Wednesday, February 25, 2015

inducing the noahide mind in goyim through the talmudic process of dialogue

a spoonful of dialogue helps the apostasy go down!

...with Rabbi Abraham Skorka (Francis' Rabbi), Bishop Patrick McGrath (Diocese of San Jose) and Rabbi Dana Magat (Temple Emanu-El) at Santa Clara University

Introduction  [ 0:00 - 9:30 ]

Skorka's Speech  [ 9:50 - 31:43 ]

Questions & Answers  [ 32:32 - 1:26:11 ]

Themes - interfaith, Martin Buber, Abraham Heschel, Evangelii Gaudium, the fruits of Vatican II, Nostra Aetate,  Abraham Skorka, Jesus was a troublemaker, Tikkun Olam, Francis' innerjew, sodomites, Francis acting like Jesus, teachings of Jewish masters are relevant to Christians, kowtowing to Rabbinical Judaism, theological dialogue, Aaron Jean-Marie Cardinal Lustiger's The Promise & Yoel Ben Arye's Dos caminos, una redención: Hacia el diálogo teológico judeo-cristiano as blueprints for Francis' dialogue of theology, dialogue leads one to the truth, God dialogues with humans, only way to speak to God is through dialogue with our neighbor, Saint John Paul II, Jews as elder brothers, death of prosecutor Alberto Nisman in Argentina & Iran's connection to AMIA bombing, WWII demonstrated things needed to change in religion hence need for dialogue, Buber's concept of religiosity & religion, quotes from the Talmud "the right person will lead in his faith", dialogue as attitude towards life, sodomy is OK, sodomite marriage is beautiful, Jews are the chosen people


  1. We should never imagine such people are misled because they are the enemy who have willfully gone there own way. I personally have no compassion on these vacuous headed liberal modernists - I pray they be either converted or totally dumbfounded. There is no compromise with evil; the post-conciliar popes with them.

  2. Yeah - they had a transvestite ball for the students 2/6/15 also:

    Alumni & sometime professor there, Leon Panetta, "not only has a strong pro-abortion voting record from when he served in the U.S. House of Representatives, but was also the co-sponsor of the federal Freedom of Choice Act. Later, as Bill Clinton’s chief of staff, Panetta defended Clinton’s veto of a bill that would have banned partial-birth abortions"

    Wonder if the gay rainbow has something to do w/noahide rainbow?

  3. Bishop Patrick McGrath (how rainbow is he?) @ 35:00 - waxes eloquent about rabbi's support of HIM during the ped scandal (rabbi reaches over and pats his hand) - dana even went to midnight mass that year (wonder if mcgrath handed him Emanuel).

    "Secretly, San Jose is the most gay-friendly diocese in the nation. And now, one parish wants the world to know. Bob Rucker says that he was personally invited to attended an LGBT Catholic community outreach meeting organized by Bishop McGrath last June. He said that 40-some members of the local clergy leadership were also present."
    "I've just been sent a recent letter from Bishop Patrick McGrath of San Jose to his priests and deacons, addressing the coming Instruction. Very interesting -- haven't heard anything of this kind from any other bishop."

    "Bishop Patrick McGrath apologized during a family Mass on Sunday for "a failure at the diocese level" that gave permission to a convicted child molester to volunteer at the Saint Frances Cabrini parish festival last month...Borrelli's daughter, 19-year-old Melanie Borrelli, was home from college and working the festival with her parents and when she spotted Gurries, whom she had heard was a pedophile.

    She Googled his name on her smartphone and found his photo on the Megan's List of sex offenders and showed her parents. A group of parents then asked Vu to oust Gurries from campus, but Vu said Gurries had a letter and a right to be there.
    It took about five hours of tension and yelling before a sheriff's deputy, who was working as security at the festival, escorted him from the school grounds."

  4. Numerous Christian Churches have been attacked and burned in the land of the chosen.

  5. My Cousin is a noahide goyim.She hates the true catholic church and tells me the Vatican has always been corrupt.These goyim morons have no idea how the jews view them.