Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Mark your calendars for 7 March 2015...

...it's the 50th Anniversary of the transitional 
vernacular Mass!

Don Risi of All Saints church kisses Paul VI's ring, 7 March 1965

"Today, we inaugurate the new form of the liturgy in all parishes and churches in the world, for all the Masses followed by the people. It's a great event, you will remember it as the beginning of a flourishing spiritual life, as a new commitment in the correspondence of the great dialogue between God and man."

...and Francis is going to the same All Saints church Blessed Paul VI first celebrated it at!  

L'Osservatore Romano (Edizione Italiano), Sabato 31 Gennaio 2015, pagina 8 

Francis is going to celebrate the Novus Ordo Missae at la Parrocchia di Ognissanti (the Parish of All Saints) in Rome on 7 March 2015.  As one reads above, the occasion for this visit is the 50th Anniversary of the transitional Mass celebrated by Blessed Paul VI at this same church!  The transitional Mass is similar to the 'scientific experiment' of turning the heat up on a frog in a pot of water gradually until it dies.

a lobotomized frog doesn't realize the water is becoming more warm

A special papal commission, known as the Consilium was established during the Second Vatican Council to implement the liturgical reform mandated in Sacrosanctum Concilium.  This group was led by Annibale Bugnini (a freemason) and Cardinal "Church of the poor" Lercaro. Section 50 of Sacrosanctum Concilium reads,

The rite of the Mass is to be revised in such a way that the intrinsic nature and purpose of its several parts, as also the connection between them, may be more clearly manifested, and that devout and active participation by the faithful may be more easily achieved.
For this purpose the rites are to be simplified, due care being taken to preserve their substance; elements which, with the passage of time, came to be duplicated, or were added with but little advantage, are now to be discarded; other elements which have suffered injury through accidents of history are now to be restored to the vigor which they had in the days of the holy Fathers, as may seem useful or necessary.

This in turn led to the publication of the instruction Inter oecumenici on 26 September 1964.  Inter oecumenici introduced many novelties into being.  Parts of Mass sung by the choir or read by laymen were no longer read by the priest, prayers (Leonine, the Last Gospel, Psalm 42, etc...) were omitted, all readings must be facing the people, reading could be in the vernacular, along with a myriad of other changes.  The three things which stand out because they are so much a part of the Novus Ordo Missae are:  1) when receiving communion the formula became "Body of Christ" - "Amen",  2)  the altar should be freestanding so the priest could face the people during Mass, and  3)  if possible the Eucharist should be kept in a suitable place which may be the altar, a side altar, or elsewhere.

On 27 January 1965, the Consilium issued Nuper edita which integrated the above changes into the rubrics for the Mass as well as permitted the whole Mass to be said in the vernacular and ordered the Liturgy of the Word not to be conducted from the altar but a chair.  Ecclesia semper of 7 March 1965 put into law communion in both kinds and concelebration.

L'Osservatore Romano, 10 Marzo 1965

Which bring us back to the day of 7 March 1965.  This was the day Blessed Paul VI put all these changes into practice.  He like Francis believes in leading the revolution from the front!  Francis considers this such an important date to the Church, why if only the self absorbed navel gazing neo-pelagians and rosary counters would recognize it too.  As Blessed Paul VI predicted, this Mass has ushered in a golden age of spiritual life.  Just look at the attendance of your local Novus Ordo Mass or at the convents and seminaries, they are bursting at the seems!

La Parrocchia di Ognissanti (the Parish of All Saints) in Via Appia Nuova where it went down.

 Paul VI facing the people and saying the transitional Mass in the vernacular.

 D. Zambarbieri, D. Parodi. and D.Piccardo offer the Chalice to Paul VI.

Paul VI standing with back to the High Altar which has been covered.
Notice also, the table in front of the communion rail.

Paul VI among the people at All Saints, 7 March 1965.


  1. All through primary school I had been taught to be proud of the fact that I could watch and understand the Mass anywhere in the world and then they changed the Mass into the vernacular. I felt so betrayed as if I had been made a fool of for all those years, the Church lost so much credibility.

