof. Nathan Aviezer were presented to Pope Francis at last week's meeting at the Vatican between the Pontiff and a delegation of Argentinean Christian, Jewish and Muslim leaders and politicians.
The Spanish-language editions of both books were given to the Pope by Rabbi Isaac Sacca, Chief Rabbi of the Sephardic community in Argentina.

In Fossils and Faith: Understanding Torah and Science (KTAV Publishing House), Prof. Aviezer shows that scientific findings have become important tools for understanding many Biblical passages and for deepening one’s faith. Fossils and Faith deals with the very essence of religion – faith, prayer, miracles, free will, the creation of mankind, genetic engineering, life on other planets, chaos, the interaction between God and the world – showing how recent advances in science touch on each of these subjects in important ways.

Aviezer's other book presented to the Pope, In the Beginning: Biblical Creation and Science (KTAV Publishing House), combines an understanding of modern science with the scholarly insight of three millennia of rabbinical commentary to demonstrate the absence of contradictions between the scientific and Jewish approaches to creation.

From wikipedia's entry on Jewish views on evolution,
  • Nathan Aviezer, a physicist who trained at the University of Chicago, allows for divine guidance within an evolutionary paradigm in the transmutation of species over time, including the emergence of modern man from homo erectus. As a physicist, he interprets the six days of creation as broadly referring to large periods of time, an interpretation for which he cites rabbinic sources, including Maimonides and Nachmanides. For Aviezer, the evolutionary framework applies, except where the Hebrew verb bara (create) is used. To Aviezer, "It is particularly meaningful that Modern Man is intellectually and culturally so vastly superior to his closest relative, the extinct Neanderthal Man, even though both species are very similar." He explains this through a literal interpretation of Genesis 1:27 — "And God created Man in His image."[18]

Is this where Francis is getting his un-Catholic ideas on the origins of human life which he recently shared with the Pontifical Academy of Sciences?  For more on these beliefs of Francis see, Francis' latest craziness is...


  1. Hi CMJ,

    Speaking of bergoglio's latest craziness...

    See this article in Spanish: "Líder de “Iglesia cristiana gay” fue invitado a participar en actividades del Sínodo de la Familia"

    The English translation of the title is, "Leader of "gay christian church: was invited to participate in activities at the Sinod for the Family"

    The article is referring to " Archbishop Dr. Karl Rodig, our presiding archbishop of the ECCC is also a Consultor for the Worldwide Catholic Movement (over 4 Million strong) for Renewal. "

    See the following links about the ECCC in English:

    I ask you to please dedicate an article to this issue so that more people will become aware of this -- especially English speakers. This appears to be one more of bergoglio's non-Catholic "friends".


    FYI. The first link I posted is from "Adelante la fe". This is a new website in Spanish that is authentically Catholic and is defending the faith against bergoglio's hydra-heresies.

    1. Thanks for the information. Looks like a lot more digging to do concerning friends of Francis.

    2. Looked into this character Dr. Karl Rodig some. Used to be a Catholic but left the church and is now a renegade bishop of an anglican splinter group like the late Tony Palmer. Rodig is very progressive as he believes in polygamy, sodomite marriage, married priests, etc... As for him being at the open ceremony of the Synod on the Family, it appears to us he sneaked in. Since he was dressed as a religious, security probably let it slide. Rodig wasn't part of the talks at the Synod on the Family. Instead he is a member of the group "Catholic Church Reform". This group met and complained about the Synod while it was going on.

      We checked Rodig's facebook and the photos he has posted are the typical tourist at the Vatican variety. But he sold it to his congregation as if he was in off-limit areas and that Francis gave him his blessing. Unlike Tony Palmer, he has no photos with Francis or videos with him nor does he have a prior friendship with Francis. Rodig is a fraud in more ways than one.

  2. This is the man a majority of living Cardinals thought worthy of the Papacy.

    Thus, he is but the titanium tip of a deadly, indifferent, and modernist iceberg and he is piloting the Barque directly towards it.

    OK, I know he can't be both the iceberg and the Barque but, what the hell, since he has become Pope the truth that a thing can not both be and not be is out the philosophical window.

    Is it too early to start drinking?