Tuesday, December 16, 2014

how to dance the bergoglio

Tomorrow is Francis' 78th birthday and get this, in honor of it there will be public 'flash mob' tangos taking place in Rome near the Vatican!  The very same dance condemned by Pope Saint Pius X!  More on that later, after it takes place.  For now, we have an entry below taken from Michael over at PublicVigil and embellished with pictures!

bergoglio joke of the day

how to dance the bergoglio

The basic step is one step forward and two steps backward.

The weight is shifted from left to right, but always maintaining more weight on the left.

The music is usually tango, although the latest trend is to use punk rock sung by old washed up former "stars" or new covers of tired old 80s disco classics sung by new wannabee "stars" dressed as nuns.

The dance starts by one of the partners bowing his head on the chest of the other who kisses him on top of his head. This opening move is referred to as "the dialogue".

The dance is performed by two males. Traditionally one of the partners is referred to as "jorge" and the other as "bart".

In theory the lead partner is "jorge" but in practice bart and jorge are co-leaders, although this can cause some confusion for the dancers... and also the audience.

After the opening "dialogue" the rest of the dance troupe dressed in red forms a circle around the lead dancers. Their task is to try to imitate the moves of the lead dancers which can be quite difficult since the dance is so unpredictable.

If one of the members of the troupe is unable (or unwilling) to imitate the moves of the two lead dancers then they are escorted to the "maltese room". This is a separate isolated area. There is no admittance back into the dance from the maltese room.

Eventually all the dancers become exhausted and dizzy from all the hopping and contortions and spinning and fall on the floor in a pile of bodies.

.... this is when the real fun begins...

~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~

I'm getting dizzy just watching all of that spinning...

... and the contortions required to follow the lead dancer dressed in white...

... call him "jorge"... that's what he likes...

... right, "jorge"... he's a very accomplished dancer....

... yes, he learned those intricate tango moves in argentina...

... in the whore houses...

... oh no, they dance tango in the cathedral these days...

... that's good... i guess... i still can't get used to two men tangling their legs up that way...

... oh, but it's very trendy and popular...

... i know... but i am having a hard time appreciating this new fashion... it must just be me...

... no, it's not just you...


  1. Peace of the Risen Christ be with all of You.

    This article was very funny :).

    I was very amused by it.

    But this article also demonstrates very good our sad reality in our real existing/actually exisiting church :(.



  2. All I can say is this post is truly a cause of great heartache! First the blasphemous tango dance is a direct insult to God (mocking) who is to be Adored, secondly it is a slap in the face to to Pope St. Pius X, a Catholic saint to be honored and venerated and declared it to be immoral.

    About Sister and I use the term "Sister" loosely in her case, a catholic nun using a satanic salute with her hand should anger every true catholic Jesus said "Forgive them Father for they know not what they do". I wonder if that is the case with educated Sister Cristina, is it remotely plausible that she was unaware she was saluting satan with that hand gesture? I have my doubts.

    I saw the actual video (full version) of that despicable Bergoglio tango dance on the Holy Altar of God, I was nauseated and hurt. It made me think of the Book of Exodus...Exod 3:1-7 Now Moses fed the sheep of Jethro his father in law, the priest of Madian: and he drove the flock to the inner parts of the desert, and came to the mountain of God, Horeb.
    And the Lord appeared to him in a flame of fire out of the midst of a bush: and he saw that the bush was on fire and was not burnt.
    And Moses said: I will go and see this great sight, why the bush is not burnt.
    And when the Lord saw that he went forward to see, he called to him out of the midst of the bush, and said: Moses, Moses. And he answered: Here I am.
    And he said: Come not nigh hither, put off the shoes from thy feet: for the place whereon thou standest is holy ground. And he said: I am the God of thy father, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob. Moses hid his face: for he durst not look at God.
    And the Lord said to him: I have seen the affliction of my people in Egypt, and I have heard their cry because of the rigour of them that are over the works.

    The point of that passage in my opinion is that the Ground was so Holy, God so powerful Moses was not worthy to go any closer to God and removed his sandals here in this disgusting tango we have an immodestly dressed woman bared shoulder and so arrogant as to wear high heels on the Holy Altar of God where Moses had to remove his sandals. Her clothes, her dance, her shoes were all to bring attention to them rather than honor, reverence and glory to God. Sadly Bergoglio was comfortable with that.

    These so called liturgical dances are disgusting and if we had a true Pope would be banned or never have happened in the first placeGod's Blessints toYou

    1. Peace of the Risen Christ be with All of You and especially with You Heather.

      Thank You very much to bringing to my attention that the couple was dancing in front of the altar in a church.

      When I read the above article for the first time I did not get it that the couple was dancing in a church.

      Dancing Tango in front of the altar is of course blasphemous and not funny.

      The Situation in our our actually exisiting church saddens me too and causes in me great heartaches too.



  3. Dear CMJ,

    Bravo! Excellent!

    And great timing with bergoglio's birthday and the tango flash mob in his "honor".

    What a horror show, but we must keep laughing and not fall into despair... for Our Lord has revealed to us how everything will end.

    For all of your readers that have not read other episodes of the "bergoglio joke of the day" -- and that would be almost all of you according to my page statistics -- I have conveniently added a tag:


    So no excuses. Go read them now and enjoy. Comments are (sometimes) welcome. :-)

    ¡Viva Cristo Rey!


  4. Love the way the word Sacrilege has been replaced with Liturgical Abuse which is really down playing the atrocities taking place on some Altars.I don't think that term existed before Vatican 2 .

    1. Mazara - exactly - non sedevacantist traditionalists and some sedevacantists have become quite adept at using euphemisms for describing the horrors existing in the post V2 apostatical world that we all are living in. Your example here is just one. My personal favorite is calling blasphemies and heresies "novelties" - one that papers like Catholic Family News and the pharasaical "Remnant" (who thinks THEY constitute THAT bunch, apparently) are fond of using.