Tuesday, January 13, 2015

What's Fellay been up to?

Confidential internal note from General House
Diffusion: Members priests.
Date: December 5, 2014 
Note regarding a meeting between Society members and Cardinal Brandmüller.
On December 5 2014, the announced meeting between members of the Society and Cardinal Brandmüller took place. In this meeting, which was held in German language, there were present Cardinal Brandmüller, Bishop Fellay and Fathers Schmidberger, Frey, Udressy, Wuilloud, Gaudron y Kasteleiner.
The meeting was very cordial. The Cardinal seems to have been well impressed by his visit to the seminar and the welcome of professors and seminarians.
During the meeting, Bishop Fellay and our priests explained the positions of the Society about the particular status of Vatican II, the authority of its documents, its interpretation and its atypical nature of "pastoral council". They insisted on the fact that the texts of the council cannot be separated from its spirit and from the reforms that followed.
The Cardinal’s responses to the objections of the Society were in general the same as those of the Ecclesia Dei Commission.
From a theological point of view, this meeting brought nothing new. The divergences between the two positions are clear. The meeting, however, allowed the Cardinal to visit one of our seminars, to meet the priests, to listen the Society’s objections against the Vatican II and the post-conciliar reforms, and to confirm our doctrinal unity.
Two upcoming meetings are planned with Bishop Athanasius Schneider: the first at Saint John Vianney Seminary in Flavigny, in January; and the other in February at St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary in Winona.

This note is an internal confidential information, it must not be spread under any pretext. The General House is responsible, if necessary, of the external communication.

source: Non Possumus, nota confidencial de menzingen de 18/12


  1. You can be sure that under Fellay there has been a concerted effort to join the neo-church both public and private. When you elect someone for 24 years (2 X 12) you get what you deserve. If The SSPX end up in this protestant ecumenical sectarian organisation they will face the end of The Society and we know it and it will face even worse problems than, for example, The Institute of The Good Shepherd.
    Where Fellay is concerned he demonstrates little discernment and he appears almost intent on sealing the fate of The Confraternity left under his care once Archbishop Lefebvre passed on. It is too late for SSPX membership to stop his & his supporters futile pursuit of "fools communion" with Rome. Who in their right mind and disposition of soul would want to be identified with the liberal modernist nightmare of the post-conciliar Vatican. It is on the other end of the continuum of the postmodern Rome disdained by true Roman Catholics of Pope St Pius X's ilk who correctly named the modernists for who they are - the enemies of "Eternal Rome" espoused by the great Archbishop of The SSPX.

    Bishop Fellay is such a weak and pale shadow of his marvellous predecessor and unworthy of the position he currently holds.

    1. I don't support SSPX but curious what you mean when you say they will even worse problems than Institue of the good Sheppard?
      I hold sedevacantist position and this question is not asked in hostile anger.

  2. From the same Non Possumus blog comes this:

    Other relevant information: the Father Fuchs (Austrian Resistance), has confirmed that the P. Pfluger actually said "it would be good that the SSPX is reconciled with Rome and joins the FSSP to have more strength." The P. Fuchs also tells us that the P. Frey, Upper Austria District, recently attended a Mass celebrated by Cardinal. Burke in Vienna, where he preached about the "sanctity" of John Paul II.

  3. Reconciling with the Church is the Catholic thing to do for as it is now, the SSPX Bishops have Orders but not Jurisdiction and, thus, they too have created a rupture with Tradition.

  4. Once the SSPX joins the novus ordo,they will have invalid novus ordo bishops ordaining their priest's like the FSSP.Raider Fan the novus ordo created a rupture in tradition Dec.1965.Where have you been the past 50 years???