Sunday, November 23, 2014

the "New Evangelization" in Brazil

with Padre Alessandro Campos

Nothing says one is a Catholic like a cowboy hat & a Roman collar!



Is the red leather jacket on loan from the estate of the late Michael Jackson?

Takes the cowboy hat off for the Novus Ordo but leaves the collar on.

Thanks to Brian Roberts for sending us these videos.


  1. There we go with "appearances" again but this is fine because he is in "full communion" with the pope. the Novus Ordo is based on how the presbyter appears to the audience - is he a good entertainer or not; can he tell a good joke; is he able to inspire the crowd enough for them to want to return the following Sunday or at least once a month as penchant seems to dictate these days.

    1. Leon - exactly - more proof that the novus ordo is a protestant sect - and not even that good of a protestant sect, as many of them now behave or retain more Catholicity than the novus ordo appears to anymore - many of them understand why false ecumenism is evil. The old saying my parents taught me was that a protestant minister had to depend on the cult of personality, since their churches lacked the Real Presence and a priest acting in persona Christi. So every service was, indeed, all about "the show must go on!" Talk about a sounding brass and a tinkling cymbal.

      Vapidness, emptiness, spiritually and otherwise, this is what these modernists have morphed what was once Christ's Church into becoming - and the dumbed down lay people at large look at it and call it good. Their spiritual Stockholm syndrome brainwashing is complete. The modernists have managed to turn them to the dark side and they think it's a blessing. It's would all be so comic if it weren't so tragic.

      In the old days a priest didn't have to "perform." Doing his Divine Office and taking care of his parishoners by saying mass, hearing confessions, paying visits to the sick and dying, etc. were quite enough. Nowadays, try getting a novus ordo "priest" out to give anyone their version of last rites. Not that I approve of Farrah Fawcett's having lived with Ryan O'Neal for years, but apparently when she was getting near death she really wanted to have a priest to talk to and attempted to reconcile herself to God, and O'Neal sought all over - as famous as the two of them were - and could not find anyone to come to her bedside and try and help her. I have heard that tale over and over and over - and this didn't happen just after Vatican II. Even Jimmy Cagney, the famous actor, had a priest before Vatican Ii pull this on his dying father, which was what turned Cagney against the Church. The ministry has to bear a lot of responsibility for their behavior towards the flock.

  2. There are 2 things in his favour ,still wearing the collar and holding a Crucifix,more than can be said for some of them.

    1. Fashion models wear crucifixes - that means nothing nowadays.