Monday, December 29, 2014

A noahide Xmas with Sister Cristina

If she were not wearing the costume of a nun, the world would have never heard of her.   Here is Cristina going out among the peripheries as commanded by Francis.  

Sister Cristina singing at the Concerto di Natale

Mariah Carey's All I Want For Xmas Is You

Coldplay's Fix You *

* Coldplay is a group best know for their anti-Catholic hit album Viva la Vida whose subject is the decline of the Catholic Church in Revolutionary France

*** BONUS ****

DJ Bob Sinclar and his electro house dance music



  1. Here's Billboard's 30 Hottest as of Dec. 15, 2010:
    1. Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree
    Sung by: Brenda Lee
    Written by: Johnny Marks
    As noted above, and in previous articles, Marks is Jewish.

    2. All I Want For Christmas Is You
    Sung by: Mariah Carey
    Written by: Walter Afanasieff, Mariah Carey
    Neither Carey nor Afanasieff, her long time collaborator, is Jewish. However, Jewish musician and songwriter Kenny G was the best man at Afansieff's wedding. Kenny G's cover annually tops ASCAP's list as the most popular version of "Silver Bells."

    3. A Holly Jolly Christmas
    Sung by: Burl Ives
    Written by: Johnny Marks (words and music)
    Marks was Jewish.

    From: The Jews Who Wrote Christmas Songs (2010)

    see also:
    Why Jews skipped Hanukkah and wrote the most beloved Christmas songs

    1. Well, they certainly recognize where the money was to be made - that was the entire gist of the old joke about the Jewish kid being asked by the teacher after Christmas vacation what his family did on Christmas day and the kid says "we held hands and sang 'what a friend we have in Jesus'." Also the old joke about the Jewish man hiding in the back of the Catholic religious goods store, who, when his Catholic employee tells him they've run out of crucifixes and a customer wants to order several, calls his supplier, and asks them to send the store more crosses, and the voice on the other end replies "mit or mitout Jesuses." If you look at most of the old entertainers from early days through the 1950s in Hollywood, especially those who changed their real names for stage names, they're either from Catholic or Jewish roots.
      Not every Jew who works in entertainment is necessarily 'bad' - one guy who supported me years ago knew I was a traditionalist Catholic and was extremely generous and kind and supportive of me. So....that doesn't necessarily negate what you are saying, but there's good and bad people there as in ANY other group. But...Irving Berlin was open about his wanting to replace Christ with his secular tunes at Christmas and Easter - wanted his "White Christmas" and "Easter Parade" to achieve that. And then he got his Irish Catholic singer, Crosby, to put the first across for him. But Bing still sang some great music including a wonderful recording of the very nice Catholic Faith of Our Fathers on his Christmas album, and Adeste Fideles, etc. So....anyway...they're going to figure out Jesus was their Messiah when Antichrist shows up - and it's probably going to be sooner than we all expect, unfortunately.

  2. Bought Mariah Carey's Christmas CD apart from All i want for Christmas is you, it contained some wonderful songs Silent Night ,O Holy Night ,Joy to the World ,Hark the Herald Angels Sing,Jesus Born on this day,Jesus O what a wonderful Child,God rest ye Merry Gentlemen ,she really covered the religious importance of Christmas its a great album.

    1. A "great album"? No. Besides the tacky "All I Want for Christmas is You", Mariah Carey's version of "Joy to the World" mashes the carol with Three Dog Night's raunchy hit single of the same name, in which the singer identifies himself as a carousing womanizer. The album cover has Carey kneeling with her hands between her legs in the crotch region.

      On other album covers--like in her concerts--Carey often dresses immodestly. Explicit lyrics in song "Beautiful" led to a parental advisory sticker. She supports same sex "marriage". Her husband separated from her and is contemplating divorce, allegedly because, among other reasons, she had an abortion against his wishes. Twice she performed at Obama inaugural celebrations.

      No Catholic should even remotely consider covering her songs.