Tuesday, December 16, 2014

All that was missing were the balloons!

Francis' favorite Noahide mess

The applause as he humbly processes 
out of St. Peter's is fitting!

the flag of the Indigenous Nations of Abya Yala

Misa Criolla at St. Peter's Basilica

The alliance of Confederations of Nations of Indigenous Peoples of Abya Yala are an anti-Catholic and anti-Spainish group which wishes to erase the name America from the history books.  Their flag is similar to the Noahide one.  Why did Francis have them front and center in St. Peter's Basilica for the Misa Criolla unless he agrees with their principles?


  1. First allow me to say that Jorge Bergoglio is not a true pope nor is he a true priest since he was ordained under the false ordination rites of apostate sodomite Giovanni Battista Enrico Antonio Maria Montini akaapostate Pope Paul VI. The New Rite of Holy Orders (bishops, priests, deacons) was heretically approved and imposed by Paul VI on June 18, 1968. The following information is crucial for all Catholics to know, since it concerns the validity of essentially every “priest” ordained within the diocesan structure since approximately 1968; and consequently, it concerns the validity of countless confessions, indult Masses, etc.

    Bergoglio was ordained December 13,1969, 13 of all numbers why am I not surprised, suffice to say that being the case he will defy all doctrine and dogma and redefine the Catholic magisterium to suit his modernist agenda and mislead the Catholic faithful.

    What makes Bergoglio exceedingly dangerous is that he will mix true Catholic doctrine with false modernist precepts in order to confuse the faithful. For example you state "Why did he have 'them' front and center if he does not agree with their principles?" The fact is that he does agree but he will go into stealth mode by taking a text of legitimate catholic doctrine twisting its meaning to support a modernist and heretical cause or organization such as the Indigenous Nations of Abya Yala.

    True Catholics need to keep vigil and watch Bergoglio like a hawk and call him out on his misdeeds and heretical actions shine the light on his acts of heresy and apostasy.

    A word about apostate Sister Cristina,she is not a true nun nor catholic.Sadly she is a pathetic self serving narcissist, not the kind of immodest dress but the kind that seeks to bring attention to herself rather than God. No matter what she says or claims, she is out to advance herself
    May God Bless You and the work you do

    1. Heather, your summary of poor Suor Cristina as being a "self serving narcissist" unfortunately can apply to most of the world today, as our modern post Christian/neo pagan society, through public 'education' venues, 'entertainment' phoney controlled "news" etc strives to make self serving neo pagan narcissists of us all. Those who haven't fallen into the self love trap are becoming fewer and fewer indeed. Most of the self help gurus are also guilty of this 'gospel.'