Monday, November 17, 2014

Francis the modernist invents a new insult!

'Ecclesiastical micro-climate'


  1. I LOVE my ecliasastical micro-climate! I make it known to everyone I know. Nothing is stopping them from joining me. They WANT to be far from God, Pope Francis. This iis not my fault. Don't blame me!

  2. I am afraid Pope Francis is talking about the conciliar church. No vocations to the priesthood, no religious vocation to speak of; and churches closing down by the hundreds. Who is living in an ecclesiastical micro-climate?

  3. We GET that we're not your cup of frappa, Holy Father, but allow us fellow Catholics to heal the wounds caused by your incessant linguistic beatings........and move on to the Muslims already. They're actually beheading people!

  4. Obfuscation masquerading as "Papal" clarity again? This is Vatican II double speak at it's finest, it seems to me! Wojtyla would be proud of such a statement - would have said that it was TERRIBLY AUTHENTIC of Bergoglio, I'm sure!

    Bergoglio couldn't have handled our Lord saying things like those who wouldn't receive the gospel, letting them be to thee as the heathen and the publican, or shaking the dust of those towns that refuse the gospel off your shoes, or especially HE WHO BELIEVES AND IS BAPTIZED SHALL BE SAVED, BUT HE WHO BELIEVETH NOT SHALL BE CONDEMNED. I told that to my "Catholic" educated - all elementary, high school and even university - female relative and she said the Jesus SHE believed in would never say such a thing - the Jesus she believed in wasn't a bigot. Then when I printed out some pages from the Douay Rheims including the latter and mailed them to her, she said it was "one of the most HORRIBLE letters she had ever received in her life!" There's the product of a fine 'Catholic" education nowadays. Those new novus ordo bibles must have excised some of those passages out of Holy Writ, I guess.

  5. But Dom Lefebvre and the so-called "traditional" catholic sects the FSSPX, the CMRI and the Resistance also teach that you do not need to be baptised or have faith to be saved. The dress and behaviour of these sects is more akin to calvinism than Catholicism.
    I am a pre Vatican II Catholic and I can state categorically that all Catholics in England and Ireland believed in EENS and that we were not exclusive, proud sanctimonius weirdos that wore strange clothes.
    Even though we believed in EENS we were humble and only too aware of our sinful nature and the precariousness of our own salvation. We regarded being Catholic as a gift that we never truly felt that we deserved.