  2. Maybe PF will take a selfie w/the dead body

  3. Take that St. Thomas Aquinas (Roman Catholic Calendar)! P6 Calendar: SS Perpetua & Felicity (and so the woe of the blood of 100k babies murdered a day has descended upon us while $million nuns and homo servants of satan applaud: "women deserve freedom to choose"):


    "Perpetua had no trouble admitting she was very afraid, but in the midst of all this horror her most excruciating pain came from being separated from her baby. The young slave, Felicity was even worse off for Felicity suffered the stifling heat, overcrowding, and rough handling while being eight months pregnant. ...Meanwhile Felicity was also in torment. It was against the law for pregnant women to be executed. To kill a child in the womb was shedding innocent and sacred blood (IN PAGAN ROME!). Felicity was afraid that she would not give birth before the day set for their martyrdom and her companions would go on their journey without her. Her friends also didn't want to leave so "good a comrade" behind. Two days before the execution, Felicity went into a painful labor. The guards made fun of her, insulting her by saying, "If you think you suffer now, how will stand it when you face the wild beasts?" Felicity answered them calmly, "Now I'm the one who is suffering, but in the arena Another will be in me suffering for me because I will be suffering for him." She gave birth to a healthy girl who was adopted and raised by one of the Christian women of Carthage. When those at the arena tried to force Perpetua and the rest to dress in robes dedicated to their gods, Perpetua challenged her executioners. "We came to die out of our own free will so we wouldn't lose our freedom to worship our God. We gave you our lives so that we wouldn't have to worship your gods." She and the others were allowed to keep their clothes.

    The men were attacked by bears, leopards, and wild boars. The women were stripped to face a rabid heifer. When the crowd, however, saw the two young women, one of whom had obviously just given birth, they were horrified and the women were removed and clothed again. Perpetua and Felicity were thrown back into the arena so roughly that they were bruised and hurt. Perpetua, though confused and distracted, still was thinking of others and went to help Felicity up. The two of them stood side by side as all five martyrs had their throats cut.

    Perpetua's last words were to her brother: "STAND FAST IN THE FAITH and love one another (especially your own babies who are an inheritance/gift/reward from the Lord)."

    Prayer: Saints Perpetua and Felicity, pray for all mothers and children who are separated from each other by persecution especially The CATHOLIC CHURCH in the grip of perverted wolves robed as shepherds.


    This little monograph embodies the presentation of a case against the validity of the new "form" presently being used for the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist. It was on October 22, 1967 (Now STJP2 day; 10/11 STJ23 (VCII) day also Nat'l Homo Coming Out day in U.S.), that this new "form" originally came into use in the United States, along with the new English Canon of the Mass.
    That the arguments presented herein are beyond question or challenge I do not claim. Assuredly they will not be the "last word" on the subject.
    "You must not so cling to what we have said," St. Anselm advised his disciple, "as to abide by it obstinately when others with more weighty arguments succeed in overthrowing ours and establishing opinions against them." When more weighty arguments (either for or against mine) are advanced, I will welcome them. And I will take as my own these words of the same great St. Anselm: "If there is anything that calls for correction I do not refuse the correction."
    What I have striven for is clarity. Each paragraph of this monograph is numbered uniquely, so that all who wish to question or rebut any particular point, or many points, may with ease refer to what I have written. Not only will this aid my sincere opponents in citing chapter and verse against me, but it will also point up the insincerity of all blanket criticisms that avoid citing specifics.

    Patrick Henry Omlor
    Redwood City, California
    March 7, 1968
    Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas

    March 7, 1965 - U.S. "Bloody Sunday"

    October 11

  5. "Then we move onto a fruitful examination of St Thomas Aquinas’ theology of the Mass – especially his assertion that the Liturgy has three languages that are proper to it, namely Hebrew, Greek and Latin because these were the languages used on the Title of the Cross. For St Thomas the idea of solemnitas (solemnity) is important and this helps us reflect on the supreme role of the Liturgy as an act or worship. This idea of liturgy as principally an act of cultic worship was one challenged by the Protestant leaders who understood divine worship principally and essentially as the proclamation of the Word of God and in doing this altered the whole approach to Liturgy."



  6. It's interesting w/vernacular raising up the Tower of Babel/European Union/Europa (Harlot) riding the beast that Perpetua & Felicity were attacked by a rabid heifer (cow/beast/Bergoglio?).

