Monday, December 22, 2014

an update on Krah's crèche

The Maurice Pinay blog has posted Max's crèche and added some additional information which we include below.  Is Krah a jester and having a laugh at Catholics, imagining himself a magician who has amalgamated Zionism into a superior place in the birth of Our Lord Jesus the Christ?

Saturday, December 20, 2014

The SSPX Macher's hexed Christ

Updated below with clarification 12/21:

Found by at SSPX Bishop Fellay's business partner Maximilian Krah's Instagram account:


On the matter of the occult meaning of the hexagram (as above, so below) Rabbi Abraham Heschel, (the Kabbalist who was invited to collaborate on a Vatican II document even after stating that he intended to attack Christian souls with 'Holocaust' guilt) admitted that Counterfeit Israel adopted this foreign, occult doctrine:
"In many places in the Zohar you will find the statement that the Holy and Blessed one created this world on the model of the world above: 'Everything that exists above is replicated below' (Zohar Pekudei 221a). In the opinion of the sages, the people brought with them from Babylonia the names of the angels. But we have not yet been able to discover the source of the [non-biblical] concept of the parallelism of the world above and the world below." (Abraham Joshua Heschel, Gordon Tucker, Heavenly Torah: as refracted through the generations, p.266)

The hexagram has no historical significant meaning to Christianity but it has been proprietary to pagan, occult traditions for thousands of years. The hexagram (and its underlying occult doctrine, as above, so below) was adopted by Counterfeit Israel and is now proprietary to Judaism, Zionism and Holocaustianity.

Maximilian Krah has repeatedly, openly, brazenly displayed his solidarity with Zionism, Judaism and the Israeli military to a degree unsurpassed by the most craven, ingratiating, Judaic-boot-licking U.S. politicians and Novus Ordo clerics. This is indisputably documented here:

The file on Maximilian Krah

To deny this glaring context to Krah's use of a hexagram is uninformed ignorance or willful ignorance, God knows which.

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  1. the "as above, so below" is also integral to masonic doctrine