Saturday, February 28, 2015

Pharisee Dolan's address to his fellow pharisees at the synagogue

Shabbat service with Cardinal Dolan

Dolan like Francis is always joking around in Catholic churches, chapels, and basilicas but the moment he enters the synagogue out goes the jester and in comes the serious and pious believer of the Talmudic gods.

Listen to Dolan
Dolan starts talking at 11 minutes 14 seconds

For those who rather read than listen to Dolan, courtesy of his blog:

AMDG                      February 20, 2015                      JMJ
Last Friday, I had the honor of preaching at Sabbath service at Temple Emmanuel.  I thought you might be interested in my sermon.
You honor me, Rabbi Davidson and congregation, with this gracious invitation.
To be in this venerable, historic temple for Sabbath is a gift for which I am most grateful.
Not that I’m surprised.  Hardly . . . you see, since my arrival here in New York a half-dozen years ago, I have found the embrace of the Jewish community to be extraordinarily friendly.
Among the first to embrace me were your own Rabbi David and Sylvia Posner, so I feel at home here.  At least I’m not the only one with a skull cap!
Temple Emmanuel . . . as a seven-year-old boy at home in Ballwin, Missouri, I was proud that I already knew a Hebrew word, Emmanuel, and what it meant, “God-with-us.”
I was envious when a visiting priest came to the parish whose name was Father Emmanuel, and wished I had such a luminous name . . . one that no other Irish kid had!
Emmanuel . . . God-with-us!  How you should beam with joy and forgivable pride to belong to a temple with such a radiant title!
The advances in friendship between us Jews and Catholics this past half-century prompts us all to praise God.  Lord knows it was long overdue. 
It’s a providential friendship that is especially cherished and appreciated here in New York, the metropolis dubbed the “capital of the world” by Pope St. John Paul II.
We’d have no trouble listing evidence of our enhanced friendship these recent decades: theological conversations and agreements; settled and respected inter-religious organizations; cooperation in community and international efforts in charity, service, peace, and justice; diplomatic relations between Israel and the Holy See; the celebrated visits of four pontiffs to Israel . . . the list goes on . . .
Might I suggest that perhaps our most telling exhibit of friendship comes in our mutual awe at the truth behind that word Emmanuel, and our conviction that both the Catholic and the Jewish families are bonded most intimately by our faith in the confession that, yes, you bet your life, “God-is-with-us.”
Religious scholars far brighter than me, both Jewish and Christian, observe that Israel’s belief that “God-is-with-us” – - Emmanuel – - was of earthquake proportion in the human drama.
To people who had concluded that the deity was totally beyond us, incomprehensible, aloof, radically and exclusively other, the Jews countered, Emmanuel  - – God-is-with-us!
To a world that wondered if God could even care, be concerned, console, or cry, Israel replied, “Yes – - He-is-with-us!”
To tribes that based their creed only on what the divine could produce, do, achieve, or work magically, a god who could be bribed, manipulated, and flattered, the Hebrew tribe responded, “He simply is – - He-is-with-us!”
To residents of this planet who figured that all was arbitrary, that life was a big mess totally uncontrolled, that we were victims of a ruthless universe and a fickle deity, Israel countered, “No, God-is-with-us,” and history is really “His-story.”
Emmanuel . . . God-is-with-us!
Here, at this pivotal corner of Fifth Avenue, overlooking a park called Central, in the shadows of titans in finance, communications, government, science, art, museums, wealth, education, healthcare, entertainment – - life! – - here stands a temple with the name tag Emmanuel, God-is-with-us!
What unites you and us is not only the deep-down conviction that, “Yes He is!” but the imperative that we show this world, not only in such structures as this temple, but in our lives, that God-is-with-us!
As God-is-with-us in Israel, in the Law and the prophets, in the covenant, in our faith and tradition, and, as we Christians add, in Jesus Christ, so – - and here’s the imperative – - we show a skeptical, fatigued world, by our lives, by our communities of faith, Emmanuel!  We dare the world, “If you doubt that He-is-with-us” – - as we hear a lot of you do – - “watch us!  Because we bear within His presence, His life!”
How dare we!  But, we do . . . Rabbi Davidson just said as much in his compelling call to worship this Sabbath evening, “Churches and synagogues offer a gospel the world needs to hear:  God stands with us . . . the divine spark burns within us . . .”
There it is again . . . Emmanuel:
Fifteen blocks south of here stands another church, St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  (There they’d be complaining that I had already preached too long!)
A couple weeks after my arrival, an inter-religious group of clergy thoughtfully hosted a welcome luncheon for me, the new kid on the block.  After the meal, the pastor of Christ Church Methodist on Park Avenue rose to toast me.
“Timothy,” he began, “we at Christ Church Methodist are mad at you!”  Oh, oh, I thought . . . now what?  I’ve heard that New Yorkers could be “in-your-face-blunt,” but, this already . . . ?
He continued:  “A while back a benefactor arrived from out of town at Penn Station to visit me about a potential $1 million gift.  He told the taxi-cab driver to take him to Christ Church . . . and the cabbie took him to St. Patrick’s Cathedral.”
“Cabbie,” the millionaire protested, “this is not Christ Church!”
The driver barked, “Listen, buster, I don’t know nothin’ about religion.  All I know is that here in New York this is where Christ lives!”
I believe God does dwell at St. Patrick’s; I’m convinced He dwells here at Temple Emmanuel, at John the Divine, at the Abyssinian Baptist, at Fifth Avenue Presbyterian, and yes, at Christ Church Methodist!
Wherever His people worship in faith, spirit, truth, and love, Emmanuel!  God-is-with-us!
Now, listen-up folks:  this is an attacked message, because a good chunk of our world concludes that God does not dwell with us, and, if he does, it sure isn’t in synagogues, churches, or mosques.
Such doubt is understandable, not only because our individual sin prompts people to consider our claim of Emmanuel as shallow and hollow, but because hideous actors who star in today’s headlines and news-alerts make toxic claims that their acts of hatred, violence, prejudice, division, and oppression are from God.
Anybody who claims that to behead, bury-alive, rape, vow to exterminate, to bully, shoot, bomb and burn another of God’s children, is an act of religion, is a pervert, in the literal sense of the world.
The God who claims to be Emmanuel  has revealed that His will is for peace, healing, amity, mercy, love, and reconciliation.  To claim otherwise is a nauseating, mortal slander.
Our sacred duty, those of us who dare to claim that our religion is Emmanuel, “God-is-with-us,” do not only denounce such obnoxious perversion, but we demonstrate to a world found in microcosm on Fifth Avenue that God’s People – -
Welcome, never turn away,
heal, never harm,
embrace, never push aside,
raise up, never knock down,
act with mercy, never machetes,
offer bread and wine, not bombs and kerosene.
For as Yahweh spoke to Moses, as recorded in Exodus 25, your scripture passage designated for this very Sabbath:
“Build me a sanctuary so that I may dwell with you!  . . . There, I shall come to meet you, from the throne of mercy . . .”

