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Francis and the rabbits!

- Francis in 7 December 2014 interview -

John Vennari of Catholic Family News on rabbitgate

CFN Media 1 - Catholics Need not Breed Like Rabbits


  1. Vennari deals in kvetching and limited hangouts.

    Francis is indeed a protege of Martini, but because Vennari withholds the fact that Martini was an agent of the rabbis, his listeners gain no real understanding of the situation, no way of tracing the trajectory of 'modernism.'

    It was Martini who called for the synod on Scripture which featured Rabbi Yashuv Cohen as teacher on scriptural exegesis. Martini said that the point of the synod was for Christians to learn to interpret Scripture from modern rabbinic tradition and teaching. He called the rabbis "our superiors." He was among the most fanatical Holocaustians and spent his later life studying with the rabbis in Counterfeit Israel.

    To kvetch about Martini and Francis while withholding this foundational information is no service to listeners. It brings no real understanding.

  2. Hi CMJ,

    What bergoglio is doing with the example of the women that has given birth 8 times via cesarean section is employing his favorite jesuit trick of using "situational ethics" -- also referred to as "jesuitism". I have written about this previously. See article here:

    What I have come to realize is that by selectively highlighting certain extreme situations... you can "morally justify" anything -- right up to and including murder, genocide... or say the destruction of the Catholic Church.

    Notice bergoglio doesn't choose as his example a perfectly healthy woman with 8 children, but a rather extreme example of a woman who is giving birth by cesarean section -- not that it should matter that much in this particular case. But the implication is that she is causing harm to herself.

    The Church has never accepted and in fact has condemned this type of "new morality" based on situational ethics.

    The one situation that bergoglio never mentions is the one that occurs when the soul goes before God for final judgement -- but this is in fact the ONLYsituation the Church cares about and everything else flows from this... the salvation of souls is the Supreme Law of the Church... everything else is subsidiary.

    And of course bergoglio introduces this example to justify "family planning" aka Planned Parenthood... Margaret Sanger is applauding as she burns in Hell.

    May God have mercy on us all,

    1. This "situational ethics" or "inductive case study" is called "see, judge, act". It was invented in Harvard and is a tool in liberation theology.

      "The Methodology of the Aparecida Document: See – Judge – Act
      Posted on 24 November 2013 by John Donaghy
      The methodology used in the Aparecida document has its roots in Belgium, where Father (later Cardinal) Joseph Cardijn of Belgium founded the Young Trade Unionists in 1919 (which became the Young Christian Workers in 1924).

      The methodology which he used – sometimes called “the review of life method” – was very simple: see/observe, judge, act.

      This inductive approach starts from the insight that God works with people in their lives. Thus it is very important to begin by observing the reality of the world. around us.

      This methodology pervaded much of Catholic Social Action in the mid-twentieth century and was taken up by the Christian Family Movement.

      Official papal recognition came in 1961, when Pope John XIII, in Mater et Magistra, ¶236, affirmed the importance of the method:

      There are three stages which should normally be followed in the reduction of social principles into practice. First, one reviews the concrete situation; secondly, one forms a judgment on it in the light of these same principles; thirdly, one decides what in the circumstances can and should be done to implement these principles. These are the three stages that are usually expressed in the three terms: observe, judge, act.

      Though the method is not specifically mentioned in Vatican II’s Gaudium et Spes, the Council Fathers noted, in paragraph 4, “the duty of scrutinizing the signs of the times and of interpreting them in the light of the Gospel,” in order to respond to the challenge of the modern world.

      The Latin American Bishops’ meetings at Medellin and Puebla used this methodology, but the 1992 meeting in Santo Domingo took a more deductive approach, starting from doctrine and then applying it to the reality of the world.

      “I think we’re learning to use the Harvard case study method in reflecting theologically on the lives of people,” continued the archbishop, who also heads the archdiocese of Gatineau in Quebec. “And we’re only, in a sense, starting to learn how to do this as church leaders,” he said. “And this is going to take time for us, to learn to do this and together to come — as we reflect on this — to find what is the way that God is showing.”

      “His reflections may suggest a change in how bishops develop theological thought, which in the past has typically followed deductive methods of authors such as Aristotle and St. Thomas Aquinas over inductive methods used in systems like pastoral, or even liberation, theology.”

