Monday, December 1, 2014

How the "new evangelization" recruits sisters

Watch for the shout out to Francis and the peripheries of the world at 3 minutes.  Yup, reality television is the fringe the Vatican wants to send the sisters to. 


  1. This "renewal of the nuns" started with Cardinal Suenens and his book "Nuns in the World" where he describes how to "hasten the renewal from within and without".

    Card. Suenens was the father of the charismatic renewal too.

  2. I guess they are recruiting hos for the beach ball and shower orgies at St. Peter's.... maybe there will be a bikini contest.

  3. Off-topic, have you already seen this?

    "Since the Talmud defines wisdom as learning from everyone, surely Jews should pay attention to a man who in just 19 months has become perhaps the most influential religious paragon in the world since the death of the Lubavitcher Rebbe in 1994."

    Read more: Is Pope Francis a model for our rabbeim? | David Benkof | The Blogs | The Times of Israel

  4. Maybe the show will tell us how many of these immodestly dressed women have a huge student loan debt that they want someone to pay off for them -- for about 2-3 years I have been receiving solicitations to donate money to pay off student loans so that these debt-ridden students can follow their (recently found) vocations. I always wonder how long past the loan payoff will the 'vocation' last? It's like "the great society" -- big jobs and middle class lifestyle for 'the do-gooders' (including the Catholic Church industrial-military complex) ghettos and schools that don't teach the 3Rs or build character -- but teach "responsible" sex (outside of marriage, perverted (including sado-masochism and pedophilia), and murder any offspring) and how you are entitled to everything and to get your way through violence, destruction and lies (Ferguson). Health care for everyone -- that again gives money to these mini-skirted 'caregivers' while they MURDER their patients and "harvest" their organs (get it? the patients are growing organs for Bergoglio, Daneels, Cupich, McCarrick and Kasper to feed off of). Shows about self - pretending to be about following the call of Jesus Christ.

  5. This whole Sisterhood reality show is a sham one big giant con job done for rating publicity perhaps even money. It has little to do with the true Catholic faith. This basically shows how 50 years plus of the novus ordo Vatican II false sect has corrupted the Catholic Faith.

    Deeply disturbing is a scene from that insane reality show is a young alleged postulant named Eseni 23, from the Bronx NY according to the show is shown kneeling before a novus ordo priest at the altar of God dressed in skin tight jeans a a tight top baring her shoulders, and high heels six plus inches high ultra long fingernails fire-engine red. The outfit just screams LOOK AT ME I WANT ALL YOUR ATTENTION!

    So in effect she is trying to compete with God for attention. She makes a false claim she is a "traditional" catholic and nuns came to her house. Evidently none of those novus ordo nuns taught her modesty of dress. That is just one example.

    This awful program in its opening you have heavy metal music playing, naturally it airs on Lifetime channel that is a channel for feminist activist kooks, a totally godless channel. Compare this nonsense with 1943's Song of Bernadette.

    The sad thing and what I blame more than these girls that have been misled by the novus ordo acolytes, is the freemason modernist prelates that have had 50 years to brainwash and poison a generation of Catholics. It just makes your heart ache!

    1. Thanks for updating the thread with your informative comments Heather, we appreciate you taking the time to do this.
      May God bless you, CMJ