Thursday, January 29, 2015

Vatican to give free haircuts to homeless

First it was showers in St. Peter's Colonnade, now it is free haircuts!

Another one from the you can't make this up file.  Feeding, clothing, providing shelter, and taking care of the needs of the homeless are Corporal Works of Mercy.  The Vatican owns plenty of buildings in Rome which they could turn into an alms house and provide for the care of the homeless.  Charity has traditionally been done quietly and often anonymously by Catholics.  Instead, they take part of the jewel of Catholicism and turn into a center concerned about the body.  What about saving souls?  All this is to draw attention to you know who, his most humbleness himself, Francis.

Francis' almoner, Archbishop Konrad Krajewski announced last year that showers were to be installed in a newly renovated part of  St. Peter's Colonnade.  Krajewski held a raffle in early January to finance this project.  Today this news breaks from ANSA,

The homeless will soon be able to use not only shower and toilet facilities but also a barber service in the Vatican, ANSA learned Thursday.
Haircuts and shaves will be available to the down-and-out free of charge on Mondays - the day on which barber shops and hairdressers in Italy are traditionally closed - starting February 16 under the auspices of the Office of papal charities.

The service will be provided by volunteer barbers who have already donated razors, brushes, scissors, a mirror and a barber's chair towards the effort.

The showers and toilets should also come into operation on February 16.

All services will be located in newly renovated premises under St Peter's colonnade.

What's next a laundry?  How about a Goodwill store?  Why not sleep all of Rome's homeless under the colonnade?  We wonder, will the Swiss 'gossip police' Guard patrol the hair cutting area of the colonnade?  After all, Francis told us gossip is murder.  Francis loves to rant on and on about NGO's while he goes about his wreckovation of the Vatican which with every blow resembles more and more an NGO.

Is it possible Francis could show up on 16 February 2015?


  1. 'What about saving souls?'
    According to the post Vatican II Church and all the so- called traditional sects, with salvation by baptism of desire and invincible ignorance we are all heading to heaven anyway! For the past fifty five years, the Church certainly has done nothing to
    illuminate anybody's invincible ignorance as all missionary activity has ceased.
    As can be seen from the text about Germany, even Catholics are woefully ignorant of their faith.
    To be saved through invincible ignorance or the desire to do God's will is so much EASIER, than actually becoming a Catholic and having to worry about dogmas , sin and repentance.
    The post-Vatican II Church must think it is actually doing humanity a favour by not baptising them and preaching the gospel. What is left for a priest, bishop or Pope to
    do, but provide circuses as entertainment and free haircuts?

  2. Disagree with "hunt" above.
    There is plenty yet for feckless Bergoglio to do. After all, before his most unfortunate, (but perhaps well timed) motorcycle accident, "bishop" Tony Palmer told his airplane-hangar-sized crowd of stunned followers "we are all Catholics now" and "the protest is over". Go to you tube- you can find it. It was a gathering with his Palmer's 'mentor', Kenneth Copeland, in attendance.
    Bergoglio's wrecking ball is in high gear, although the people at the controls are Talmudists.
    See one example:

  3. I'm sorry anon but I was being facetious and ironical; a bad English habit.

  4. I dread to think what Jorge's carbon footprint is with all the toxic air he emits.