    2. Making the Case
      Professional education for the world of practice

  3. … jesuit trick of using "situational ethics" -- also referred to as "jesuitism"


    It was pharisaism millennia before the Jesuit order was founded. The Jesuits merely baptized it.

    The most calamitous example of situation ethics in history is 'preventing another Holocaust.'

  4. Dear CMJ
    This has come about because of several decades of Vatican II brainwashing and for lack of a better expression of an ethnic cleansing of Catholic doctrine and dogma, demoting its status, no longer being of primacy while elevating conscience to the status of primacy. This has long been one of the core issues (though there are several) or goals that Vatican II acolytes / freemasons was to indoctrinate into the Catholic Magisterium, in other words they want to make it the authentic teaching of the Catholic faith. That is to say for example your conscience dictates what is right or wrong sinful or not sinful. If you steal but you find a way to rationalize the theft then it is simply not a sin, it no longer matters what the 8th commandment says on stealing.

    That is how dangerous this is and it is the road Bergoglio is traveling on. Why Vennari is shocked by this lately is mystifying since this has started in the early days of Vatican II. When has Vennari heard any novus ordo acolyte priest in a novus ordo mass in his homilies lecture on the evils od birth control contraception and abortion? They refuse to touch the subject with a ten foot pole. All they do is preach these hippie-like peace love kumbyah can we all just get along homilies, they refuse to preach on the realities of hell. They have TOTALLY distorted what judgment means and have deliberately taken Jesus' words out of context. If a catholic wants the truth on judgment they need to have a George Leo Haydock 1859 edition w/ commentary (of course for the novus ordo acolytes its the American Standard bible) they will need several other catholic theological books all printed well before the hijacking of the true catholic faith from the late 50's to early 60's (Vatican II).

    Vennari is mostly correct in his video although he gives Bergoglio far too much latitude and benefit of the doubt. It is Bergoglio's desire to scandalize the catholic faithful. Bergoglio already has blasphemed the Holy Ghost (millstone, drowning) by his misleading of the Catholic faithful with his "off the cuff remarks" we make call it that and trivialize it but for God it is a serious matter.

    Obviously Bergoglio is not familiar or chooses to ignore Genesis 1: 28, he debases people by comparing them to animals by doing that he is also indirectly mocking God because one of the ways God separated man from the animals is that we have a soul, in essence Francis compares families as Vennari says make big sacrifices to be generous with God’s holy gifts to soulless creatures, I find that remark by Bergoglio extremely disgusting! His stinging rebuke of the woman is pure heresy and contrary to catholic doctrine where Vennari quotes Bergoglio “God gives you methods to be responsible” what does that mean? Contraception….birth control? That can easily be taken out of context and Bergoglio knows this yet said it anyway. Now skip ahead to Bergoglio’s offensive book “On Heaven and Earth”. For me it is offensives in multiple ways, first it was co-written with a Jewish Rabbi, falsely marketed as a “Catholic Book” which is false, it has much in the way of Jewish elements and there is much heretical in the book. Second look at the book it is copyrighted in 2010 and notice the name on the bottom his name is printed as “Jorge Mario Bergoglio” with the title “Cardinal” omitted.
    Getting slightly off topic, if people want to know where Bergoglio will lead them, in his recent visit to the Philippines there are authentic pictures NOT photo-shopped of Bergoglio giving the evil horn sign with his hand along with Archbishop Luis Antonio Tagle. The same sign satanic rock singers use. I care less what it means in Philippines it is evil and mocks God and Bergoglio knows this but chose to display it anyway. Right now I cannot follow what Bergoglio teaches, The Council of Trent and the 1917 Pio-Benedictine Code of Canon Law is what I follow and am obedient to, not Bergoglio

  5. It's funny how this is being spun by these critics who still want to walk side by side w/Satan: those who act in accordance w/Church teaching prior to Vatican II on married life are making "a big sacrifice in order to be generous with God's gift of life"(4:25) and shouldn't be criticized for their generosity! On the other hand, the 97% who are using artificial birth control should not be criticized either because they are being "responsible" with God's gift of life. Or like Rorate just act like church teaching changes like the weather. It's a win-win for all! Pass around the crackers and kook aid!

