Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Sister Cristina opens her mouth...

...and modernism rears its head again.

Some lowlights of a recent interview with Joanna Moorhead of The Guradian.  (Click here to read, Pope idol: Sister Cristina Scuccia and The Voice of Italy, in its entirety.)

“Do people think nuns have to be lifeless, sad individuals?”

“Do they think we had a terrible past and had to become nuns to escape? My vocation wasn’t about giving something up, it was about taking something on.”

“Traditionalists say I shouldn’t be doing this, but I believe that if God gave me the ability to sing, there’s a reason for it.”

“The Catholic church is going through a kind of makeover, and I am part of that. This pope isn’t removed or distant: he’s right here among us, and that’s what I’m aiming to be as well.”

on why she chose to sing Like A Virgin:

“I’d call it counter-risque. I felt I was batting the song back. The lyrics spoke to me: I gave myself to God, and that’s what they say. I feel I’ve turned the song upside-down. I’m giving it a new interpretation from a faith standpoint. We can all feel incomplete. I felt that when I was touched by God, then I felt loved like I’ve never been loved before.”

“Traumatic. When you win, you suddenly feel very small in the face of this huge thing. But then I realised: it all happened not because of me, but because of God.”

“We have to free the singing side of life from its shackles, it’s so attached to this ‘celebrity’ view of success. I’m a different kind of pop star.”


  1. “Do people think nuns have to be lifeless, sad individuals?”

    She seems to be very concerned about her own self-image.

    1. She really isn't living in reality...and doesn't understand her vocation...nuns to be sad, lifeless...avoiding a traumatic past....like get real! A vocation call to sign offensive songs, scandalizing behavior...she really doesn't get it!

    2. Representing a spouse of Christ...by her vocation to represent the relationship of Christ and the Church...acting fullishly in such a non chaste manner...She really doesn't understand the call of religious life!

  2. " I’m giving it a new interpretation from a faith standpoint."

    Indeed, Christina, from the perspective of a Standpoint Feminist which id really what you are becoming.

  3. "Traumatic. When you win, you suddenly feel very small in the face of this huge thing..."

    Trauma!....huge thing!....definitely sounds evil.

  4. “I’d call it counter-risque."
    This is the voice of liberal modernism.......we have nothing but from the novus ordo since 1965.

  5. She sounds rather contemptuous of nuns.. the faithful traditional nuns I grew up with, weren't "sad" individuals, they truly served God, and the people. Cristina seems to be serving herself, and seeking the affirmation of the worldly by being viewed through it's narrow lens

  6. So much for renouncing the world, the flesh and the devil as Our Lord commands, and seeking poverty, chastity and obedience. Nope, got to do it my way. Frankie Sinatra would be proud of Suor Cristina. Reminds me of Lucifer's "I will not serve" mentality. Narcisscism is rampant in our society today. People gaze at their own image and fall in love and toot their own horn rather than thinking about doing God's will first. I actually read a self help book, recently penned, by ostensibly a 'motivational speaker' and while it had many good things to say, he was advocating falling in love with yourself. Now...there's a world of difference between trying to be cheerful and keep a positive attitude and try and have confidence in God to give you what you need to succeed if He means you to do it - thereby gaining some confidence in yourself, and engaging in total self worship. Where is the self mortification and self denial in all of that? WITHOUT ME YOU CAN DO NOTHING. People need to realize who gave them their talents in the first place. Nuns are supposed to pray and live their rule and do their daily duty as religious just like us lay people. The novus ordo religious have contempt for the Faith and the lay people who are still struggling to keep the Faith out here in Antichrist land. Suor Cristina just really demonstrates that. She can take her voice and go sing Ave Maris Stella rather than Like a Virgin and flashing the devil's hand on international television.