Was Judas a proponent of interfaithness too?


  1. Nauseating.
    He dares to say that God is with the Jews who reject Jesus Christ.

    BTW, he mentions St. John the Divine.
    This is very interesting because I´m sure he knows that this is the Church of the occult Lucis Trust which is behind the United Nations:

    "The Cathedral of St. John the Divine, the medieval temple of the Episcopalian Archdiocese of New York, has become the mother institution of the New Age movement in the United States, whose goal is to eclipse the Age of Pisces (Christianity) with an Age of Aquarius (Lucifer).

    The presiding bishop of the cathedral, Bishop Paul Moore, whose family is heir to the Nabisco company fortune, has been in the forefront of creating this Satanic "new world order," since at least the late 1950s, when, as a priest in Indianapolis, Indiana, he gave the "People's Temple" cult of Jim Jones its start.

    Later in 1977, Bishop Moore rocked the Christian world, when he ordained a militant lesbian, Ellen Marie Barrett, who told Time magazine that it was her lesbian love affair that gave her strength to serve God. Bishop Moore claims that the ordination of lesbians, and his other Gnostic heresies, are merely part of the ongoing revelation of God's truth to man by the Holy Spirit, which had been prophesied by the Disciple John.

    With this dissembling rationale, Bishop Moore has transformed the Cathedral of St. John the Divine into a Gnostic stronghold for such organizations as:
    The Lucis Trust, founded in 1922 by Alice Bailey, a disciple of Theosophist Madame Helena Blavatsky.

    Originally named the Lucifer Trust, it became a mother institution of the modern New Age movement: The Temple of Understanding, which is headquartered at the cathedral under its president, the Very Reverend Dean James Parks Morton, dean of the cathedral.

    It has turned the cathedral into a harbor for,
    Gnostic religions ranging from Tibetan Buddhism to Sufi Freemasonry
    The medieval village of Lindesfarne, New York, which is to be the model for a New Age lifestyle, once the Earth has been purified of its billions of non-white souls
    A special ministry to Sufi Freemasons who were a historical deployment against Ibn Sina and the Arab Renaissance, and whose modern-day cathedral affiliates have been linked to the assassination of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat
    The Zen Center, which teaches meditation to the elite of the Liberal Establishment
    Gay and lesbian organizations, which seek to legitimize their sin by arguing that the "beloved disciple" John had a homosexual affair with Christ, or else by creating Mother Goddess religions in the cathedral's crypts
    A medieval chivalric order known as the Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St. John, which, under the direction of the Duke of Gloucester of the British Royal Family, has inculcated the "Episcopagan" American Establishment in such Gnostic evil as the necessity to spread Shi'ite fundamentalism under the Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran, because the Shah had "sinned" by trying to industrialize his nation."

