Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Francis & the Novus Ordo circus!

the hermeneutic of continuity in action...

Benedict XVI

the hermeneutic of continuity in action...

Saint John Paul II


  1. This is a poignantly apt posting. As I stated elsewhere some years ago when the deviant liberal modernist Benedict XVI was beguiling neo-cons he is a traditionalist, one post-conciliar pope after another has created an eventual continuity conjured into a pseudo-dogma by Ratzingerian evil-genius. Remember Pope St Pius X warned us his like are enemies of the church.

    While the destroyer Paul VI opened the sanctuary gates to the smoke of Satan as well as auto-demolition, his chief admirer succeeded him facilitating the intended liturgical inculturation destined not only to wreck the liturgy with its concomitant unity but also devised to permit a wholesale reinvention of a new faith based on ecumenism, interconfessionalism and multi-faith globalism: do we detect Teillhardian pantheism so beloved by the same pope?

    One papal incumbent after another exploited the conciliar super-dogmas of primacy of conscience, collegiality, protestant liturgy, religious liberty and universal salvation to produce a new ecclesiastical paradigm. This is the liberal modernist church of the 21st century which has replaced entirely the Roman Catholic Church which the court jester Francis is determined now to consign to the past for ever.

    When a well-educated Roman Catholic studies the Vatican II complex he can discern immediately that such a fabrication has nothing Roman Catholic about it. The pre-conciliar church has been totally subverted. Ratzinger's hermeneutic of continuity is an illusion based on nonsense. It is the same for his liturgical scheming which was based on the premise that he could hoodwink traditionalists into believing they were going to find a safe haven for the Latin Mass of All Times but it was merely that - a strategy. If we look at its consequences it took over 100 SSPX priests away from the Society and the Institute of the Good Shepherd, among others, are left in an unending no-man's-land subject to a false communion with Rome.

    Little wonder JPII, the anthropological phenomenologist, like his idolising successor, fell asleep during the invalid papal liturgies devoid of Real Presence, replete with illicit praxis. Everything has been mobilised toward the ecumenical and interconfessional goal accompanied with the approval of the Talmudic Zionist Rabbinate whose bed this pope sleeps in all too willingly and frequently, as did JPII.

    In fact, it is in this respect the continuity can be analysed as the post-conciliar era has forged a historical link with the Pharisaical enemies of Our Blessed Lord.
    This is a hermeneutic of continuity with the heretical and sectarian movements of the early church coupled with the religion that has lost its covenant with Almighty God because it committed the very same errors the last six popes have also submitted to. They have apostasised the faith; turned the Temple into a desolate place; the sanctuary has been converted into a public thoroughfare of abominations and its presbyterate has lost its sacred functions for those of a horizontalised feministic entertainer.

    Now, in the dubious hands of the post-modernist media machine, as JPII cultivated it, over to the acrobats, the trapeze artists and, of course, the court jester.

  2. I think that this is part of deliberate policy to diminish and demean everything that is sacred and holy about the Catholic faith to make it seem ridiculous in the eyes of the world and to make Catholics feel ashamed of their faith.
    These old men remember what the Catholic Church was like before Vatican II, and no full well the blasphemy they are committing.
    I cannot understand why they, and all the cardinals, bishops and priests catequised before Vatican II, are not quaking in their boots. Perhaps they are all material atheists and do not believe in life after death, or perhaps they believe that nobody goes to Hell.
    I cannot understand the motivation of these men to become priests to destroy the Church. Their hatred for God is unfathomable.

    1. Indeed not all.....the blind lead the blind into the saith The Lord. These are blind men who have lost the faith...if many of them ever had it. Intermixed are men of bad faith and evil intention who take advantage of these useful and stupid-minded liberal modernists. The final result is a new pseudo-church overcome by a bread and circus psychology which has infected secular society in parallel.

  3. But these old men were ordained in a time when studying to be a priest was rigorous with lessons in philosophy, theology, and Latin etc. They were taught how to celebrate the Latin Mass, its meaning and significance. If their vocation was a true one, how could they ever have accepted this awful garbage as a substitute ?

    1. Not necessarily so: liberal modernist ideas were already circulating the seminaries and religious houses, otherwise Pope St Pius X would not have made such emphatic admonishments about this disorientated philosophy set.

      The liturgy was also suffering priestly attitudinal problems, frequently being said with an indifferent spirit, rushed, mumbled and taken for granted. Coupled with this was the incipient so-called Liturgical Reform movement surprisingly launched by Pope Pius XII which was overtaken by Bugnini and his sympathisers, including that reprobate radical liberal modernist cardinal of Milan, Montini, later to become Pope Paul VI and evantually to become the modern church's most significant politico-conciliar "saint".

      Indifference, presumption and negligence were at the root of this, permitting the evil minds of infiltrators and their useful utopian allies the shallow liberal modernists and oblivious orthodox Catholics who made too many assumptions about the nature of the eternal church on Earth.

  4. But for the faithful in those pre-internet days, the changes were a bewildering and disconcerting surprise and led to the loss of credibilty of the Church and many people lost ther faith as a result of these changes.They were accepted by the rest of the faithful because we had been taught to have compete obedience and faith in the Pope, Bishops and priests.
    I actually remember one of my Communion classes when I was about six years old, my teacher, Miss Veal, explained with so much reverence and awe that the host was the real Body and Blood of Jesus Christ and that not one crumb was allowed to fall on the ground . The impression she made on my childish mind is indelible. Can you imagine the confusion I felt when they introduced Communion in the hand?
    I remember how proud I felt when we were taught that because the Mass was in Latin, Catholics could attend the Mass anywhere in the world; and then they introduced the Mass in the vernacular.
    I remember the class when I was taught the doctrine of Extra Ecclesium Nulla Salus and we kids looked at each other as we absorbed the implications of this doctrine and thought to ourselves ' Why should we be so lucky?".
    But believe it or not,I hadn't realised that the Church had abandoned this doctrine until my adult daughter who had been receiving catechism classes in a Resistance monastery told me that sometimes she wished she weren't a Catholic like her friends and colleagues because they can commit all the sins they want but because of their "invincible ignorance" they will be saved anyway while she as a Catholic will go to hell. I almost fainted with shock.
    Dom Lefebvre , the FSSPX, the CMRI, the SSPV all teach salvation by baptism of desire and invincible ignorance. Dom Lefebvre taught that Muslims and Buddhists could be saved through the Church by the "desire to do God's will" A teaching that not only denies the dogmas of the faith but the first commandment.
    These so_called traditional sects teach that a Catholic will go to hell if he commits a mortal sin but that people in a state of original sin can go to heaven.Therefore, for these sects, a state of mortal sin is much more serious than the state of original sin. But a mortal sin can be forgiven by a priest in the sacrament of confession; man's original sin could only be rectified by the willing and humble sacrifice of the Incarnation, Crucifixion, and resurrection of Our Jesus Christ. If, as these "traditional" sects teach, orginal sin is not so serious, then the unique distinction of Our Lady's Immaculate Conception becomes meanigless.
    I know that I am repetitive. I am a simple pre_Vatican II Catholic without any training in philosphy or theology, but I was blessed to be catequised before Vatican II and with the Grace of God I will defend my catechsm until the day I die.