Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Tango & Cake

or bringing the brothel

to St. Peter's Square

Today was Francis' 78th birthday.  The expected gift of a 'flash mob' tango for him went as planned.  Nothing like jazzing up the season of Advent with the profane!  There was the usual circus surrounding Francis for this day: some seminarians baked him a cake & shared some yerba mate, a representative group of the homeless gave Francis eight sunflowers, the crowd sang Happy Birthday in several languages to him, a Spanish cooperative brought 800 kg of chicken, and the tango was danced!

Francis gives a shout out to the 'tangeros'

"I see the 'tangeros' are here. They will put on a great show and bring a wind from 
the pampas over here!" 

the profane tango


Today is not only Jorge Mario Bergoglio's birthday but it is also the first day of the ancient Roman Saturnalia celebrations. The Saturnalia tradition was continued in the riotous medieval festival known as the Feast of Fools.  The Catholic Church condemned the Feast of Fools many times until it forbade it in 1431 at the Council of Basil.  Symbolically this is an apt comparison to the revolution taking place today under Francis.  For the Feast of Fools was a carnivalesque rite of inversion,

"multiple forms of symbolic inversion, including cross-dressing, masking as animals, wafting foul-smelling incense, and electing burlesque bishops, popes, and patriarchs. The thrust of these burlesque forms was mockery of serious ritual and of the dominant social order behind it."

What is Francis doing to all the teachings of the Catholic Church if he is not inverting and perverting them?


Who is right and who is wrong about the tango?   Is it Francis or Pope Saint Pius X?

On behalf of Pope St. Pius X, the Vicar General of Rome Card. Basilio Pompili issued a Pastoral Letter in 1914 denouncing the tango as highly damaging to the soul. The Cardinal stated:

"The tango, which has already been condemned by illustrious Bishops and is prohibited even in Protestant countries, must be absolutely prohibited in the see of the Roman Pontiff, the centre of the Catholic religion." He urged the clergy to courageously raise their voices "to defend the sanctity of Christian customs against the threatening danger and overwhelming immorality of the new paganism." He also warned parents that if they do not protect their children from such corruption, they will be guilty before God of failing in their most sacred duties.  The New York Times, January 16, 1914

Happy 78th Birthday!

Recall, just the other day Francis said he wished Catholics would slip and fall on a banana peel because this would lead them to sin which would bring them back to God, not a Catholic idea is it?  Today, we have Francis at his general audience encouraging people to sin all the while smiling, laughing, and humbly sitting in a simple chair.  When one is out among the peripheries (which  Francis is always droning on and on about) without even a basic grasp of what Catholicism is, then the sinful values of the peripheries become your values.  Nothing sums this up like Francis and his love for the tango!  Is it any wonder the Novus Ordo has declining attendance and membership  with representatives like Suor Cristina and Francis?   If you are not on board with Francis and his revolution, you must be a traditionalist stick in the mud or as Francis would say, "Pharisee!"

Tango Mass with Cardinal Bergoglio

the tango begins at 26 minutes 38 seconds


  1. President Obama gave him a present also! Hard to believe the fairy muslim communist mafia controls the white house and the Vatican! Apparently anyone who murders Christians (Catholics) is a friend of Obama and a friend of VCII Team Bergoglio! Death to all foul stinking fairysees who luv money and the press headlines and the best seats in the synagogues!

    1. It was in the news today that Berg has been assisting OB in overturning the US' long standing boycott of normal relations with Cuba. Of course, Jp2 has preceded him in this - Jp2 who went and offered gifts to the phoney "Marian" goddess Ochun, who the novus ordo then quickly attempted to do damage control and say he was somehow going along with Castro in honoring the Blessed Virgin, since Ochun was apparently one of Fidel's favorite pagan goddesses to honor - these Communists really never seem to be without the occult in their background, whether they are members of the masonic lodge or devotees of Madame Blavatsky, etc.

      notice Wikipedia says that this character has been SYNCRETIZED with Our Lady of Charity, which was apparently a valid Marian devotion popular to the Cuban people - but, as with everything in the post V2 world, what was Catholic is now linked or intermingled with what was Satanic - in this case mingling a Santeria character with the Blessed Virgin. I saw a film on netflix several years ago about an Aussie couple going to India to adopt from Mother Theresa's orphanage and they were equating Ganesh and some of the Hindi gods and goddesses with the Madonna and Child. Enough to make one reach for the airbag.