Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Menachem Ben-Sasson promoting the Noahide religion of Holocaustianity at the Vatican

Menachem Ben-Sasson of the famed Sassoon family was at the Vatican yesterday under the auspices of representing the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  Meachem, is the current president of Hebrew University, and a former member of Israel's Knesset where he represented the Kadima Party, an offshoot of the Likud Party.  While in the Knesset, he served as the chairman of the Constitution, Law, and Justice Committee, chairman of the Parliamentary Inquiry Committee on Wiretapping, and also chaired the Lobby for Higher Education.  As a university professor he received his PhD in the History of the Jewish People in the Islamic Lands.  His three major works are Jews in the Era of Transition - the Traditional World; the Jews of Sicily; The Rise of the Local Jewish Community in Muslim Lands.  In addition, he specializes in research on the topic of Mosheh ben Maimon (aka Maimonides, RaMBaM) and the impact he has had on Jewry in Eastern Europe.   Many of these studies were sponsored with grants from the Rothschild family.  Menachem has also served as a board member of Yad Vashem.  Just to keep to the theme of family, Felix Warburg (yes, a Sassoon relative), founder of America's Federal Reserve System, also founded the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.  So here, we have a member of the Sassoon family meeting with Francis to discuss anti-semitism.

"Your Holiness, you made statements against anti-semitism and it's a day to say that one of the ways to fight anti-semitism is through science. We represent scientific work. In this university, delegation, has people coming from all over the world, from Brazil to all countries of Europe.”

What a crazy world we live in!  Using science to fight anti-semitism which has its origins in despicable behavior!  The Sassoon family for those who don't know earned their fortune through opium dealing, slave trading and cotton.  If you don't think that's great, you must be an anti-semite!  They put their ill-gotten gains into legitimate businesses which they soon dominated as well.  One of the ways the Sassoons accomplished this was by putting their illegitimate and legitimite competitors out of business through usury, by lending them money through shell companies.  When times temporarily got lean for the Sassoons their relatives the Rothschilds were always there to bail them out and call in loans of their competitors.

The Sassoons are philanthropists as long as it continues to benefit their tribe, having built hospitals, synagogues, schools, museums, libraries, convalescent homes, Masonic Lodges, and even helped create the nation of Israel.  Speaking of hospitals and drugs, the Sassoons had opium pushed in hospitals as a cure for leprosy!  Today, Hebrew University is a leading educational institution researching the use of illegal narcotics for use in health care.  The Sassoons are also proponents of the kaballah and responsible for its wide spread throughout Europe and the rest of the world.  David Sassoon had at one time the largest private library of Judaica known.  Famous historian Gerhard Scholem (aka Gershom Scholem) used this library as the basis for his writings on kabbalah, magic, and mysticism.

We can hear the cries, "but Menachem Ben-Sasson can't help what his relatives and ancestors did!"  As we have tried to demonstrate above the Sassoons believe in keeping it in the family.  What better way than having your own in-house historian of your own blood gloss over all the evils perpetrated by your family?  And what line is he selling today?  Of course, maybe Menachem Ben-Sasson was just meeting Francis because he had heard the Sistine Chapel was available for rent and he wanted to throw a celebration party there.  Wonder who would supply the opium?

What did Francis tweet the day after he met the delegation from Hebrew University?  Like a good student he regurgitated the company line.

Francis is doing his part in helping Our Lord's Crucifixion become a footnote in the history books.

For an introduction on the Sassoon family we suggest the two excellent revisionist volumes below by Mary Kienholz.

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***** NOTE ADDED 29 January 2015 *****

After being contacted by several people who wish to remain anonymous we at Call Me Jorge... decided to add this note.  We became aware of Menachem Ben-Sasson during Francis' May 2014 visit to Israel. At that time we researched his family tree all the way to 1850 which is as far back as we could find. In the 1900's the Derechinsky family changed their last name to Ben-Sasson. Due to our studies of genealogy and finding families changing their last names often to a more prominent relative's surname from the past in order to help themselves in the present and our extensive study of the Sassoon family, all the pieces seemed to fit. If Ben-Sasson is not of the Sassoon family then his father changed the family's surname into one of a slave trading, opium dealing, ruthless family by coincidence. We at Call Me Jorge... feel this doesn't lesson the anti-Catholic message of Holocaustianity which Menachem Ben-Sasson and Francis were selling at the Vatican the other day.


