Friday, December 19, 2014

the "new evangelization" in Brazil

...with Padre Elvis

All shook up!


  1. Hi CMJ,

    FYI. I've posted a new "bergoglio joke of the day":

    "The weather prediction for the Church for the year 2015 according to bergoglio's almanac..."


    Yours in Christ,

  2. There is no crucifix in this 'church' - only a blank, protestant cross with the apparent 'resurrection' cloak/cloths behind it. This so-called "priest" is making up for the lack of the true Mass and the true Real Presence, thanks to Paul 666 and his Bugninian Lutheran liturgy, by singing poorly and bouncing around what used to be the altar, I presume, like a Holy Roller. Sounding brass and tinkling cymbal? The cult of personality attempting to make up for the vacuum left by the eternal sacrifice having gone out, the holy sacrifice ceasing. And the poor clueless worshippers have no idea that they have been robbed, but applaud the spiritual robbers who have robbed them of their Catholic birthright.

  3. It's boggles the mind that the 'assembly' just goes along with this garbage!