Thursday, December 18, 2014

Monsignor John M. Oesterreicher

Does anyone have any information on H. Suzanne Jobert?

Two excerpts from the 10 July 1983, Our Sunday Visitor article,  GOD'S 'LOVING WILL' SPURS CHURCH'S 'JEWISH CONNECTION' by James C. O'Neill, underlines are ours for emphasis:

..."Nobody says anything against the Egyptian authorities for oppressing the Coptic Christians. No one protested vehemently against the forced closing of St. Joseph's College years ago in Iraq, nor against the laws in Jordan prior to 1967 which prohibited Christians from acquiring new property. If Israel did any of these things, everyone would cry bloody murder, from the authorities in Rome to Catholics all over the world... This is prejudice." (direct quote from Oesterreicher)

...In the U.S. he continued preaching and teaching, and his interest in the theological relations between Christians and Jews grew. In 1953 he was given an opportunity to found the Institute for Judeo-Christian Studies at Seton Hall. It was the first Catholic academic institution of its kind to be devoted to developing greater mutual understanding and respect of the two faiths. 
With the calling of the Second Vatican Council, Msgr. Oesterreicher and a number of Church leaders and scholars saw an opportunity sent by God to try to right some of the wrongs done to Jews over the centuries.
"Whatever I achieved at the Second Vatican Council," he said, "I did not accomplish single-handedly. I was a member of a team." Nevertheless, it was the body of his writings in The Bridge, the institute's scholarly publication, and in many international journals, and his persistent lobbying of bishops at Vatican Council II, which was to be of great influence in the final document on the Jews.
Looking back on the Vatican Council's adoption of the statement, he says: "... in the rediscovery of Judaism, that is, of its own independent worth and its significance for the Church, in the reordering of the relationship of Christians and Jews, and in their new encounter, God's spirit triumphs."
Recent popes have also contributed much to the development of dialogue and respect among Catholics and Jews, he says. he gives high marks to Pope John XXIII, who ordered that the Good Friday liturgy be purged of the term "perfidious Jews." He also gives high marks to Pope Paul VI, who presided over the council and met with leaders of Jewish communities where he traveled, and Pope John Paul II. The present pope, he said, has shown special affection for the Jews whenever he has a chance to meet and talk with them.


  1. I searched for her cam up with the following:

    I hope these help you. She seems closely affiliated with the CINO Seton Hall so called Catholic University If only the Catholic clergy/prelates were as concerned with Catholic Doctrine and Dogma as they are with kissing up to the Jews for politically correct psychobabble nonsense the Catholic Faith would be far better off
    God Bless You CMJ and the work you do

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