    1. You people that do hit and run posts as anonymous really irk me! There is nothing responsible with birth control it is a sin and contrary to Catholic Doctrine and Dogma. You post secular non catholic websites that mean jack diddly squat. this is a Catholic Side we do not adhere to Reuters or Wordpress for our faith

    2. Perhaps you should read this article, heather:

      Perhaps you should also face up to facts which Rorate is pretending not to understand. Pope Francis has said repeatedly he is going to continue the revolution of Paul 6. It was Paul 6 who set up pastoral practice that differed from dogma/doctrine at least w/regard to birth control (and perhaps also w/regard to fornication).

      Did your mom use birth control? Do your sisters and brothers use birth control? What about your cousins? What about your friends? I know personally someone who went to confession in Lourdes in 1968 and was told if she thought birth control was okay in her conscience then it wasn't a sin (in my view this is why so many Catholics no longer go to confession -- if it's up to your conscience to determine, what is the purpose of the confessor? VCII set out not only to destroy the mass (which it did), but also the priesthood which meant confession had to be destroyed also).

      The one thing no-one wants to say is that faggot Paul 6 also set up faggot marriage in Humanae Vitae by reversing the ends of marriage and putting the unitive before procreative.

      "Just three months before his death, Pope Paul VI permitted Cardinal Luciani (the infamous murdered 30 day JP1) to address the Vatican cardinals on the possibility that the Church might encourage homosexuals to enter into long term loving relationships as they represented the only population group that was large enough and willing to provide economic and emotional support to millions of children who otherwise would be aborted by women too young or too poor to support them. Luciani argued that the Church's traditional position exiled homosexuals from society, forcing many of them into lives of loneliness and despair. He argued the Church's position was one of prejudice, as medical science had proved that sexual orientation cannot be changed and the Bible's condemnation of homosexual acts was scant compared to its vast condemnation of heterosexual acts.

      At the conclusion of the session, Luciani had been unable to convince no more than a handful of his audience that the matter should even so much as be discussed. He thanked Paul for having given him the opportunity. He then turned to the Vatican cardinals and told them, "The day is not far off when we will have to answer to these people who through the years have been humiliated, whose rights have been ignored, whose human dignity has been offended, their identity denied and their liberty oppressed. What is more, we will have to answer to the God who created them. "

      Bergoglio and his team of faggots are now implementing Paul 6 & JP1's faggot marriage plot.

      This can be a Catholic site w/out putting it's head in the sand. This is a video from late 80s early 90s w/same statistic on Catholics using birth control:

    3. Thank you for your reply
      First as for my mom she never used any contraceptives or birth control and all my immediate family are devout Catholics. I am a college graduate with two degrees one of which is in Catholic Divinity w/ specializing w/ Catechetics Certificate in Council of Trent to Vatican II. I am fully aware of all you posted and beyond, but than you.

      With all due respect I can assure you that my "head is not in the sand" I know that Giovanni Battista Enrico Antonio Maria Montini whom you call Pope Paul VI was a closet sodomite himself committed numerous heresies including destruction of the True Catholic Mass, instituted his own version of a more "protestantized mass (novus ordo) and a commission of 12 members for this false mass and 6 of which were non catholic protestants. Paul VI solemnly ratified all 16 documents of Vatican II. It is not possible for a true pope of the Catholic Church to solemnly ratify teachings that are heretical hence he is not "true pope" Paul VI Rite of Episcopal Consecration is Invalid due to Defect of Form hence invalid. In the Apocalypse, chapters 17 and 18, there is predicted that a whore will arise in the last days from the city of seven hills, which is Rome. This whore will tread upon the blood of the martyrs and saints. This whore is clearly contrasted with the immaculate bride of Christ, the Catholic Church. In other words, the whore of Babylon will be a false church from Rome that will appear in the last days. In her appearance at La Salette, France, Sept. 19, 1846, Our Ever Virgin Blessed Holy Immaculate Mother Mary predicted: “Rome will lose the Faith and become the seat of the Anti-Christ… the Church will be in eclipse.” that is what we have now A Catholic Church in eclipse since approx.. 1958. Also the prophecy of Daniel and Saint Francis of Assisi. Vatican II was based in the freemason ideologies of heretics Karl Rahner Henri de Lubac, Hans Urs von Balthasar, and Yves Congar pushing what was called then Nouvelle Théologie, ( fr. new theology) which was condemned as heretical in the encyclical Humani Generis by Pope Pius XII

      A Further note on Giovanni Battista (apostate Pope Paul VI, he never worked as a parish priest he received a dispensation to live at home another from wearing a cassock. I am aware of Bella Dodd her appearance before congress warning of communist infiltration in the Vatican/priesthood to destroy the catholic faith from within. I am aware of the Vatican repression of the Letters of Fatima, the false Sister Lucia (seer of Fatima) all that is just the tip of the iceberg I am aware of Cardinal Siri and the Papal conclave etc. I am aware of far more then you realize.

