Sunday, November 30, 2014

Nostra Aetate and Malachi Martin

According to author David Yallop in his book, The Power and the Glory, Malachi Martin worked closely with Cardinal Bea in the drafting of Nostra Aetate.  Kudos were given to Martin by the Council's participants as well as the secular world.  Thanks Malachi!

cover of The Power and the Glory

page 347 of The Power and the Glory

page 348 of The Power and the Glory


  1. The liberal modernist Vatican has shamelessly asphyxiated any scandal attached to JPII in order to "sanctify" their rotten conciliar experiment which has produced nothing but disorder, indiscipline, systemic liturgical abuse; massive financial corruption; presbyterial sexual perversion and criminal ecclesiastical cover-ups. In other words a total politicisation of the conciliar creed in an effort to force everyone in the church to bow to neo-liberal papal dictat. The personalisation of the papacy by a thespian phenomenologist pantheist needs to be exposed to the full so that we can see and understand how the church has descended into the godless chaotic shambles it is today.

  2. More evidence lending credence to the theory that Martin was a Crypto Jew like Bea. What always drove me nuts was the claim in the TAN book about German stigmatist Therese Neumann that Bea was 'close' to her. That, in hindsight, seemed like the author's pathetic attempt to somehow legitimize Bea as a true cleric; but I suppose it's possible that even mystics closely united to God can, by His design, not be allowed to see the full deviltry of someone; but considering she apparently told the abbot of Mount Angel Abbey in Mount Angel Oregon shortly before Vatican II that the abbey was about to apostasize, it's hard to imagine that she didn't see Bea for what he was. (The Mount angel story was told to me by someone whose family knew the Abbot, and who the Abbot personally related that story to.)

  3. I used to think that JP II created nothing but a "photo-op' papacy" but after a year of Francis I can state unequivocally that we now have the perfect postmodernist "photo-op' papacy". It is nothing more and nothing less than that but the thespian JP II set all the benchmarks for it.