Friday, November 7, 2014

Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate Friday #2

A quick update on everyone's favorite '62 Mass of John XXIII loving Friars.  Yes, they are still around and at least one member, Friar Gabriel is still skating!  It's amazing that Volpi hasn't taken away that privilege yet!  Turns out some time ago Friar Gabriel Cortes was ordered by his superior to go out and buy a skateboard in order that he could evangelize at the skateboarding park once a week.  Of course since he was a Friar of the Immaculate, Friar Gabriel obeyed and the rest is history.  Friar Gabriel sees a common ground between the skateboarding world and being a friar, both are counter-culture!  No word yet if Francis has asked Friar Gabriel to be on the Vatican's Demo Team.  Call Me Jorge... would like to suggest to Friar Gabriel that he sing a duet with Suor Cristina and possibly skate for some of her music videos.

A Skating Friar? Check it out!

Friar Gabriel's music video for the Blessed Virgin

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  1. If Sour Christina was doing this, or Francis himself, you would be opposed

    1. Perhaps Anonymous, you could look up the expression tongue-in-cheek.

  2. Please tell me that this Friar Gabriel was a fake or just one of the 'new' Volpi Friars and nobody from the original FFI's Best regards. Windlicht.

    1. Sorry Windlicht,

      Friar Gabriel entered the Franciscan Friar of the Immaculate when he was 17 years old.

      He is currently 37 years old and was ordered by his superior to skateboard evangelize when he was 23 years old.

      Here is a video of him talking about his conversion which we haven't watched.


  3. Poor Brandon Vogt! He and the poor friar don´t understand what to be "counter-cultural" means.

    If they both would check here they would see that in reality, they are revolutionaries:

    "Friar Gabriel’s witness has connected him with scores of people, mostly young men, who otherwise would never encounter Christ or his Church."

    Did he tell them that they must convert to the one true Church if they want to be saved? I fear he has not.

  4. The FFI who are solemnly professed are not allowed to leave the Institute under command of the commissar. That pleases the dissenters who brought this about...those who betrayed their holy founders.

  5. I would like to request a more in-depth analysis of why friars can't skateboard, please.

    It's good exercise like playing basketball. Are priests not allowed to exercise? I genuinely don't understand here what the rules are.

    1. They are allowed to exercise and some saint such as John Bosco recommended sport.

      The ends the FFI take it to are something else all together though.

      Friar Gabriel sees common ground between skateboarding (the hip-hop / rap / rock 'n roll music subculture which is heavy on drugs as well as graffiti) and being a Franciscan Friar as they are both counter-culture! Performing a few feats on a piece of wood with urethane wheels brings people to the faith according to them.

      As one can see in a video we posted in an earlier entry called "Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate" on the Vigil of All Saints Day, two friars spent their time jumping a burning fire on a skateboard! What's next rollerskating nuns in public to spread the faith?

    2. "The ends the FFI take it to are something else all together though."

      Where should the line be drawn, though? I just want to follow the rules, I'm fine with that. I don't know the rules here. I did think it strange that his superior "ordered" him to do it. However, if you watch the video, "Friar" Gabriel gave up skateboarding and then took it back up after being ordered by his superior after he was skateboarding with some children who he happened to be working with. And actually now that I realize it, he's just a "brother", not an ordained "priest" (not sure if FFI orders are valid, I don't think they are). That really fills me with mixed feelings as I've been a skateboarder for 15 years.

      Skateboarding is counter-cultural, yet aligning with it in the direction it goes is definitely a problem. Thrasher Magazine has overtly satanic imagery:

      "Performing ... brings people to the faith[?]" Well actually I thought I remember reading some Catholic Action books from the 50s that suggested missionaries could successfully gain the attention of "the people" by being like them, adopting their ways, and so on. Of course I think that was directed towards laymen. I guess I'm wondering if the novus ordo is just doing this wrong, because there are protestant skateboard-churches and evangelical outreach programs connected to "action sports". I don't see an objection towards using a skateboard as a means of transportation, any more than a priest riding a bike. However doing some of this can seem "worldly".

      I would enjoy if people took more time to analyze some of these things. I'm going to have to ponder them myself. Actually, watching the video you referenced, maybe my worldliness is still there, but Friar Gabriel feels like a very relateable guy. In a worldly sense, he is actually a very talented skateboarder, at something of the professional level, which is maybe why his superior ordered him to continue.

      Of course I've been a sede vacantist over the past couple years and a conclavist under pope Michael this year, which I'll get to in comments on other articles soon (there's lots more study and prayer necessary to figure all this out), so I don't agree with the FFI or other "traditionalists".

      I guess the last comment is that I have no idea what "traditionalists'" opinion is of which musics are acceptable to listen to. Sure, if there are clear satanic lyrics in a "rock" song, I can see some of the outrage. However, growing up I always thought of this as being fiction, drama, and something actually to strengthen a resolve against evil, as kind of a modern song of war. I have seen "traditionalists" reason that "rock" music is made by non-Catholics, therefore it is not from God. However I have also seen them give a pass to secular classical music made by non-Catholics. So I have not seen a clear teaching as regards music. I did see on feeneyite an article with a quote by, I believe St. Francis de Sales, that secular musics were ok to listen to. This presumably implied that the music didn't contain some directly problematic material; like, I remember I think Traditioninaction ran an article that the Vatican condemned the "tango dance" and its music as sinfully passionate. There used to be the Legion of Decency which would review various media, I think mostly film. Overall, I have found "traditionalism" to be "half-baked"; I think it needs more thinking out, more of these modern questions need some research and authoritative answers. More prayer and study to be done.

      Thank you for reporting on this issue!

  6. A Skating Friar how is this spreading the Faith??

    We excuse any type of nonsense now days.

    Throw away the skate, grow up and work like any monk does but don't use your childless excuse to say you are spreading the faith through your skateboard.

  7. My gosh the amount of negativity here! I consider myself a hardcore conservative catholic but see absolutely nothing wrong with what this friar is doing. I'm pretty suren you all together haven't brought as many people to faith as he alone