Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Francis sacks head of the Swiss Guards

Bye-bye Daniel, enjoy seeing Burke!

It wasn't a cardinal, bishop, priest, or banker this time at the chopping block.  Instead, Francis has taken his cleaver of reform to the head of the Swiss Vatican Guards, one Daniel Anrig.  In a one sentence statement published in L'Osservatore Romano,

"The holy father has ordered that Colonel Daniel Rudolf Anrig end his term on 31 January, at the conclusion of the extension of his mandate."  

No comment was given by the Vatican but according to reporters for the BBC,

"Col Anrig's approach has riled colleagues, with one Swiss Guard telling Italian media "this is the end of a dictatorship", on news of his departure."

There has also been speculation that Daniel Anrig fell into Francis' disfavor when Francis learned about his role in a raid on an immigration refugee center in Switzerland which happened in 2003.  He was investigated by the Red Cross and Amnesty International for alleged human rights violations.

Other speculation has focused on Daniel Anrig moving to a new spacious apartment above the Swiss Guard barracks.  This doesn't fit the image Francis has carefully cultivated of being a humble and simple person.  Even though we might add Francis has a whole floor in the Vatican hotel and it is more grand than the Apostolic Apartments.

More telling we believe is  Francis doesn't like strict rules or anyone who follows them.  As related by Nick Squires in the London Telegraph,

The 77-year-old pope is said to have been appalled recently to have emerged one morning from his private suite of rooms to find that a Swiss Guard had been standing guard all night.
“Sit down,” he told the young guardsman, to which the soldier said: “I can’t, it’s against orders.”

The Pope replied: “I give the orders around here,” and promptly went off to buy a cappuccino for the exhausted soldier. 

For more on Francis' interaction with the anonymous Swiss Guard, read our entry Jorge and the Swiss Guard.

In October, the Pope was photographed shaking hands with a member of the elite corps, breaking years of protocol which demanded that pontiffs should treat the Swiss Guardsmen with aloofness.

The Jesuit pontiff, nicknamed “the people’s Pope”, is said to want the Swiss Guard to be less rigid in its rules, even “less military”, according to Il Messagero, a Rome-based daily.

That is in line with the Pope’s dislike of security in general. 

Perhaps Francis was upset Daniel hadn't cooked great food for him like fellow guardsmen, David Geisser, to feed his ravenous and never satiated appetite?

Maybe Francis was upset that Daniel wasn't doing the job he had asked him to do?  For more see our entry, Francis tells Vatican security their mission is to combat gossip!

Or is it possible Daniel attended Latin Mass regularly?

Could it have something to do with the homosexual lobby at the Vatican?

Who really knows?

All one can say with certainty is that revolution sweeping through the Vatican is on the orders of Francis!

Daniel Anrig


  1. Maybe he was doing his job too well ,the Swiss Guards are military ,without discipline,they will be reduced to been security guards .

  2. Francis: "I give the orders around here."
    There's no-one more tyrannical than a liberal.

    1. The humility ham certainly exposed his true colors with that comment, you are right! Arrogant to the extreme!

    2. How in the world could this awful man have been elected Pope?