Sunday, December 14, 2014

Madonna Ciccone endorsed Sister Cristina...

...and more

***** WARNING ***** 




Madonna Ciccone, the ex-Roman Catholic who now is a practitioner of the Kabbalah, a magical form of Talmudic Judaism, gave her endorsement to Sister Cristina on her instagram and twitter accounts.  On 23 October 2014, Ciccone posted the two photos with the comments, "Like A Virgin?" and "Sisters for Life!" as one can see below.

Madonna also shared her belief that she wrestles with her angel of darkness on her instagram account.  This is straight out of the mind of a kabbalist!

Like Madonna Ciccone, Suor Cristina uses social media to promote herself.  Below are some entries from her instagram account.

Francis is humble, simple, and cheerful according to Cristina!

The Italian translates as "No one one in a thousand" and "Best Wishes Sister Cristina." 
Notice the birthday cake is all about Suor Cristina and her singing.

These are Sister Cristina's new covers for her cell phone, an iphone4s.  

Screenshot of Cristina's cell phone.  It's all about her!

Her dream of having Francis endorse her came true even if it was photoshopped above.

Cristina and her coach from The Voice of Italy, J-Ax,  flashing the 
hand sign for LOSER which is what they both are.

This was the only thing on her instagram account we could find which was religious.  The hashtags read #love and #Jesus.  We are assuming that thing which looks like a dart board with a bullseye is a tabernacle with the usual ugly Novus Ordo design.

Here is a link to Suor Cristina singing on the French tv show, Danse Avec Les Stars (Dancing With the Stars).  Cristina is singing her re-interpreted single, "Like A Virgin" and notice the immodestly dressed dancers and the immodest dance.   In the Novus Ordo church it isn't about saving souls nor about preserving purity of soul.  It simply comes down to cold hard cash!  You know, that worshiping of money and mammon which Francis is always complaining about as an evil of this world.   His words ring hollow as do Cristina's when their actions are contrary to them and most definitely are not Catholic.

We at Call Me Jorge... are still amazed by the people who defend Suor Cristina.  What else can you say about her?  If you don't get it by now ― don't say there isn't any evidence showing who she truly is, a self-centered, wannabe rock-n-roll star who hasn't a clue what a religious is supposed to be much less an understanding of what the Catholic Faith is.

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  1. The hard-headed dollar-oriented pop-music business will suck every bit of publicity it can out of this extremely misled naive liberal modernist nun & her hopeless deluded sisters who just fail to understand or discern the Devil in the details. The fall will be a significant one when it comes - as it most surely will.