Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Patricia Sosa sang the Misa Criolla

***** WARNING *****


***** WARNING *****

Remember the Misa Criolla which Francis had in St. Peter's Basilica on 12 December 2014?  You know, the favorite mass of Francis which was inspired by the concentration camps.  Well, the woman who sang the lead vocals was one, Patricia Sosa.  Who is Patricia Sosa?  We're glad you asked!  Some videos to demonstrate what type of person Patricia is.

Patricia singing with her heavy metal band, La Torre!

Patricia's concert on the eve of sodomite marriage becoming law in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2010

Patricia sings to newly married sodomite couple, 
Roberto Piazza & Walter Vazquez

Singing one of her heavy metal hits as a solo artist in 2010

Patricia sings the Misa Criolla in St. Peter's for Francis

Francis is bringing the morally degenerate 'peripheries' to the Vatican for all the world to see!


  1. Indeed, we see Francis more and more as he really is.

  2. Ah yes! There is certainly abundant filth in the neo-church.


  4. How could Francis' apologists possibly spin doctor this scandal? Glad you asked?

    It's really easy. They can say that either a) Francis didn't know Patricia was performing, because he left others to arrange it and besides, he doesn't know who she is anyway, b) Francis did know, but this is his way to get her to sing good music in hope of gently bringing about her full communion with his sect, c) Francis knows that Patricia has secretly done so already or d) pull a Michael Voris and ignore it until the scandal so it gets caught in that Memory Hole known as The Vortex, where truth and reality get trapped and ushered away to the darkness to avoid being exposed.