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a scene from upcoming movie on change agent, rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel

Praying With My Legs: 
The Spiritual Witness of Abraham Joshua Heschel

Why are a group of monks meditating on the writings of Abraham Heschel?  Who are these Benedictine monks?

The Weston Priory of Benedictine monks in Vermont was founded in 1953 by Leo A. von Rudloff.  On the Benedictine website they write,
After a first failed attempt at establishing a monastic foothold in North America, and returning to Germany as an American citizen, Leo was sent to Israel where he became Abbot of the faltering German Dormition Abbey on Mt. Zion. His diplomatic skills, Benedictine spirituality, and open ecumenical spirit brought him recognition from Pope John XXIII and assignment to a preparatory commission of the Second Vatican Council.

notice the Noahide rainbow

From the back cover of his biography:
"For those in search of a model of inspiration and heroism, here is one: Abbott Leo Rudloff, founder of the Weston Priory of Benedictine monks in Vermont. Emerging from the horrors of Europe to create a new monastic community in the United States, he was a man of extraordinary spiritual refinement and profound wisdom. His friendship with my father, Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, and his engagement with the State of Israel reveal the hope of a new kind of relationship between Catholics and Jews." --Professor Susannah Heschel, Chair, Jewish Studies Program, Dartmouth College

Screenshot from the webpage of the Weston Priory of Benedictine monks,

 Arthur Green, was a talmudic rabbinical student of Abraham Heschel

 A blurb from a recent lecture, Abbot Leo von Rudloff, Dormition Abbey and the Genesis of Nostra Aetate,

Three quotes about von Rudloff in the book, From Enemy to Brother: The Revolution in Catholic Teaching on the Jews, 1933-1965 by John Connelly:

page 179

pages 240 & 241

page 247

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  1. Hi CMJ,

    FYI. The Dormition Abbey has been "the target of repeated vandalism and protests in recent years by extremist Jews who demand the expulsion of Christians."

    That's the thanks the Catholic Church gets for it's "aggiornamento" to the jewish people in the much ballyhooed proclamation of appeasement "Nostra Aetate"...

    And apparently even bergoglio's groveling before the jewish state rulers was not enough to appease the anti-Catholic sympathies of these "extremist" jews -- just like their counterpart "extremist" muslims...

    "As Pope Francis concluded his trip to the Holy Land on May 26, an unknown man attempted to set fire to the Abbey of the Dormition, the place where according to tradition the Virgin Mary fell asleep before being assumed into Heaven."

    See more information here:

    The Francis Effect: Fire in the Abbey of the Dormition

    Yours in Christ,