  2. The cathedral has an annual New Year's Eve Concert for Peace. The Postlude to Act I of Leonard Bernstein's opera Quiet Place received its New York premiere at the 1985 concert.[24] The 1990 concert was a tribute to Bernstein himself, who helped found the event and had died two months earlier on October 14.[25]

    Duke Ellington's Second Sacred Concert, of his original sacred music compositions, premiered at the cathedral on January 19, 1968. No recording of the performance has surfaced to date. After its debut performance, the Second Sacred Concert was recorded on January 22 and February 19, 1968 at Fine Studio, New York City. The concert was originally issued as a double LP on Prestige Records. It was later reissued on a single CD without the original tracks "Don't Get Down On Your Knees To Pray Until You Have Forgiven Everyone" and "Father Forgive".[26] Performing at the recording session were Ellington on the piano and doing the narration, 16 of his orchestra members, four vocalists including the Swedish singer Alice Babs, and five choirs: the AME Mother Zion Church Choir, the choirs Of St Hilda's and St. Hugh's School, the Central Connecticut State College Singers, and the Frank Parker Singers.

    In 1990, the avant-garde musician Diamanda Galas performed Plague Mass, a culmination of her work dedicated to the victims of the AIDS epidemic. Galas' performance consisted of covering her body in cattle blood and reinterpreting biblical texts and classic literature; she said it was a protest against what she saw as the ignorance and condemnation towards people with AIDS from religious and political groups.[27]

    Paul Winter has given many concerts at the cathedral, and the Paul Winter Consort are the artists in residence.[28] Among the major musical event that takes place every year is a celebration of the feast day of Saint Francis of Assisi, when the Paul Winter Consort participates in a liturgical performance of Winter's Missa Gaia (Earth Mass).[citation needed] The musical group also performs at the annual Winter Solstice program. Musical performances and special events are customarily listed on the cathedral's website under Events & Programs.

  3. The God who is Emmanuel is Jesus Christ ,God came to dwell among us in the Sacred Humanity of Christ.the Sacred Humanity of Jesus Christ is the Temple as testified to by Christ when He said "Destroy this Temple ,and in three days I will raise it up" .A truly amazing feat for a Catholic prelate to give a talk about God ,and manage to totally omit any mention of His only begotten Son and our Saviour ,ambiguity at its best.

  4. So, just on the wild chance that he wasn't already, he has now excommunicated himself, correct? Heretic! This certainly guarantees him a bright future in the Bergoglio political organization though. How many faithful Cardinals remain? I have to admit, Archbishop Lefebvre looks smarter--and more saintlike--every day.

  5. "the metropolis dubbed the “capital of the world” by Pope St. John Paul II.” Guess that’s how the “prolife” sAINT stands up for babies in "the ABORTION capital of America"!
    "I’m convinced He dwells here at Temple Emmanuel, at John the Divine, at the Abyssinian Baptist, at Fifth Avenue Presbyterian, and yes, at Christ Church Methodist!" No doubt Dolly’ll “believe” God is w/him as he leads a bunch of sodomites down Fifth Avenue in the Abortion Capital Sodom & Gomorrah prowl to hell in which no “prolife” banners will be “allowed”(Dolly wouldn’t want to offend God ya know):
    “Reproductive Health Act (S05808): This bill provides a fundamental right to choose contraception and the right of a female to determine the course of a pregnancy. It authorizes abortion prior to viability, defines terms, and decriminalizes abortion. It is strongly supported by Family Planning Advocates of New York State, Planned Parenthood, and more than 1,000 clergy across the state.” [Joshua M. Davidson on the committee – “new” senior rabbi of Emmanuel Temple]
    ST John the Divine Episcopal “The Diocese supports freedom of choice in abortion. The Diocesan Council in 1969 endorsed "repeal of all laws governing the performance of an abortion by a licensed physician
    As of September 1, 2012 clergy in the Diocese of New York are permitted to officiate at full same-sex marriages.
    Presbyterians refuse to condemn after-birth abortion:
    Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church (FAPC) is among the largest congregations of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) in New York City and nationally.
    “Couples Club extends a warm welcome to committed couples of all ages (dating, engaged or married, gay or straight)…Contact: David Liu (”
    “The United Methodist Church was a founding member of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice in 1973″
    Christ Church Methodist – LGBT Luncheon with Patricia Lyons
    “Adam Clayton Powell Sr., of the New York Abyssinian Baptist Church, was the first influential black pastor to open the doors to this depraved and duplicitous ideology, allowing Planned Parenthood’s founder to preach her eugenics-infused religion.”
    “Countering that [prolife] position… Earle Fisher, senior pastor at Abyssinian Baptist Church in Whitehaven”
    The Rev. Calvin Butts of Abyssinian Baptist Church also had no issue with the[gay pride] picnic.


    How Dolan must hate that name - just like his Talmudic brethren do.