Monday, February 2, 2015

Francis has a dream...

...saving souls with free annulments!

I wish the legal process could be done for free!

Francis feels strongly about annulments but not in the way a Catholic should.  See dear reader, Francis thinks annulments essential to saving souls.  He considers many marriages invalid because of the worldly mentality of the modern age.  Francis then continues in his Address to the Officials of the Tribunal of the Roman Rota for the Inauguration of the Judicial Year, in the Clementine Hall, 23 January 2015;
To this effect Blessed Paul VI stated: “If the Church is a divine plan, Ecclesia de Trinitate, her institutions, although perfectible, must be established in order to communicate divine grace and to foster, according to the gifts and mission of each one, the good of the faithful, the essential purpose of the Church. This social purpose, the salvation of souls, the salus animarum, remains the supreme aim of institutions, of the law, of the statutes” (Address to the participants in the Second International Congress on Canon Law, 17 September 1973; Communicationes 5 [1973], p. 126; ore, 4 October 1973, p. 3).
Once again it is helpful to recall what is prescribed in the Instruction Dignitas connubii in n. 113 — which is consonant with Canon 1490 of the Code of Canon Law — regarding the presence of competent persons in all ecclesiastical tribunals in order that counsel may be solicited with respect to the possibility of introducing a cause, or case, of matrimonial nullity. There is likewise a need for permanent advocates, financed by the tribunals themselves, who exercise this office of counsel. In strongly encouraging every tribunal to incorporate these figures — to favour the real access of all the faithful to the Church’s justice — I would like to emphasize the fact that a substantial number of causes at the Roman Rota are represented gratuitously when those who, on account of the crippling economic conditions in which they find themselves, are not in a position to procure a lawyer. I would like to underline that the Sacraments are freely given; the Sacraments give us grace; a matrimonial process touches upon the Sacrament of marriage. How I would like all processes to be free!

Our favorite comment we have heard on the matter comes from Fox News editor, Adam Shaw.

Well said Adam!
Think of all the illicit money earned by the church from the poor since 1968!
Reflect on all the souls saved because of annulments!


  1. Maybe that's why his sister ain't got one -- or two or three -- they're too expensive, especially when you need another one "serially" like rabbits every six months or so -- like the Samaritan woman at the well with five husbands and the one she has now is not her husband (who had an 'encounter' and became a 'missionary'). Don't bother w/annulments or confronting the sinner with her sin (as the Son of God did), just call the unrepentant adulteress a 'catechist', her son the habitual fornicator a 'pilgrim', and voila: uncle priest perv has spread the gospel and can get back to drinking and stuffing his face with fat mouth heretic cons and queers who love to hear themselves talk like himself, teaching little kids dirty words and cracking off color jokes about piety, Catholicism and Jesus Christ crucified.

    "Pope taught bad words his nephew who is also named Jorge and at the same time was his godchild, to their own displeasure, so Maria Elena Bergoglio. That led to an embarrassing situation, as her brother "at an important service" started to preach with many priests and her son in the surprise at the sight of the uncle "a very bad expression" - for all sound can be heard - in the silence. 'After mass, Jorge came to us and could stop no longer laughing', so the sister. In addition, her brother have dived the pacifier of the child in whisky. Her brother from his father inherited the serene mind and joke telling"

  2. Anyone can find an early 1960s Catholic Almanac to see the limited criteria for when the Church would consider giving someone an annulment. Now they pass them out like candy on Halloween. It's more evidence of the novus ordo's planned destruction of the Church and making a mockery of the sacrament of marriage, something which identified the Church as THE CHURCH for not caving as all the other sects did, from "Orthodox" to protestant sect by the thousands on this issue which Christ said was adultery - marrying when the original spouse was still alive, the Pauline privilege and some other narrow exceptions notwithstanding.

    I had a friend who was a 'trad' who knew full well what the criteria were before V2, but who got involved with a man whose wife was still living and had five children by this wife - friend, however, wanted to get "married" to this guy since the love bug had bitten. My attempts to prove to her that she could not have married him before V2 was met with the comment "that was then, this is now." Both of us were not around before the council, but were taught the FAITH as it WAS before the council, so she can hardly claim ignorance on such matters, especially when I took the time to point it out to her. I really thought about the quote from Holy Writ about those who preferred others to Me are not worthy of Me when she said that. What else is there really to say?