Friday, January 9, 2015

Francis contra Pius XI

Two translations follow of Francis' comments on fear and love.
from Rome Reports
"When love is perfect, there's no fear. In love there’s no fear, because being afraid means expecting to be punished. People who are afraid can't love perfectly and are not free, either. They fear something painful or sad will occur and will ruin their lives or endanger their salvation. They have all those fears, only because they don't love. A person who can't love is not free.”


"A love that’s perfect banishes fear: in love there’s no fear, because fear is expecting a punishment and a person who's afraid doesn’t have a perfect love. He or she is not free. They are constantly afraid that something painful or sad will occur, that will cause their life to go badly or will endanger their eternal salvation... What an (over-active) imagination, because he or she can’t love. A person who isn't capable of loving is not free."


"And how can there be talk of guarantees of conscience when all faith in God and all fear of God have vanished? Take away this basis, and with it all moral law falls, and there is no remedy left to stop the gradual but inevitable destruction of peoples, families, the State, civilization itself."


  1. And a person who suffers from logorhea is a permanent menace to the public.

    What does the Holy Ghost say about Fear of Almighty God? Some respect and reverence is essential otherwise we end up with the invalid protestant NO vernacular rite of liturgical chaos that feeds the minds of people such as liberal modernists and liberation theologists. They can't shut up. They have this perpetual urge to talk, talk, talk until nothing but incessant banality comes from their mouths.

  2. "You won't be free until you love"
    Isn't that the motto of his pedo and homo priests?