      To address you passage on birth control and conscience and confession in Lourdes I already know that!

      Obviously you have not read my posts here or on my websites. One of the core ideologies of the false council of Vatican II (though there are several) is to take the primacy of Doctrine and dogma and to devaluate or demote it and emancipate to primacy "conscience" If you can rationalize and justify an immorality or immoral behavior it is not a sin. Lets say in your conscience you steal something, your mind starts to justify reasons for the theft then its no longer a sin, the 8th commandment no longer applies. Vatican II has been using novus ordo acolyte priests to promote this for decades. Have you ever truly studied Summa Theologica Saint Thomas?

      According to the great theologian, St. Thomas Aquinas, true obedience is a balance between twin errors of defect
      and excess, which are disobedience and false obedience (IIaIIae, Q104,5 ad 3). Today this second error is common among Catholics who, when they follow orders to depart from Tradition, think they are being obedient. Unfortunately that's what is now going on in the Catholic Faith I can assure you I am aware of the problems in my Catholic Religion and am speaking out boldly as is my Catholic duty and responsibility

    4. Thank you both to anonymous AND to Heather for your contributions here. I might add, Heather, that not only are you spot on about the fact that most "Catholics" claiming to be obedient are guilty of the False obedience Aquinas was referring to, but are guilty of both - they are disobeying the true popes and Fathers (martyrs, councils, etc etc), especially the direct command of the true Pope who was the uncle, I believe, of St. Robert Bellarmine, Paul IV (interestingly, whose number is the opposite of Paul VI) and his bull Cum Ex Apostolatus. Bellarmine also wrote in Chapter 30 of De Romano Pontifice that non Catholics cannot be pope, as one cannot be head of what one is not a member of. This is easy enough for a child to figure out, but apparently erudite, scholarly men like Vennari, Sungenis and others like them can't see the forest for the trees, and act like sedevacantists are far worse than the total takeover of masonry and judaism and satanism under these modernist usurpers (which presupposes that these men had Catholicism to begin with to even call them modernist heretics, and I personally am hard pressed to say that any of them ever were Catholics to begin with). Such hegelian blending of disobedience to the true Church and it's true popes and engaging in false obedience to these antipopes is really the thesis/antithesis/synthesis program, and isn't the devil just sitting back and enjoying the show God is allowing him to put on since "power was given to him to make war against the saints and to overcome them"?

  6. Francis' brother rabbis encourage the hasidim to have as many children as possible. They average 8 children per family. Francis makes no sarcastic, shaming JUDGEMENTAL comments about the hasidim.

    1. Thank you for your comments. Your knowledge of the background and contacts of these people setting themselves up as authentic Catholics never ceases to amaze me and personally I am very grateful for all the work you do.

    2. yes, my protestant relative gave my husband and I a magazine subscription to a Jewish publication (she follows some of the ministers like David Jeremiah who promote Hagee-type 'theology' as I understand it) and there were numerous ads in this magazine, which our subscription was probably at least 10 years ago, that called for Jews to have large families and which was chronically lamenting how many of them abort their children.

  7. Bet if that woman expecting her 8th child via caesarian section, he spoke about on the plane, was Jewish, we'd have had a sermon on dry martyrdom in the 21st Century.
    Keep up the good work MP & CMJ!

  8. Francis certainly enjoys the company of Talmudic Rabbits.

    In fact, he rejoices in his "fraternity" with all religions among which muslims who like large families but, of course, he saves his Talmudic-communist barbs for Roman Catholicism. He is a particularly venomous tongued category of critic.

    Another foot snare he set for himself was to criticise those who poke fun at religion, forgetting easily his nasty jokes at Christ's expense with his Talmudic Zionist Rabbis who he entertains frequently enough.

    The humbug is infinitesimal.