Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Gina Raimondo wants to be Rhode Island's new governor


Gina also supports:
  • the State borrowing more money from the banks
  • outlawing types of currently legal guns
  • raising taxes
  • murdering unborn children
  • same-sex marriage

Gina Raimondo was endorsed by Planned Parenthood and bragged during  her campaign she was more pro-choice (abortion) than the Republican she was running against!  Are these un-Catholic positions of Gina part of her gradual path back to the church?  Remember according to Francis one shouldn't use harsh language less it scare the woman away from the faith!  And don't condemn her either unless you want to be labeled a Pharisee who is fixated with rules by Francis.  After all, those who oppose sodomy and abortion are just plain obsessed!  We at Call Me Jorge... are not suggesting that Francis endorsed her but are posting this to show what kind of people Francis attracts and what mentality he is instilling in people.


  1. Peace of The Risen Christ be with all of You.

    It makes me sad that such kind of politicians have got the impression that they can rely on the pope.

    Pope Francis remarks such as "Who am i to judge gays?" and "We should not talk to much about gays and abortion" are the cause of such impressions.

    I am very sady about that an my heart is full of sorrow.

    PAX Vobiscum

  2. For so many years (since 1980 when I first voted til 2008) I thought the Catholic Church was NOT supporting these politicians (also thought because I was always told by the "good" Conservative Catholics who went to every bishop installation and diocesan event that it was 'disobedient bishops' causing all the problems but the pope was so holy and good!)--that there was nothing they could do. However, when Catholic nursing home in Philly assumed my family and me would assist in the starvation and dehydration of my aunt by keeping her 'distracted' (they offered morphine if we were concerned she might feel pain) and used as the justification that 'residents' on the 'assisted living side' (vs the "care" side) were volunteering to commit suicide by starvation w/agreement of their relatives ('going on hospice voluntarily') I started investigating on the internet. Boy were my eyes opened! These clerics are hand-in-glove with these politicians like Pelosi, Kennedy, Cuomo, Brown etc. and promising them salvation for MONEY!!!!!! Meanwhile 60 million babies have been murdered in U.S. alone, debt is $17 trillion and NOW we have UNIVERSAL health care, but SPOON FEEDING is NOT included and premiums are TRIPLED! May these 'spiritual' devils burn forever in their Kingdom of Satan!

  3. If anyone was looking for a graphic illustration of how illiterate neo-catholics are about their faith we have it in the "catholic" politicians who represent secular humanism and liberal modernism. This has reached the zenith of paradox in the conanisation of Paul VI. candidly speaking, anyone could be conansised now.