  1. Contrast his tweet about a museum that has been closed for 70 years where 1.1. million were murdered total at the orders of a nut-cake: "Auschwitz cries out with the pain of immense suffering and pleads for a future"

    With his happy little bird tweet to the U.S. March for life, where 1.1 million babies are murdered annually by their own mothers for a total of 60 million in the last 42 years -- 28% of the murders by members of his own flock of Roman Catholics, :

    "Every life is a gift." (Some to MOLOCH)

    Does he try to stop the slaughter? No, he tones it down so rabid (rebuke rabbits but not rabid female roman catholic dogs) Pelosi can block the pain capable unborn child protection act:

    "The fact is, is what we have said: the life and the health of the mother is what is preeminent in when a decision is made about a woman’s reproductive health,” Pelosi said, after refusing to respond to the question of whether an unborn child at 20 weeks is a human being. “It isn’t an ideological fight; it is a personal health issue.”"


    Tweet last year: "I join the March for Life in Washington with my prayers. May God help us respect all life, especially the most vulnerable"

    Get that: God is supposed to help the babies, but Nancy Pelosi, John Boehner, Andrew Cuomo, Martin O'Malley, Barbara Mikulski, Jerry Brown and Joe Biden are to help Cardinal McCarrick, Marx, Kasper, Maradiaga and Pope Francis (the poor get it?) to the U.S. (German, Chinese, Cuban) taxpayers money...

    U.S. Jews are 88% pro-abortion

    More than seven in 10 U.S. women obtaining an abortion report a religious affiliation (37% protestant, 28% Catholic and 7% other), and 25% attend religious services at least once a month.

    The majority of women having abortions in 2008 had a religious affiliation. Most commonly 37.4% (95% CI 33.5–41.4%) of abortion patients identified as Protestant, and this group had an abortion rate slightly lower than the national average, 15.3 per 1,000. Some 14.9% (95% CI 12.8–17.2%) of all patients identified as born-again or Fundamentalist Protestant, and this group had an abortion rate almost half as low as the rate of all women—11.4 per 1,000. Catholics had an abortion rate of 22.3 per 1,000, and women with no affiliation had a higher abortion rate than those with any affiliation—32.2 per 1,000.


  2. I suspect that the case of Menachem the "Ben-Sasson" is an Israelified makeover of East European Khazar identity (Derechinsky?) in the style of Benjamin 'Netanyau' Milikowsky. One genealogy I saw online actually suggested intermarriage between "Ben Sassoons" and Milikowskys. http://www.geni.com/people/Dvora-Ben-Sasson/6000000017036846144

    Both are prominent Khazar rabbinic families reinvented as secular ZIonists.

    It seems doubtful that Menachem 'Ben Sassoon' is of Bagdadi Sassoon ancestry.

    Whatever the case, it's no less sinister that Francis associates with him.

    1. Yes, he is a Derechinsky and related to Netanyahu. We feel there has to be a connection somewhere to the Sassoons in the family tree due to the area of his studies of Maimonides and Jews in Muslim countries. And keeping everything, all in the family. Unfortunately, the family tree which is online doesn't go very far back.

  3. Who am I to judge a man by the company he keeps? Our Blessed Lord admonishes us to judge a tree by its fruit. That's good enough for me. Good tree, good fruit. Well, Francis, you fail the test again by continually keeping the company of bad fruit while you condemn traditional Roman Catholics and lampoon their Faith with the enemies of Christ.

  4. Appropriate comment by "hugoraphaeli" on this Youtube about Franky Boy! Treacherous man indeed.

  5. Members of a religion of 16 million adherents throwing their weight around on a religion of over a billion adherents. They can only do this by having their people on the inside, and at the very top.