Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Francis attempts to clarify his words on free speech

One can take the bouncer out of the tango bar but not the tango bar out of the bouncer!



  1. Off topic comment, but I'm thinking sede's and other positions need to figure out the correct response to Vatican 2 and spend more time on that rather than on bashing the novus ordo. The novus ordo should just be avoided imo and forgotten about. The problems Vatican 2 created were: 1) introduction of the specific heresies of Vatican 2 documents and 2) prevention of the election of a true pope.

    I think virtually all trads have solved #1; it's #2 where there is disagreement. There are only so many proposed solutions to sede vacante and the simplest is to hold a conclave. The longest vacancy prior to the one that started in 1958 was 2.5 years. If the See were still vacant (I don't think it is), I would have been a sede as long as that vacancy and the current vacancy would be something like 20x as long.

    "Peter shall have perpetual successors"

    I say this because I want everyone united under one true pope and because serious problems have arisen in absence of a pope (sggscandal.com resurfaced showing the scandal of SGG in 2009).

    People also come up with obstacles and objections to us having a true pope, but also "with God all things are possible". I pray these terrible divisions are quickly ended, and I know you have the same desire for true unity. So I really hope more can focus on achieving this goal!

  2. I disagree with Mr. Anonymous;
    First, novus ordo acolytes are not people of humility and reverence, that cannot be reasoned with when you point out doctrinal and dogmatic points to them. Sure they can be charming but there lurks the stench of evil behind that charm. There is also powerful air of arrogance that envelopes them. I know this for a fact because I have dealt with them on a personal basis. I have had numerous discussions with apostate Dolan of NY. They have this insufferable arrogance that they are better educated than you more intellectual then you and how dare you debate them on issues of doctrine and dogma. But I do dare and will continue to dare no matter the hostility I receive. Why, because God is worth it, because God says I will be blessed (Beatitudes) and I believe him!

    I will not back down I will continue to "bash" the novus ordo and its acolytes.

    Now to your post on "Francis clarifying his speech" We should not insult another faith? Ha! Look that wreaks of ecumenism, its pure garbage. What is Bergoglio, a social worker or a pope? I will state for the record what the pope refuses to THERE IS NO SALVATION OUTSIDE THE CATHOLIC CHURCH, I will declare other religions as false, if the novus ordo acolytes want to take that as an insult fine, I serve God NOT man nor the popularity or political correctness or sensitivities of man. I will spek out against muslim/islam worshippers of a false god, Jews that deny Our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ and other Christian denominations that were predicated under the heretic called Martin Luther and branched off to sub-denominations. My Catholic Faith / Religion is the one true religion predicated and founded upon the Ministry of Our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ exactly as he instituted it to His Apostles with an unbroken line of popes and I will defend it and defend it vigorously not just from outside religions and forces but from the modernist freemason forces from within the Vatican itself.

    I have taken Saint Pope Pius X's oath against modernism and I will uphold it with passion and zeal It is time for Catholics of good faith to act more like John the Baptist then politically correct wimps. Imagine that using the term "brood of vipers" to the Pharisees and Sadducees

    CMJ continue to do what you do fear not and do not despair speak out boldly and serve GOD not man
    May God truly Bless you and the work you do