Friday, January 16, 2015

Fr. Joaquín Sáenz y Arriaga on L'abbé Roca's writings

The New Montinian Church 
by the Rev. Joaquin Sáenz y Arriaga, Ph.D. 
translated by Edgar A. Lucidi, M.D.

Fr. Joaquín Sáenz y Arriaga, was one of the authors who wrote under the pseudonym Maurice Pinay for the book, The Plot Against the Church, he also wrote another book, The New Montinian Church. In this work he quotes several of L'abbé Roca's texts which pertain to the post-Vatican II church.  Below are scans of the text mentioning Roca on pages 398 and 399.

The excommunicated L'abbé Roca (aka Canon Roca,  Paul Roca) wrote several books over his life.  All his works were placed on the Index Librorum Prohibitorum.  Some of his heretical works are listed below.

  • Le Christ, le pape et la démocratie Paris: Garnier frères, 1884 (2 edicions)
  • La crise fatale et le salut de l'Europe: étude critique sur les missions de M. de Saint-Yves Paris: Garnier frères, 1885 (5 edicions; 4a. ed., 1885)
  • La Fin de l'ancien monde, les nouveaux cieux et la nouvelle terre Paris: J. Lévy, 1886
  • Glorieux centenaire, 1889. Monde nouveau, nouveaux cieux, nouvelle terre, par l'auteur de "la Fin de l'ancien monde" Paris: A. Ghio, 1889
  • L'abbé Gabriel et Henriette sa fiancée, novel·la rosa que aparegué per capítols a L'Anti-clérical (1890-1891)


  1. Forewarned is forearmed .

  2. I am of the understanding that The Plot Against the Church was a group effort. Am I wrong?

    1. Mark, we believe you are correct and have amended the text accordingly. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

  3. can we find the american edition of his first book ? what publishing company.
    maybe there is a copy in a university somewhere ?

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