Sunday, February 15, 2015

Catholic Family News entertains readers with fairy tales while continuing to ignore the truth

...on the role played by Talmudists at Vatican II

John Vennari, the editor of Catholic Family News, reprinted an article in their most recent issue written by the late Jean Arfel (aka Jean Madiran, Jean-Louis Lagor).  The article, Rome's Secret Accord with the Jewish Leaders: A Deafening Silence can be read online by clicking here.  We can speculate as to why Mr. Arfel writes these negotiations were shrouded in mystery, happened in a synagogue and basement and were filled with all sorts of intrigue.  Perhaps he wasn't aware of what really happened?

Here's the Editor's Note which was published in Catholic Family News:
This is a landmark 1990 article from the eminent French Catholic writer Jean Madiran who supplies the background to Vatican II's new approach to modern Judaism.

Rome's Secret Accord with the Jewish Leaders: A Deafening Silence 
by Jean Madiran, Catholic Family News, February 2015

Why settle for a story when the truth of the matter has been so well documented?  For those who want to know what went actually down, there are two books shown below covering the same topic.  Which leads us to the question, why is Catholic Family News not reporting on the materials in these books?

for those who want the 'kosher' version

 for seekers of the truth

Any of the dear readers of Call Me Jorge... who wish to research the topic further can sift through the plethora of materials the American Jewish Committee has made available on their website.

Below we repost an entry from the Maurice Pinay blog which covers this same topic.  It is well worth taking the time to read the scanned in documents at the end of the entry.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011
Why traffic in storybook depictions?
On March 27, 1963 Cardinal Bea HIMSELF met with Rabbis Marc Tanenbaum and Abraham Heschel, representatives of the 'American' 'Jewish' Committee, in Boston in Cardinal Cushing's chancery, and discussed what "The Jews" wanted to happen at the Vatican II council. This is very well documented, easily accessed information (e.g. Spiritual Radical, Edward Kaplan). Cardinal Bea then went to the AJC headquarters in New York on March 31, 1963 to further discuss what "The Jews" wanted to happen at the council with President of the Central Conference of American Rabbis, Rabbi Albert G. Minda, Heschel and Tanenbaum (see document and image below). Further, Rabbi Heschel met with Pope Paul VI on the opening day of the third session of the council, Sept 14, 1964, to discuss what "The Jews" wanted to happen at the council. The Pope changed the originally scheduled day to accommodate the rabbi's religion (it was 'the Jewish Sabbath'). This is easily sourced, widely available information.

Cardinal Bea and the Pope himself met with Rabbi Heschel who confided to an Israeli reporter that his motive for making outrageous statements about 'going to Auschwitz rather than convert' was that he wanted to attack Christian souls. This is a well documented fact. And they made concessions to this hostile figure and the hostile organizations he represented in a Vatican II Council document. There are photographs of Heshel meeting Pope Paul VI in 1971 AFTER Heschel had made this admission of hostile intent which was well known in Rome.

There are photographs of Cardinal Shehan meeting with Zachariah Shuster (of the AJC and one of Malachi Martin's handlers) to discuss Vatican II; photos of Cardinal Spellman meeting with AJC directors. This barely scratches the surface of well-documented meetings that took place between Judaic organizations and their rabbis and cardinals and even the Pope leading up to Vatican II. There were many, many such meetings and they continue to this day, seemingly on a daily, or at least weekly basis.

Why do 'traditionalists' prefer the Malachi Martinesque, storybook version of history about 'a cold winter night sometime between 1962-63 when Cardinal Bea may have sent a representative to a mysterious meeting in a synagogue basement somewhere in Strasbourg which he neither confirmed or denied took place'? Why is this so much more alluring than the documented facts?

I believe what I've been told is true: there is an insufficient love for truth among these people.

Fr. Stephen Schmidt, S. J.; President of the Central Conference of American Rabbis, Rabbi Albert G. Minda; Rabbi Abraham J. Heschel; AJC Director of Interreligious Affairs, Rabbi Marc Tanenbaum with Cardinal Augustin Bea, March 31, 1963, AJC building, 165 E. 56th St., New York City


  1. Thank you for this. I recently watched the miniseries The Kennedys on netflix with Greg Kinnear and then listened to Michael Hoffmann's discussion with radio personality Clyde Lewis from the anniversary of JFK's assassination from November 2013 - Lewis' show is Ground Zero and the podcasts are free downloads in ITunes. It seems, if the miniseries was correct, that Bobby and JFK were nearly singlehandedly responsible for preventing World War 3 at that time, and that the powers that be in the Pentagon and the CIA were pushing as hard for it to begin as they still are today. Bringing into consideration that Grand poo bah of the scottish Rite, Albert Pike, in his much referred to letter to Mazzini, allegedly on display at the British Museum (the one that falsified the Shroud of Turin results) where he called for three world wars to enthrone the antichrist, and considering that the secret societies already had pushed the true pope, probably Cardinal Siri, off the throne in 1958, replacing him with the antipope Roncalli (Rosicrucian), would not JFK and Bobby's actions have been major flies in their ointment for trying to bring about the AC at that time? All theories that the AC was Montini or Wojtyla or the current one aside, both JFK and Bobby were killed in cities on the 33rd parallel with high occult symbolic significance - Dallas and Dealey Plaza being near the site of the first masonic lodge in Texas. A caller suggested that the Dulles brothers (one very involved in the CIA during JFK's killing) and Cardinal Spellman, mentioned above, were involved in JFK's assassination and subsequent cover up somehow. Does anyone have any information regarding those claims in light of what was posted above? Thanks.

    1. That Pike to Mazzini letter is a fraud according to this article.


      Anonymous - I am not sure who the author of the blog conspiracyarchive is, but they don't necessarily seem to be a Catholic. Ergo, that fact alone does not necessarily negate their "research" per se, also calls into question their scholarship in researching this issue. I have read on many other websites over the years that this letter was viewed by people who later told their children about it. The British museum where this letter purportedly resided on public display is the very same that deliberately falsified the Shroud of Turin carbon date testing advocated and allowed by the Vatican under Jp2 - they switched the samples. This was all extensively exposed by the Abbe de Nantes in France at the time of that dubious testing. The Abbe claimed the British Museum was full of masons and had always been full of masons. He may have even mentioned this letter of Pike's. I have heard this about Albert Pike and his three world war plans for some number of years. Sometimes the occult power elite let their plans come to the surface through "revelation of the method;" and whether or not Pike actually wrote the letter or not seems of little importance when the powers that be have been agitating for a third world war for any number of years, especially since removing the first strike deterrent put in place by Reagan. Clinton removed it through executive order and said America would absorb a first nuclear strike by any other country in the "interest of peace." NPR, and then Joel Skousen, nephew of W. Cleon Skousen (the Naked Communist) were the sole media outlets that reported Clinton's treacheous doings on that. Meanwhile our government continues their heavy construction of underground bases and tunnels, while allowing the infrastructure above - roads, bridges, etc etc - to go to pot. We could have used another "new deal" to put all these out of work people to work redoing that alone for the money spent bombing the middle east for Israel done since Bush Jr and his 9/11 Patriot Act business.

    3. LOL, you have to be joking it says right there on the website by Terry Melanson. Did you even read the article? Why are you spinning stories like Catholic Family News does in their recently published article? Since you like Joel Skousen, here is an article by him saying the Pike to Mazzini letter is a fraud.