    "For the young women, however, the Devil had prepared a mad heifer. This was an unusual animal, but it was chosen that their sex might be matched with that of the beast."
    "And the ten horns which thou sawest in the beast: these shall hate the harlot, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and shall burn her with fire. For God hath given into their hearts to do that which pleaseth him: that they give their kingdom to the beast, till the words of God be fulfilled. And the woman which thou sawest, is the great city, which hath kingdom over the kings of the earth." Apocalypse C17




  7. Protestant, anthropocentric, fabricated, anathematised vernacular, Cranmerian, ecumenical, interconfessional and totally invalid. It is the great abomination of our times which left the sanctuary desolate to become an empty space devoid of The Real Presence.

  8. I found the sarcastic tone of this piece to be quite amusing, nevertheless like they say sarcasm and satire can be a way to denigrate and delegitimize evil and that's absolutely what we have here. Bergoglio and Montini ("Blessed Paul VI" LOL) are brothers in apostasy and ruthless agents of the gates of hell itself. Birds of a feather to the very end so no surprise Bergoglio would celebrate his fellow antipope's destruction of the Mass and subsequent condemnation of billions of poor souls to a lack of Eucharistic grace. The Judeo-Masonic Novus Ordo has zero divine grace in it as it is a direct conception of the enemy who zealously seeks to separate man from his one and only redeemer and Montini/Bergoglio have done wonders in that regard for their master, the Father of Lies. He must be very proud of them both especially Montini who is currently having a very "good time" with him down there and will be forever. Bergoglio would join the party but I do pray that this odious heretic would repent of his countless crimes against God and convert to Traditional Catholicism but I won't hold my breath.

  9. The so-called traditional sects that are very devoted to the Mass but at the same time deny the explicit teachings of Our Lord about baptism, faith and salvation , the dogmas of the faith, are, in my view, equivalent to those Roman soldiers who crowned Our Lord with thorns, dressed him in a purple cloak , and gave him a reed to hold.
    To claim to worship God at Mass but deny his teachings regarding salvation is making a mockery of God . Effectively, they are calling Him a liar, just like the Pharisees.

  10. Unimaginable but true - a homosexual and a traitor to Pope Pius XII, Montini was absolutely unworthy of sainthood and a disgrace to his papal position. I blame him for depriving me of my liturgical right to The Latin Mass guaranteed to every Catholic by Pope Pius V in Quo Primum. He inflicted untold damage on The Church and should be held accountable for the tragic sequel.

    1. The treachery goes back further than that. For the past two hundred years at least, modernists have infiltrated the seminaries in order to relativise the dogmas of the Church, God's eternal and objective truths, to try to 'evolve them' and make them more 'palatable' to modern minds.
      That is why the Popes wrote so many encyclicals against modernism and religious indifferentism, including , Mirai vos by Pope Gregory XVI and the Syllabus of Errors by Pope Pius As IX.
      The heretical letter of 1949 which for the first time gave a stamp of approval to the idea of the evolution of dogmas and baptism of desire was published at the time of Pope Pius XII. The FSSPX , CMRI and SSPV regard this letter as authentic Catholic doctrine.
      For 1500 years the dogmas of the Church about baptism, faith and salvation were never questioned. Unfortunately, it was because of the philosophical speculations of St. Thomas Aquinas that the terms baptism of desire and invincible ignorance entered into the vocabulary of Church doctrine and St. Thomas, however unwittingly, provided the means by which the enemies of God destroyed the faith and the Church with the ecumenism of Vatican II

    2. Hunt,

      We understand this is a passion of yours. Why don't you start a blog on the subject?


    3. Unfortunately, I'm older and technologically challenged. But I won't write about the subject again, if it irritates you. I'm sorry, its just that I feel that nothing will change until every Catholic once more confirms their belief in the dogmas of the faith and as most Catholics nowadays are unaware of their existence, I like to take every opportunity to remind them. But I won't do it again.

    4. Hunt,

      If you can figure out how to post on comments, we think you would figure out how to run a blog. We have encouraged several people who comment regularly to start blogs.


  11. There is no doubt that The Vatican and The EU are two of the most evil institutions on this planet at present. The former is worse as it poses as an angel of light.