Friday, January 16, 2015

Not even a typhoon can slow down 'hurricane' Jorge!

Francis in a poncho

Francis cuts visit 4 hours short

Francis at Tacoblan

What a mess!


  1. Blessed by pope? Not exactly... selfied by pope!

    "But she was in for a surprise when the Pope went not just for a greeting, but even proposed a selfie."


    Also, your story on hand signals is making international news... see German blog:

    The article provides more information on Cardinal Tagle who belongs to the so-called "school of Bologna".

    - Michael

  2. Latest weather report from the Philippines on typhoon jorge

    "Typhoon jorge continues to cause devastating destruction in major parts of the Catholic world. Forecasts are for typhoon jorge to increase in size fueled by the warm waters in the kitchen of Casa Santa Marta...."