Monday, February 16, 2015

Is Francis writing fortune cookies now?


  1. Hi CMJ,


    I'm sure you have been reading about these accusations and counter accusations in Argentina regarding bergoglio and the Argentine government... (It seems that bergoglio has taken the argentine "police state" model to the Vatican...)

    Notice also the un-flattering picture of bergoglio with that hideous P6 bent cross... maybe you can use that...

    BTW. Since becoming a "rock star" bergoglio ditched the glasses... "humble" or vain?

    OR more to the point... bergoglio's public image is carefully orchestrated by a PR team... and that must logically extend to his statements...

    ... just like a "rock star" bergoglio has to have "managers" that handle his interactions with the press...


    Also, do you have any information on Gustavo Vera who is mentioned in the article... another one of bergoglio's "friends"... apparently he is some sort of leftist political activist (which in Latin America translates into communist)...

    For example there are some interesting photos of Vera with bergoglio posing with T-shirts here:

    And a video of bergoglio in Argentina rambling on about "esclavitud" in Buenos Aires here: (bergoglio as always is concerned with the mundane and never the spiritual)


    1. Michael,

      We know of these accusation & counter-accusations of bergoglio and the argentinian government but haven't been paying close attention to them. There are only so many hours in a given day. We will look into them further.

      Concerning Gustavo Vera, we do have more information on him but it will take some time to find our notes on the man. You are correct to surmise his intentions are communist. We had only seen a few of the photos you sent a link to.

      Thanks, CMJ