Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Francis' modus operandi



to be followed by,


  1. When considering what we, attempting to still keep the Faith in spite of the Vatican II apostasy and it's antipopes, we might do well to remember this passage from St. Louis De Montfort's THE FRIENDS OF THE CROSS, para. 54:
    "Tenth. Be resolved then, dear Friends of the Cross, to suffer every kind of cross without excepting or choosing any: all poverty, all injustice, all temporal loss, all illness, all humiliation, all contradiction, all calumny, all spiritual dryness, all desolation, all interior and exterior trials. Keep saying: 'My heart is ready, O God, my heart is ready' (Ps. 56,8). Be ready to be forsaken by men and angels and, seemingly, by God Himself. Be ready to be persecuted, envied, betrayed, calumniated, discredited and forsaken by everyone. Be ready to undergo hunger, thirst, poverty, nakedness, exile, imprisonment, the gallows and all kinds of torture, even though you are innocent of everything with which you may be charged. What if you were cast out of your own home, like Job and Saint Elizabeth of Hungary; thrown, like this saint, into the mire; or dragged upon a manure pile like Job, malodorous and covered with ulcers, without anyone to bandage your wounds, without a morsel of bread, never refused to a horse or a dog? Add to those dreadful misfortunes all the temptations with which God allows the devil to prey upon you, without pouring into your soul the least feeling of consolation.
    Firmly believe that this is the summit of divine glory and real happiness for a true, perfect Friend of the Cross.

  2. Mister Bergoglio wanted to help his idol Fidel

  3. Sure it is another money ploy -- who cares about the sheep (as long as you have their "smell", you can forget about them, leave them to rot in communist jails, kill and torture them (like the Christians in the Middle East)). Don't obsess about murdered babies or petty rules! Steal the crucifix from a dead man! These fairysees love the money--get it from the Cubans, from the Chinese, from the Muslims, from the women who abort their children and make idols of themselves, from the homosexual pornographers. (I guess the Mafia is refusing to cough up the dough!) But as long as you are serving the anti-Christ, the media will pump the lie out about you day and night! Mr umble! Mr luvver of the poor! Mr insulter of the Dalai Lama! Wonder if he will be invited to the next ass-is-I meeting -- or if these 'religious' meetings will be supplanted by a Comintern in Moscow for the 100th anniversary of Fatima where Team Bergoglio will get your favorite dictator 'elected' president of the world?